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  1. BrickObsessed

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I haven't actually seen it here since I am new here. But, I have seen it in other Lego communities.
  2. BrickObsessed

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    There has been something that is bugging me lately. I know we love Lego, but I notice that there is an "unwritten rule" among the fans that Lego should not be criticized or that we should not ask for "too much" from the Lego company. That is too bad. Religious buildings are some of the most beautiful architecture ever built!
  3. BrickObsessed

    how to sanitize bricks

    I was wondering about this cause I am thinking of bidding on some lots of used Lego. Although I am not a germaphobe, I can just imagine what are lurking in those pieces. You can easily wash it with soap and water, I suppose. Soak it overnight even, maybe? I think as long as water is not hot but maybe experts here know better. Soap and water can kill germs however, still can't get to those nook and crannies if there are grime there. Incidentally, I was in a Lego store this weekend. The clerks were very adamant that they don't allow people to pick their own bricks because supposedly there are more people in the stores on weekends. Which did not make sense to me cause a.) they limit people who come in and b.) at the time we were there, there was a few minutes we were the only ones there. It just makes it harder when I have to tell them what I want and how much vs. me scooping them up myself. They say people shouldn't get their bare hands inside the wall compartments. However, this clerk picking up my bricks, I saw him pick up one brick from the wall with his bare hands.
  4. BrickObsessed

    People Are Stealing Legos

    Anything of value will be stolen. Heck, I even saw kids who stole my snow shovel years ago.
  5. Thank you! How did you filter by color??? Amazing!
  6. So I have this 2x2 light aqua tile and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out which set it came from. I know I did not get it from PAB wall cause I only have one of it. I tried looking at Bricklink but it gave me 2,638 sets which included the other colors. This is the color I am talking about: LEGO New Lot of 8 Light Aqua Friends Water 2x2 Smooth Tile Pieces (
  7. BrickObsessed

    Can't LEGO keep up with demand?

    I'm thinking Lego already has a real-time inventory system, yes? Therefore, they should be able to tell which items are out of stock on the spot and create or move products to fill the gaps. They are in the business of selling so you would think they'd move heaven and earth to sell products. Anything out of stock is a missed sale and opportunity to make more money lost. They are also enabling knock-offs to proliferate to fill the gaps.
  8. BrickObsessed

    LEGO IDEAS 21326 - Winnie the Pooh

    It's already sold out at
  9. BrickObsessed

    Legos Out of Stock

    Just got done browsing Why does it seem like Lego has a lot of out of stock items? Some sets have been out of stock for weeks, months! From what I understand, they have factories in multiple countries. What is stopping them from making more? I just watched videos on how they make Legos at Youtube. The machines are fast. Machines can print 23,000 heads per hour, can assemble 8,000 bodies per hour, churn out 1,300 bricks per second. So, what gives? Are the shortage done on purpose?
  10. BrickObsessed

    Should people buy Fake Chinese PF motors?

    Yea, the tagline I thought it just mentions Lego cause it is the most recognizable brand.
  11. BrickObsessed

    Should people buy Fake Chinese PF motors?

    I would buy a non-Lego piece if they are hard to find. I want to build. Period. Of course, I would prefer genuine Lego, but if it will give me pain and frustration looking for a part, I don't want that. So I just learned that this forum is for genuine Lego only. I originally thought it does not matter cause the forum name says bricks, so in my head, any brand of building bricks/blocks.
  12. BrickObsessed

    [MOC] In the backyard

    Very busy, very realistic. Love the window details!
  13. BrickObsessed

    [Opinion] Why you should generally avoid building Lego Skyscrapers

    I think this is preference. I resolved not to build more than 4 stories. I can't explain it. It feels skyscrapers are cold. Maybe sometime I will change my mind, but for now, I have no inkling to build higher than that.
  14. BrickObsessed

    Pick a Brick City - Gas Station

    Looks good. Wish there is a like button.