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  1. Celeri

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I hardly think anyone considers 18+ sets to be "hard": they are longer to build at best, but thanks to the way the sets are designed and how instructions are detailed nowadays, really "hard sets" is more something of the past. We all know the "18+" tag merely indicates that a set is more for display than play — and that your wallet will suffer more
  2. Very nice and smooth model, and bonus for the choice of color: I have always liked black Lambos (black Diablo FTW)! I really like your gapless panel usage, and the parts used for lights is also a very fine touch. Congrats!
  3. The truck is already great in itself, but with the other modules it is really an awesome pack! And I cannot express my gratitude to share all this for free: thanks a lot! Just wondering: are the different configurations easy to install/remove once they are assembled?
  4. Hi all, The MOC has (at last!) been published, you can find it on Rebrickable. Looking forward to getting your feedback, either on the model or on the instructions! :)
  5. Very nice and smooth, well done!
  6. I have tried this version, but it seems that the function to include the current program in the curstom firmware is not available anymore... Is this normal?
  7. I have been waiting for such kind of feature since I discovered PyBricks at the beginning of 2022... True, we already have BrickController2, but the smartphone remains necessary in the middle and it induces a palpable latency in the controls.
  8. Dang... what a sad news! I was more quite tempted to get one #51515, but was waiting to see it a good price: I guess I should buy it right now, especially since Lego is the only shop who is selling it in France as of now?
  9. Excellent MOC, for sure, and probably one of the best example of near-perfection MOCing. I am speechless in front of all those functions and your no-compromise way of implementing them. Kudos!
  10. I have opened about 60 new Lego boxes for the last 3 years and honnestly I never had any missing part in them, and furthermore, the spare parts mentioned by Rebrickable (not checked Brickset or Bricklink) were always correct.
  11. Very nice! As a big fan of the #8292, your MOC might just make me buy a #42144 as soon as I can find one at a reasonable price!
  12. You model seems very nice, good job ! But is it normal that the wheels turn to the opposite side of the steering wheel? (1:12 in the video) 🤔
  13. Got a near-perfect condition 42042 Crawler Crane (including stickers, instructions and box) for 60€ in July: normally, this can be found today for more than twice this price, the guy was apparentely not much aware of what he was selling... Very nice model, with enjoyable building process and nice functions — I added 2 levers to make all motorized functions independant, though.