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  1. Ok, I experimented some more but with little success again. I, however, finalized the cube itself, so maybe it is easier to grasp what i wanna do. All sides of the cube are 1x1 studs held by a 10x10 net. I want all sides do move more or less randomly to make it look like they're pulsating. My initial idea was to attach something that moves back and forth to the center of the netted surface from the inside. Slowly I am getting the feeling this is not the best approach. Also, in case you're wondering. One side is 10 x 10 studs x 4 pieces = 400 pieces. Times 6 for each side = 2400 1x1 plates/tiles. Took some time to assemble it. XD
  2. Holy cow, you're right ( ;°Д°). Guess it's back to the drawing board 😂 It's so much easier when you can actually test it. I'll just replace the long 2x6 plates with some more diagonal construction. Et voila. (╹◡╹)
  3. Here is what I came up with as a prototype. I already built parts of it with what I have, but wanted to get some feedback before I go and get the rest. Here is also the io file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xq6qv6dw5v9alet/moving-wall-cube-center-motor.io/file The green pieces are placeholders for the insides of the respective wall. There will be very low resistance on the walls since I want to try something with nets. Any thoughts? XD
  4. That's really impressive. Thank you so much. I will try to incorporate this idea and get back with some fancy results hopefully soon. (╹◡╹)
  5. I looked into the music box but don't see how this will work with a hexa-directional motor setup. Could you explain your 3 differently toothed gears idea some more perhaps?
  6. Thanks will have a look
  7. That's not required, as they do not need to be in snyc, but I assume linking them all will make the whole build smaller.
  8. Here is a very early idea for the interior. I will post some more pictures. none of the movement has to be in sync (actually even better if it is not), but i have no clue how to connect the respective parts inside a cube. Here is a pic of the cube and some more alternative idea. The whole gearwork is supposed to go inside the cube and attach to the open areas, which will be covered by movable parts. https://imgur.com/vaIUAeN Those are all just very early ideas and I am fairly new to all of this, so any help is appreciated. :) https://imgur.com/IdM21uI
  9. That's understandable. I will try to sketch some things in stud later. In the meantime one approach I'm looking into is having something like this: reciprocal motion but in 6 directions at the same time originating from a common center point.
  10. Hello there. I am trying to build a system that moves linear back and forth around 2 to 3 studs in 6 directions (ideally centered around a 2³ core). I only have limited space in total (8³ - 10³). It's basically supposed to go inside a cube construction and connect to each sides of the cube from the inside. There also needs to be space for a small motor and battery (thinking about the 9V micromotor). I experimented with gears and liftarm already but can't seem to get it to the size I need. Therefore I would be very thankful for some ideas or suggestions. Cheers.
  11. Hey folks, New here and hoping to find someone interested in helping me with my project. I'd like to commission someone to design the 7 Divine Knights from the Trails of cold steel series for me. I got full 3D models available in blender for reference. Each one has a different color scheme and details but a similar framework, so I think this would be a really fun project. If you're interested please feel free to throw me a message. (╹◡╹) Cheers