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  1. The Lego Room

    Driving through my LEGO City!

  2. The Lego Room

    Newbury High School MOD

    Hey, love the build. So much so that I used it as inspiration for my own school build, albeit with some small changes. Would It be okay if I did a YouTube video tour of the build? I will of course give credit to you for the original design.
  3. The Lego Room

    [MOC] Beach Resort

  4. The Lego Room

    [MOC] Farm

    Just a small farm cross section!
  5. The Lego Room

    [MOC] Beach Resort

    7 months, 15,000+ pieces, and it's finished! Hope you guys enjoy.
  6. The Lego Room

    My unusual City train layout

    So as you can see, I haven't done the standard loop-de-loop around the City type layout. What are your honest thoughts on this?
  7. The Lego Room

    Updates to my LEGO City

    I added a jungle to the City!
  8. The Lego Room

    [MOC] Custom City Vehicles

    Thank you! The coach is by far my favourite IMO
  9. The Lego Room

    [MOC] Corner Police Station

  10. The Lego Room

    Updates to my LEGO City

    Another update!