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  1. PavillionDweller

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Lol, Tony Stark's Cave set 2022 confirmed.
  2. PavillionDweller

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Stared at the pictures for a while to get over the initial reaction and think about it; I know my thoughts aren't really unique either. Dragon Flyer is... Fine, it's definitely about that Shuri. Biggest question is why they didn't keep BP exclusive to this set and throw in Hawkeye or someone in the Final Battle. Love the detail on Iron Monger, do wanna see it from different angles though because Molten Man suffers anytime you don't see his head straight on. Oversized? Yeah. Would've loved an arc reactor side build? Yeah. Buying it? Ofc, it looks real cool! Gauntlet: Was considering but I'm not the biggest fan; back of the hand doesn't look wide enough to justify the sort of splayed out wrist part imo, ends up looking little bit like a skirt. Good parts pack for gold pieces though. I'm... A little underwhelmed with the Final Battle? The van feels underdetailed, the compound itself (as previously pointed out) is in a sort of bizarre Schrödinger state where it's both intact and destroyed (and the intact part doesn't really do much for me either), nothing about the minifigures as a whole stand out in ways to what's been produced before (i.e., Wanda's torso might look good but the smiling faces and lack of skirt piece doesn't make it more desirable than the CW one) and Thanos... Will take some getting used to. The redesigned Chitauri is probably my biggest question mark; feels like there should be some sort of set for army building to properly justify it (Small set of Hawkeye legging it in the tunnels perhaps?). Otherwise it's just Thanos and his two interns vs seven Avengers between two sets. As a kid though, would've loved it as a playset; this is just the cynical, overly critical AFOL part of me talking. Accurate butter knife at last though; 50% effort at the Sanctuary II breakfast table!
  3. PavillionDweller

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    They could easily reuse the body for a Hulk apart from those back studs (unless we're only getting backpack wearing big figs from now on) so I'd imagine the studs are there so you can attach Cap, Thor or IM to Thanos' back while they're 'fighting'.
  4. PavillionDweller

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    "Astonishment quickly turned into anger about the leakers on Instagram who had promised the beginning of the “leak season”." So yeah, probably primarily Instagram (wasn't my intention to imply it's happening here if anyone got that impression). Wouldn't put it past some adults though; anonymity can forge the powerful impression of a shield from behind which you can say anything to anyone. It's horrible, whoever it is.
  5. PavillionDweller

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    "Some LEGO leakers are currently receiving death threats again" "(...) some of whom are still minors" ... I mean, there's passion for pieces of plastic and then there's whatever this is. Looking at the bigger picture for a moment though: How much slack does Disney give Lego? If Disney wants Lego to hold off other reveals to let the Bad Batch set hold the spotlight for a moment to promote the show, could they? Would they? They know Marvel sells itself, the reported numbers on WV and FatWS obviously point to the fact that there's a market there regardless of how much fanfare they declare the sets with and the fact that Lego's even revisiting older movies at all so... Yeah. I know people are anxious and disappointed over the whole wait but this community of following-the-leaks-as-they-happen is most likely a very small minority of everybody who ends up buying the sets and, mind you, in the perfect corporate mind there aren't any leaks; the public's supposed to see them when Lego reveals them (which, I know, is almost never the case; human error, curiosity, hype and whatnot). Not knocking people for having emotions, just saying: It's probably all business. Important to remember that we're dealing with the two dominating forces within their fields (one of which has to plan for several licenses fighting each other on the market) and there are probably a lot of thought and discussion within both companies that goes into what gets revealed when. If you disagree with those business decisions, that's absolutely fine ofc; Lego does make some absolutely baffling choices sometimes.
  6. PavillionDweller

    MOC: Juggernaut's Rampage

    Absolutely amazing looking, so well planned and executed! Juggernaut's design is incredible (achievement in and of itself at that scale) and I'd sure love to see that BAMF in an official set some day.
  7. PavillionDweller

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    "One of the codes I live my life by is that my appearance should be in no way noteworthy. But then again, not so unnoteworthy as to be, in itself, noteworthy." - David Mitchell Something evil Captain America clone should've considered before becoming a faceless, generic Hydra goon.
  8. PavillionDweller

    Looney Tunes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not that anyone have a reason to care but here are my thoughts after picking up a complete set (not a box, just a complete set). What's good is great, what's meh is meh and what's not good is... Not very good. Moulded heads, and helmet in Marvin's case, all look fantastic (inner child absolutely squeed seeing Bugs and Daffy assembled next to each other), definite plus that they all have at least toe printing for the legs. Porky's, Speedy's and Daffy's accessories are standout imo. Meh is a bit more nit picky: Bugs could've had a "Duck Season" sign as well (and a tail piece, why is it halfway up his torso?), Petunia Pig is really nice but a curious inclusion (gender ratio, I know, and a minifig style Granny would probably look very out of place, Marvin could've had an alternate angry expression, Lola could've had an actual basketball piece, *insert "We could've had this character instead of this" of choice*, etc. etc. The not good though is just... Lego being Lego, I guess, but for a CMF? Porky's torso is ridiculously washed out (how is white-on-black Sylvester crisper?) with an annoyingly thin blue line at the waist, Speedy's tail piece leaves him with a showing midriff (they could've managed it white, did it with Scrooge) and while neither his nor Tweety's proportions bother me that much, Road Runner is just... It's just wrong to look at, it feels Frankenstein-esque; less like a representation of the character and more like they just stuck the right pieces (head, wings, tail) onto a minifig torso and legs. Just... No. Biased as can be, grew up loving Looney Tunes, so probably a bit more forgiving than I should be.All in all, I'm really hoping for a Series 2 though; got a Marvin the Martian who needs a Duck Dodgers to fight.
  9. PavillionDweller

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Got a question, the answer might exist somwhere in these threads: What's Lego's framework of idea to product? Seen two years to 1 ½ so far; wondering if that might impact their decisions a bit. I.e., Lego sees Endgame when everyone else do (in theaters) and gets inspiration from that - two year process to release.
  10. PavillionDweller

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thor looks about as good as he was ever gonna be; I can imagine there would've been a bigger chance for a hair-beard combo if, say, it would be Thor's definitive look going forward but, like previously pointed out, it'd probably be too specific of a piece to use elsewhere. Seconded. Any pre-existing, established IP is gonna sell better than an in-house theme by name alone so it makes sense in my mind that they'd allocate more overall resources to develop themes, especially new ones, that needs that extra draw (Hidden Side or Vidiyo for example, marketing ideas excluded; Overwatch is one that I imagined tried to bring in a potentially non-Lego market on IP alone). Kids who like Thor aren't gonna think about new moulds or missing prints; they're just gonna want a cool Thor and it does the job for that.
  11. PavillionDweller

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Off Lego topic: Kinda bugged me even back then that they cut that; I get why, it's not really visually interesting, but I think the potions challenge display Hermione's intelligence in itself and not just the usual "she remembers all the course work" which, for example, saved them from the Devil's Snare. Also, in the film's favour, a bit more sympathetic that they don't just leave Ron lying there while they immediately press on. On Lego topic: If the new, more modular style is sticking around, it does give Lego the option in the future to do the winged keys as a small RoR/girl's bathroom sized set, maybe even bigger to include the final Quirrell showdown.
  12. PavillionDweller

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Check the thread every waking moment? Nothing. Look away for five hours? Floodgates break open. Hogwarts sets are fine/good (depending if you look at exterior/interior), chess set is, well, a functional chess board if that's your thing and depending on how it looks when the wings move, I might actually consider getting Fawkes (yeah, same technique as Hedwig but still). Also... Was anyone else expecting last year's blocky Mickey-Minnie monstrosities when they heard "brick-built Harry and Hermione"? 'Cause I'm just pleasantly surprised at that. I mean, I'm not gonna get them 'cause that's a ridiculous price to pay for something like that but it's if anything a damn nice blueprint for other characters across all the themes.
  13. PavillionDweller

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The facade... Doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would? It might just be nostalgia seeing those sand green roofs again but I actually kind of like it? Using the movies as an analogy for tone, it feels very much like a younger sibling to the 2018-2020 design like PS/CoS does to the rest of the series. Past trends aren't always indicative of the future ofc but there was a three year interval between the Hogwarts ("full" castle) sets from '01 to '10 and... I can see it as an anniversary wave but I can also see it as them shifting directions completely. Time will tell. I like the CoS is what I'm saying. I must confess what is sure to be an unorthodox, if not unpopular, opinion though: ... I don't really get the hype around Hogsmeade. It's gorgeous, well made (really don't understand the need for both Mr. and Mrs. Flume though), but it's always been the set I'm most likely to skip this wave. But that's just me.
  14. PavillionDweller

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The band-aid.
  15. PavillionDweller

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Based on the absolutely chock-full release schedule between cinematic releases and D+ up until 2023 (and definitely beyond), I can't imagine that we'll get anything X-Men until they join the MCU just by the sheer number of tie-ins Lego will have to produce (alongside the obligatory "Spider-Man And Also Venom Is Somehow Always There, Ooooh, That Darn Venom" sets). If it performs well as a franchise, then, and I think only then, could something like more classic/maybe-Fox-movie-inspired-but-not-really/90s' cartoon/comic X-Men stuff come out outside of SDCC/promotional things. Symbiote Spidey is a weird one though; I'd think it's because Disney would wanna keep the Sony and MCU properties separate which it can't be considering they've been pumping out Venom and Spider-Verse/alternate Spider-Man variations. Maybe just not draw attention to that particular story since it would become a logistic nightmare of rights and continuity to solve if it proves popular and fans push for it on the big screen? Is it Lego that's holding out on it? Are they worried it would muddy the line between hero and villain if Spidey suddenly shows up looking like his incredibly fun for all ages and marketabl- villanious arch-nemesis Venom? Are all these parties just waiting for the next big media to tie into where Spider-Man is seen with the symbiote on (Venom 3: Into the Venom-Verse; half live-action, half animated Unless...) for maximum profit? Who even knows why anyone do the things they do? Thank you for coming to my Ted-Talk/secret "Venom 3" pitch meeting.