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  1. Brickamari

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Regarding the scale problem with minifigs: it's hard to see a lego dude as anything like a real person so I just like to suspend scale criticism, nice mini van though. Here is another I did of the Mustang. This is the first gen, it looks right from the top and in proportion, but i've been having problems with the scale along the side profile I can't get the wheels half a square across so they seem too close or too far apart. I'm currently shortening it but it looks too square and proportionally its now the same size as the 8 wide ferrari. It's built off the base of a 8 wide skyline so that driver is co pilot. Next i'm going to try the Ferrari FXX K from a couple of years ago, it was, in my opinion one of the worst cars, it looked very little like the original concept.
  2. Brickamari

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    I've been following these speed champions threads for years, mostly to keep up with leaks. I thought i'd drop in now because we all seem to be waiting for the new stuff. I've taken up re modelling my 6 wide favorites into 8 wide. Here is an attempt at the McLaren Senna. It still has the red lid from the Ferrari base that was used to make it. I'd be interested in comment or feedback I can upload other photos too if people are interested.