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  1. Celeri

    [MOC] REXX Truck 1:15

    How can I say... Usually I am neither into trucks, nor into very large-scale MOCs, but your video captivated me from the first second to the last. What is not impressive with this monster? How you manage to make it go more than twice as fast as any 1kg official set? The suspensions that just seem perfect for the vehicle's format? The movement of the retractable ladder? Oh yesss, I found a flaw: the winshield wipers' movement is not smooth enough! BIG FAIL, man!
  2. I wanted to remove the HOG on the roof in favor of the rear part : I did not manage to implement one only with axles and universal joints, so I chose to put a few gears on the rear part : Playability is quite good, even if I had to use 3 gears instead of 2 (steering reversed in this case), which limited my choice of gears. I think I will keep this solution instead of the one I put on the roof some weeks ago. Hope this can help!
  3. Celeri

    Powered up

    I take the opportunity of this topic to make sure that the #22127 part (Electric Battery Box Powered Up Bluetooth Hub) is the same as the #88012 set (Technic Hub). From what I understand in MOCs inventories, it clearly seems to be the case, but I wan to be sure that if you buy it, you have all the typical of the Technic Hub set.
  4. At first I was clearly not appealed in this model (not really my type of car), but I have to admit that every time I have stumbled on it (here or on Rebrickable), my interest has grown a little more, thus becoming really admirative on how this MOC is close to the reality and how all the functions seem so smoothly implemented. I have just checked how much the parts would cost me (around 400€) and I will not invest as much for it now, but who knows in the future... anyways congratulations for your work, the result is really impressive !
  5. Celeri

    [MOC] Lamborghini Aventador

    Very nice indeed! Do you think you could release instructions for this? Because I would be very interested in building it!
  6. Just finished my C61042 today : very good building experience, both challenging and entertaining! Just a few remarks on the build process : The all-black pins makes the result nice to the eye, but you should separate them by kind to avoid losing time searching The bag numbers were OK until the third section, at which I had to open #4 and #5 bags to be able to advance Very few mistakes in the instructions (I can only remember only 2 wrong-sided panel callouts) Sometimes the close-ups pictures make it difficult to locate which side of the car parts should go : I think the instructions are a bit too commpact at times (to save on paper, probably) But in the end, by staying focus, everything goes well and we have a strong feeling of achievement at the end of each section. Definitely positive to me ! As for the result : a very good-looking car and enjoyable playability (RC version). I think LEGO should take some inspiration of Bruno's work – and also CADA's price tag ! It has been my first incursion in the "dark side": I have no regrets because LEGO has no equivalent model to offer, but I think I will do it again only for really premium/original sets like this one, not with the sole idea of paying less.
  7. Celeri

    Which studded supercar?

    Personally, I would prefer the 8880 :
  8. I find this mobile crane very cute and would happily give it a shot too!
  9. Here you go : https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-49743/NKubate/10248-ferrari-f40-mod/#details I am much more into Technic than any other theme, but the F40 (and the Mustang) are just plain great in their own style. The F40 was available during a time where I stopped LEGOing for a few years, and when I got back into business this year, I just knew I had to have this set. Paid a little too much on it, but no regrets !
  10. Every time I tried putting a whole set part list in Bricklink, I ended up with a price far higher than the official one... There is always some rare parts shape or color which price make the whole package not interesting. I especially tried to build my own F40 (10248) like this for several weeks without being able to get under $300 ! I ended up getting it for $150 and using Bricklink only to get parts for the V2 MOD which makes it much better.
  11. Even without being a fan of the F12, this MOC just makes me want to do the same. I have put triggers on price for this set...
  12. Celeri

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I just do not like minifigs at all (Technic figs are OK, though). I do not know if this is really an unpopular opinion, but when I see how many AFOL have large minifig collections, it may well be the case... I really like seeing Technic submodules in classic sets, and reciprocally (when done well, of course). I do not like sets with stickers, yet I like putting them very carefully so they are perfectly aligned with the parts.
  13. Celeri

    What was your first lego set?

    I think I got this on Christmas of 1984, I was nearly 4 years old and I can remember building this set with my older brother !
  14. Your MOC really shines : I already liked the Defender, but you have pushed the concept way further. Congrats! I will be checking your Rebrickable space sometimes and maybe...
  15. Another kickstand possibility : More stable and (somewhat) aesthetic, but cannot be done with the set's parts...