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  1. BrickObsessed

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    I have mixed thoughts. Like: I like their products and the concept. Dislikes: 1. Their supply chain sucks. 2. They are inconsistent in so many ways. Store policies, brick colors/quality, availability of products. 3. They are virtue-signaler. Does anyone actually believe Everyone is Awesome? All of us have someone we do not like. It's not always about race or gender. 4. They enable and encourage scalpers.
  2. BrickObsessed

    Why some Bricklink sellers have no instant checkout?

    I love Lego. I buy from Bricklink. I do know they are not perfect and speak out about them and their practices. What really surprised me was when I learned that many would defend them as if they are their own companies. Many are also very hesitant to speak up, as if they would never be able to buy Lego again if they speak up. It's baffling to me because I see myself as the customer, not the owners or stockholders of Lego and Bricklink. On this note, I also noticed on Bricklink that many sellers act as if you should be lucky that they are even willing to sell to you.
  3. BrickObsessed

    How long does a bricklink order usually take?

    I had experiences when the sellers would switch an order to ship but the package has not been actually shipped. The shipping label was just created. The USPS has not received the package for as long as 5 days.
  4. BrickObsessed

    Why some Bricklink sellers have no instant checkout?

    I just think instant checkout is faster and less hassle. I can pay right away instead of waiting for invoice. The seller has to put in the weights for each kind of element? I thought it is all set-up in the background from Bricklink? I would think a 1x2 brick would have the same weight across the board.
  5. BrickObsessed

    Why some Bricklink sellers have no instant checkout?

    Hmm... I thought BL is set-up to quote the lowest shipping price or at least they can give the buyer a choice between first class and priority during checkout.
  6. Hello... I have used Bricklink for 2 months now, probably placed more than 20 orders now. However, I have been wondering why some Bricklink sellers don't have instant check out set-up? Is there any reason/s for this?
  7. BrickObsessed

    What baseplate color to use?

    Thank you. This gives me an idea what to use.
  8. So, um... I am planning to build a village (not a city). Did some research and I'm wondering why most modulars created by Lego have green baseplates. I can understand if you are building a place with lots of garden, greenery or even a forest.. but since it will be covered by gray or black tiles, why use green baseplates? I feel like I am missing something here.
  9. BrickObsessed

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I haven't actually seen it here since I am new here. But, I have seen it in other Lego communities.
  10. BrickObsessed

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    There has been something that is bugging me lately. I know we love Lego, but I notice that there is an "unwritten rule" among the fans that Lego should not be criticized or that we should not ask for "too much" from the Lego company. That is too bad. Religious buildings are some of the most beautiful architecture ever built!
  11. BrickObsessed

    how to sanitize bricks

    I was wondering about this cause I am thinking of bidding on some lots of used Lego. Although I am not a germaphobe, I can just imagine what are lurking in those pieces. You can easily wash it with soap and water, I suppose. Soak it overnight even, maybe? I think as long as water is not hot but maybe experts here know better. Soap and water can kill germs however, still can't get to those nook and crannies if there are grime there. Incidentally, I was in a Lego store this weekend. The clerks were very adamant that they don't allow people to pick their own bricks because supposedly there are more people in the stores on weekends. Which did not make sense to me cause a.) they limit people who come in and b.) at the time we were there, there was a few minutes we were the only ones there. It just makes it harder when I have to tell them what I want and how much vs. me scooping them up myself. They say people shouldn't get their bare hands inside the wall compartments. However, this clerk picking up my bricks, I saw him pick up one brick from the wall with his bare hands.
  12. BrickObsessed

    People Are Stealing Legos

    Anything of value will be stolen. Heck, I even saw kids who stole my snow shovel years ago.
  13. Thank you! How did you filter by color??? Amazing!
  14. So I have this 2x2 light aqua tile and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out which set it came from. I know I did not get it from PAB wall cause I only have one of it. I tried looking at Bricklink but it gave me 2,638 sets which included the other colors. This is the color I am talking about: LEGO New Lot of 8 Light Aqua Friends Water 2x2 Smooth Tile Pieces (