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  1. Celeri

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    Yep, I will probably try to build it from the model. One thing you can do also is to make a movie of you dismantling it and play it backwards... it is a quite popular way and usually it works well!
  2. Celeri

    [TC18] Vintage Rally Coupe

    I missed this MOC in 2020, but now that I see it, I really love it, especially since it is an alternate model: well done! I would really enjoy building it (we have not enough rally cars around here, in my view...). Earlier you mentioned ongoing modelisation for upcoming instructions: are this still in the pipe?
  3. Just received a #42030 in good condition, with instructions and box both in OK condition, and all the electric and mechanical parts are working perfectly. The whole thing costed me 105€ with shipping. What is funny is that when you add up only the electric parts together in a BrickLink wishlist, it already costs more than 150€...
  4. I am really not into war machines and usually do not look at this kind of MOCs, but I ended up here (maybe because I am french? ahaha) and I was really impressed. It seems very faithful to the original model and with great driving performance: Bravo!
  5. The "offroad" variation is both funny and interesting, I will be sure to try it after the normal model too! A big thanks for the PDF instructions also, this is so much more convinient than pictures!
  6. Celeri

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    I just got my "Pursuit of Flight" set, but not the "Sheriff's Safe" that was ordered at the same time, strange...
  7. Seems like there will be no steering on this model: I can see no HoG nor turning wheels, and I think it would not be suitable with the pull-back feature... Even if the model looks great (to me, at least), it means that this model will have just no functionality (except the rather childish pull-back thing), which is a pity for a $50 set!
  8. I just got a #8110 in very good condition (just a little dusty), box & manuals too, for 90€: the guy told me the motor was a bit weak but did not want to troubleshoot were the problem was between the motor itself, the battery box or the cabling... Turns out it was just the batteries that were nearly dead!
  9. So unusual and nice looking at the same time: bravo Nico !
  10. C-models are definitely better than the A-model for this set! Congrats @gyenesvi !
  11. Celeri

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Just wait until the day you discover French and understand what "exception rules" really means
  12. Quite nice indeed, the model is definitely recognizable and the motor system seems very well integrated. The only design element that would bother me is the engine bonnet on the back : the gray technic pins seems rather cheap, especially in front of the global quality of the model... I would not be able to give any better solution, sorry, and I guess you have looked into other possibilities already. Another detail : the driving speed seems a little low for 2x L motors and the model's size. Which gear ratio have you set for the transmission? Great work anyway, congratulations!
  13. I was not really looking for a #42054 (Claas Xerion), but I happened to find one in perfect condition for 120€. I am not sure to really enjoy it, since I have never built a farming set yet, but I decided to trust opinions I found online and give it a try. At least, I am pretty sure to be able to re-sell it at the same price if do not wish to keep it!
  14. Really impressive! I guess it basically doubles the price of the set, yet it multiplies its playability by much more than that!
  15. Mine is from Cryglas, an italian shop than can ship in western Europe globally. Just make sure you order according to your needs, because I had to add 2 trays and it was a pain to have them understand what I wanted, lol.