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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Haha, sorry. That was overly aggressive and not needed. My bad. I will wait for the next tomorrow.
  2. Yoggington

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hey it's tomorrow now. Oh, it turns out you were spreading falsehoods and actually know as much as the rest of us? Good to know.
  3. Yoggington

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    That hospital is great, and I could see some really good potential combining with the older 60204. I think that's all I am looking to get here. Though the dome panel pieces in the two space sets have a lot of potential for MOCs. Pity they are in white and trans-blue, instead of trans-clear. Hopefully a trans-clear version comes along.
  4. Ah excellent. Reading back, my post reads like complaints, but yes, that's what I was asking. And no, I've not tried these particular brands. I think for anyone lighting a set, this is a much shrewder way to go about things, because the costs soon add up.
  5. This is the bit that gets me. I don't dispute that you get a lot of stuff in these sets for that price, and it looks great - but you could cut that price in half and keep 90% of the impact with some more canny light selection. E.G. Four lights in the tree is overkill, lights in the actual Floral 3D sign are not needed at all. How possible is it to pick up the components individually? I did that with a different brand - skipped their set, bought individual components and halved the price. I can't help but think these packs are put together in a manner to slyly push you into buying more than you need.
  6. Yoggington

    [MOC] Weekly modulars #14 - House with Shop

    These are excellent and inspiring. In particular I love the aquarium, but I don't see a bad build in the lot.
  7. Yoggington

    Modular Pub – alternate build for 10264 Corner Garage

    This was so good it's the first fan-build I've paid for. Might try just doing the pub half, as I have the perfect opening for it, but either way it's excellent.
  8. From experiments, I think the radius on the lower cog needs to be smaller than the radius of the upper cog, in order to maintain the back-and-forth and not let it jump to doing full loops. And smaller by at least a stud (more if bigger cogs). So I was just going to the 1.5 where I could to try keep the whole thing compact.
  9. Hi folks. It's been a while since I built anything with Technic. To put a little perspective on it, my last set was 8850, and before that, 8660 .. so I am really unfamiliar with a lot of the new parts. I am hoping you might be able to advise on how to achieve this motion in a more compact solution. Or even just highlight some sets that have had something similar that I can go and examine. I don't have a lot of parts to test build with, but am willing to go out and purchase once I know I'm not wasting money on dead-end ideas. Essentially I am building a system/model submarine that looks mimics a fish. I have most movements sorted, but along the roof will be a series of six spikes of some type, that will resemble a dorsal fin. I am trying to achieve a side-to-side waving motion with these, with bonus points if they move in sync like a wave - (as opposed to all left/all right). See this style of motion: The outer shell will look something like this, with maybe six poles. My solution at the moment links each two as a pair, so three sets of two. My WIP so far looks something like the following A "spine" axle runs the length of the fish, and provides the initial drive at (1). This drives an engine crankshaft at (2) (the smallest crank possible?). This means the liftarm at (3) is not free enough to fully rotate, and instead only operates with a slight up/down oval motion. Transferred through to (4), we see the fin spoke moving in a very limited back-and-forth manner. I achieved this so far through a lot of trial and error. And a whole bundle of parts that are not this clean - just the same measurements and connects. Can anyone suggest a better way to achieve the desired effect? or even to suggest a more compact version with some parts I'm not aware of perhaps? Ideally, I'd like to fit the entire mechanism into a section of the ship that can run the full length, but to be limited to 4 bricks wide and four tall.