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  1. Mikeosaurus

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    This close to release, I'm pretty sure its final. I don't like 'em either, but usually what we see in prelims is what we get. It seems pretty likely to me that those helmets could be already in production.
  2. Mikeosaurus

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    Wow, the box art looks quite fantastic! Makes everything seem so alive... Its just a pity that the sets themselves are so dull. I was pretty excited for this wave, thinking we could get sets made of Beorn's cabin and maybe a bit of Smaug's Treasure pile. Instead we get in order: a dinky looking wall, a smaller dinky looking wall, and an even smaller dinky looking wall. I guess Lego has decided its all about the figs for now. And as much I like those figs, I don't think I'm gonna be dropping any cash on what are essentially glorified battlepacks as opposed to actual playsets.
  3. Mikeosaurus

    Article: LEGO and Animals

    Really, its a wonder that we haven't already seen a lion or tiger. Orient Expedition was an excellent opportunity to make a tiger, but instead someone at TLC had the bright idea of making a bulky, ugly piece of plastic called a 'tygurah' that was utterly useless for anything outside that theme. But anyway, my top five would be: 1. Lion 2. New elephant 3. Tiger 4. Rhinoceros 5. Moose
  4. I too am looking forward to this movie as a fan of the books, although I fear I am going to be dissapointed. I didn't really like John Carter in the trailer, but what bothered me most of all was that there weren't any red people. Everyone on Mars looks pretty normal.
  5. Mikeosaurus

    Not another "Hello my name is..."

    Welcome "raminator!" Its always nice to meet another rts fan, even though I'm not so familiar with the Command and Conquer series outside of "Generals". That's a pretty impressive mod you have there! Which game is that for?
  6. Mikeosaurus

    MOC - The vehicles of my town.

    Good looking cars! On the whole I'm more partial to bigger cars, but I know a good four-wide when I see one. My favorite is probably the Stallion.
  7. Mikeosaurus

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 4 Discussion

    I liked this one. At least a solid if flawed ending to this arc, which has been pretty good overall.* The sadness when the clones realize they are killing each other was especially well realized, and this show generally hasn't handled emotion very well. *Pretty good by action cartoon standards, fantastic by Clone Wars standards.
  8. Mikeosaurus

    2012 City sets

    Good points Lyichir. I think that bear looks even better up close! The old bear was only two studs wide, way too puny.
  9. Mikeosaurus

    Avalonian Dungeon

    Wow, I thought you were the nice guys! Have you people never heard of the Geneva Convention? Seriously, nice dungeon de Gothia.
  10. Mikeosaurus

    Don't Think I Formally Introduced Myself

    Nice to formally meet you Suspsy. Is that by any chance a mantis shrimp in your avatar?
  11. Mikeosaurus

    Review: 5884 Raptor Chase

    Excellent review of an excellent set! I had planned to pass on this one, but now it has shot up to the top of my list beside 5885. Of course the raptor really steals the show here, one of TLC's best animal designs. The truck has some good bits but seems rather odd as is, in my opinion it would look far better with smaller wheels. That can be easily fixed!
  12. Mikeosaurus

    2012 Friends Discussion Thread

    This theme looks to be pretty good. Most of the pieces should be very useful, with the exception of the animals that is. They have a very stylized look, which doesn't mesh well at all with system minifigures or animals.
  13. Mikeosaurus

    2012 City sets

    Yeah, I thought that was kinda weird. They also have a racers minifigure as mascot for the dino theme.
  14. Mikeosaurus

    The 1st Annual Ugliest Minifigure Challenge

    I dunno, I've always admired that hammerhead-fig. Its one of my favorite minifigs ever, but I guess ugliness is a matter of personal taste.
  15. Mikeosaurus

    Collectable Mini Figs Series 6 & 7 Colour Scheme

    Series six will have a white color scheme, as for series seven nobody knows right now.