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  1. Nom de Zeus ! There is so much to be loved in this MOC! I remember thinking several times that a DeLorean could hardly render well in Technic, and I am happy you proved me wrong. Impressive work, bravo!
  2. Since I have recently made a 14.2 boot disk to make some tests, I have just tried Stud.io on it and I can confirm that it is not usable on my Intel CPU either. In fact, the GUI seems not to be able to really get on the foreground, so it never receives any input. I am pretty sure the devs will find out what is happening and correct it soon.
  3. Magnificent! I was patiently waiting to see what you would come up with after your Audi R8 that made me dismantle my Chiron only a few days after I built it (this MOC is such a must-have for any #42083 owner), and the wait was worth it! Congrats 👍
  4. I must admit that I had built much more B-models in my childhood than recently. After my dark age, I am more focused on building main models and alternates from the community, because they are often better and because I can choose whichever one I prefer. That being said, I still find it very sad that Lego will not create B-models anymore, because this was one of the last remnants of the Lego 'spirit' which tells everybody: "our models are to help you familiarize with this set, then you should build something on your own". Lego is merely an affair of consumerism now (buy a set, build it, expose it, forget it, replace it, then buy another set...), and we are pretty fortunate that this community still exists to keep this spirit alive.
  5. Excellent tiny off-road monster, a big thanks for sharing it! I was about to ask you how you implemented the remote-controlled gearbox, but then I looked into your instructions and found it (for those who wonder, the gearbox itself is built at the beginning, but the ratio-changing mechanism is completed on steps 27&28), and I find it really clever! If I had the required BuWizz hardware, I would definitely build it
  6. Really nice, I love it, well done!
  7. I love cool buggy's and your MOC really does not disappoint. I will definitely consider building it — provided I get the set one day ;) Great work!
  8. I know at least one youtuber that will be the happiest man in the world when he stumbles on your creation More seriously, this seems a great piece of both engineering and design, congratulations!
  9. I have always liked the Honda NSX very much for its design, and your MOC honors it quite perfectly, I think. Kudos for your great work! The only thing I can hear trying to convince you that you should NOT make the instructions for your model is... my wallet Oh, and welcome to EuroBricks! You may just have made the best first post since a while ago.
  10. Very nice! It is not that often that we can see a Lego boat that actually floats.
  11. Celeri

    Is It Possible To Reintroduce Old Sets?

    I do not think it is relevant to set aside the profitability question, because it is a fundamental aspect that drives Lego's ambition and technical possibilities. Technically speaking, they most probably can do again anything they have done before. It is merely a question of "do they want to do it again?". And what would convince them to do it, except the possibility to make a profit from it? Lego does not work for art or for glory, they work for money.
  12. So harmonious, so slick in curves and angles... Now, THIS is what I would call a perfect alternate model! Excellent job, I am amazed!
  13. You clearly are not alone to have looked around to see how things are going elsewhere. On my side, I did it when I felt the desire do build a nice car with full-remote motorization and gearbox... Which LEGO never bothered to make. I would say that it is not a taboo around here anymore, yet I think it should not be discussed further on this specific topic.
  14. Big kudos to all participants, because honnestly all entries were great and their respective designer can be proud! Also a big thanks for people who have made this event possible. This is really what makes EB shine among social networks: here, we do not have just pictures of MOCs with only "this is my latest creation, please click the LIKE button !", we can follow the creation process on a nearly-daily basis, see how others' comment can influence or even help MOCs becoming really cool.
  15. I agree, this model is really great. But several other entries also, and I fear that it will be very difficult for me to decide how to vote this time...