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  1. On 6/29/2022 at 5:46 PM, Follows Closely said:

    I have chosen to have very limited display space in my home dedicated to LEGO and up until just this year this space was dedicated exclusively to modular buildings (see signature). However, the release of Löwenstein Castle and the Castle in the Forest, inspired some change. Since this photo I have added Black Falcon Knight's Castle by Madewithbrix

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    r/legocastles - Looking for my next fix to hold me over until August when Lion King's Castle (10305) is available.

    I was happy to discover that 10305 splits in half, fitting in two of my 15"x15" (1 and 1/2 standard baseplates wide) cubbies. I typically do not buy sets that don't fit in my current display cubbie.

    I don't recognise a lot of these. Are they personal MoCs or something you bought instructions for off rebrickeable etc.?

  2. Interesting reasoning. I think there is elements of what MAB theorises happening.

    I mean you can hardly blame the team who looked at these results that concluded Lion Knights & Forestmen are the favoured factions, so built the castle to cater to those. Can't really account for strategic voters in a question like that.

    Would make you wonder if this could have been a Black Falcon castle, only enough strategic voters went elsewhere since we had some Falcon items in production..

    1. Bionicle – 24799
    2. Classic Space – 18171
    3. Pirates – 15884
    4. Trains – 14855
    5. Adventurers – 13988
    6. Classic Castle -12603
    7. Forestmen – 8056
    8. Lion Knights – 7117
    9. Imperials – 7012
    10. Town – 6610
    11. Black Knights – 6427
    12. Model Team – 6397
    13. Dragon Knights – 6334
    14. Space Police – 5738
    15. Rock Raiders – 5298
    16. Studios – 5179
    17. Blacktron – 5088
    18. Ice Planet – 4503
    19. Black Falcons – 4244
    20. Aquazone – 4051
    21. M-Tron – 3555
    22. Alpha Team – 2807
    23. Paradisa – 2584
    24. Time Cruisers – 2234
    25. Wolfpack – 2111

  3. 3 minutes ago, leafan said:

    I'm not sure about most others, but I voted strategically and not necessarily what sub-themes I like the most.

    I am curious about this.

    If I recall, the question was just "which three (sub)themes would you most like to see return for the 90th anniversary set?" What strategy is involved apart from the straightforward choosing of the ones you want to see the most?

  4. 18 minutes ago, jus1973 said:

    Hmm, sadly we don’t get that kind of discount in the UK, and importing now we’re not in the EU, is an absolute pain.

    They deliver to Ireland at a flat €13 rate, so it still works out with a small(er) discount.

    Unfortunately I don't know how it would work delivering to UK in the brexit-verse.

  5. On 6/19/2022 at 3:47 PM, jus1973 said:

    It looks the part, for sure, and will sit much better than the Bugle, in most modular towns.  I’ve yet to look how tall it is compared to other Modulars, but think it’ll need to be next to Assembly square or something similar in order to not look out of place.  With the Hotel being a corner modular, this makes a lot of corners in my town, should i pick it up.  I think it’ll have to be discounted before i do, however.

    Your wish is granted. On discount at pre-order :o


  6. 11 hours ago, TakeaBrick said:

    The fact that in the 10305 set the knights are women and there is only Queen but no King obviously upset some people. I bet there are going to be a lot of people buying up male minifig heads in LEGO stores just to swap the female ones in 10305. Whether people like it or not, they need to accept the fact that the castle theme (as in all things actually) is no longer male-centric. Heck, even the gender binary concept in LEGO is probably getting out-phased, yet we are still arguing about the women taking the dominance from men.

    I watched the whole video and can't tell if it's satire or not.

    Complaining that it's an entirely female cast (even the males). Preceding every line with "I've nothing against diversity but.."

    Please be satire.

  7. Of all the gripes to read this morning, 'too many female minifigs' was not one I was expecting. I can't believe people are complaining about too many minifigs of any type...  Swap the heads, ""problem"" solved!

    Looks great overall - a little bland in places maybe, but easily modded to your own preferences. Can't say I'm a huge fan of that style of roof on the white sections, but better than plain slopes too. That's where my first edits will be targeted.


    Interesting that the new torso didn't turn up here after all.


    Despite the "Lion" in the name, for some reason I was expecting this to be Black Falcon faction. Big fan of the Falcon horse barding in particular, here's hoping that turns up on pick-a-brick.



    All in all, pretty great set, 8/10. Between this and the new coaster, oof, my poor wallet.

  8. 5 hours ago, jodawill said:

    I ordered the Duplo Chinese house for my kids and a dozen black falcon minifigures from PAB.

    Slightly off-topic, but what country are you in? I've been waiting patiently for Black Falcon to return to Irish/EU store for a long time now with no luck.

  9. 30 minutes ago, R0Sch said:

    Remember it's motorized out of the box compared to the previous roller coaster set. So add 40-50€ for battery box and motor.

    I'm not sure if I'm confused due to your phrasing, but neither this nor the previous coaster came with motors?

    This image on the box indicates you need to add extras in order to get it motorised. Similar iconography appeared on the Haunted House for example.

    Maybe this is what you were saying anyway. If so, my bad.


  10. 8 hours ago, danth said:

    When I saw how big and elaborate and expensive the first Monkie Kid sets were I was like "Damn, Chinese families must be doing okay."

    Not Monkie Kid, but a similar thought on the Chinese New Year sets - these are the best sets that Lego currently produces. Spring Lantern Festival is far and away *the* best set Lego have made in years. I love it. But the cynic in me says there's a reason they put their best designers on that line and the prices are so keen for your return.

    When I saw that I thought, "Dayum, Lego *really* want to get a foothold in the Chinese market.


    Which brings us to here:

    5 hours ago, Ondra said:

    Lego just wants maximize profits, probably from strong markets.

    As much as I can praise their toy for being timeless and educational. As much as I'd praise their customer service for being above and beyond most companies - it boils down to this quote.

  11. 8 hours ago, Alexandrina said:

    Why is it not even close to realistic to want 20+ minifigs in such a large and special set? Where people are talking 40+ minifigures I can see your point, and even 30+ is pushing possibility - but there were multiple sets last year alone that had more than 20 minifigures. There's no reason to rule out a similar number in this set, especially since figures like knights can easily be duplicated or just given a different facial expression to make a new minifigure.

    That was just the easiest example to pick from many overhyped comments in the thread is all.

    It's not about ruling out particular numbers, it's about not getting so hyped with expectation for *whatever* feature that you then end up disappointed.