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  1. Chenben

    HMS Leopard

    That looks great!
  2. Chenben

    Le Prométhé

    The ship have his crew now ! I will do somes flags and a sticker with his name on the stern
  3. Chenben

    Somes ships plans

    Always in the O Brian's ship You can see here a imaginative view of the HMS Sophie : HMS Sophie And somes view of the HMS Rose (really easy to find in google). This ship was the HMS Surprise in the film "Master And Commander".
  4. Chenben

    The Eternal WIP

    Very impressive MOC ! I like the architecture too
  5. Chenben

    L'Orient (2008 version)

    I prefer the new color scheme. It's work better.
  6. Chenben

    My Army version 1.5

    It's very impressive, great army !
  7. I think it's expensive. I had a eldorado fortress few month ago for 35 euros like you without box but instructions included.
  8. Chenben

    Le Prométhé

    I only realize my boat don't have rudder :pir-grin:
  9. Chenben

    Le Prométhé

    Hi all. I have updated the vessel. You will can seen new masts, sails and ropes. I have somes details to do yet, but i'm working on an other project too
  10. Chenben

    Rope Bridge Raid

    Nice scene !
  11. Chenben

    Somes ships plans

    Hi all, We have talk about Jack Aubrey's Adventure on a topic, and we are certainly somes fans here (I am, lol). I have found this webpage and i think these plans perhaps help us in future project :p
  12. Chenben

    HMS Sophia

    Thank's, i see now ^^ Very great job ang good evolution :)
  13. Chenben

    Port teasers

    You have put a lot of details, it's enormous! a very great job !
  14. Chenben

    HMS Sophia

    I don't see the change of the yellow strip. What have you do? The sails are better like this, and very pretty cannons
  15. Chenben

    Which combination do you think works best?

    I prefer the white pants with tan pith