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  1. The Lego Room

    [MOC] Church/Cathedral

    That's very kind of you to say!
  2. In this short video I tell the story of how LEGO placed huge barriers to entry for creating cities, without any other motive than (it seems) to make a quick buck.
  3. The Lego Room

    [MOC] Coach/bus

    Absolutely. They need to do something like the City Public Transport set, 8404.
  4. The Lego Room

    [MOC] Coach/bus

  5. The Lego Room

    [MOC] Church/Cathedral

    Thanks! Would absolutely recommend it. It's surprising how few cities have churches, or even Gothic architecture. Really adds character to a layout in my opinion.
  6. The Lego Room

    Any lawyers here?

    My LEGO barrister's chambers Hi guys, just wondering if anyone here is involved with law, be it a student or a practising lawyer. I've noticed that AFOLs tend to be science-oriented, just trying to reach out to those who are more humanities-focused! Feel free to share your Law-related builds as well.
  7. The width isn't a problem, it's the variable height. An absolute pain to correct!
  8. Although that is an effective solution, I have no plans to do that. I don't particularly want to do what Bevins Bricks did and spend months and months transferring everything onto MILS plates!
  9. There are more of us! Oh well, it's a problem that can be solved. But still, it's very annoying.
  10. The Lego Room

    (ReMOC) Lego Petrol Station

  11. The Lego Room

    [Opinion] Why you should generally avoid building Lego Skyscrapers

    Yes, his luxury apartment building in particular is brilliant. Not sure about the Octan tower though... but in any case he has a lot of tall buildings so none of them unduly stand out or look out of place.
  12. The Lego Room

    (ReMOC) Lego Petrol Station

    I've added a proper interior to this very cool (but extremely overpriced) set. Let me know what you think!
  13. The Lego Room

    MOC: Victorian Train Station

    Why thank you! :)