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  1. brucewayne

    [MOC] Sith Wrath

    Amazing job. Truly remarkable. Do you plan to release the instructions for this MOC? How many pieces have been used for this build?
  2. This particular color scheme is appealing to me, but I don't think that all the parts needed for the body work are available in "dark blue".
  3. @n2kar_jw what an awesome color scheme across all of your builds. I really like your interpretation of the Gulf livery. Looking forward for the higher resolution images. I’ve recently spotted this set of technic rims Have you fitted 3D printed rims before? I’m curious how much better they will look if I would get them sanded sand spray painted with several coats.
  4. Hello everyone, and thank you for your feedback. The reason why I’ve opted to try building this using LEGO parts is mainly related to my short experience with this brand. Since I don’t have a hands on experience with bricks from other manufacturers, I’m playing it safe . My goal is to build 1-2 large constructions each year, so I’ll be carefully sourcing my parts during this time, to lower my price per brick. I’ve considered buying the CaDA set for a while in the last 3 months, but since the official website had the motorized product out of stock, and the AliExpress sellers have plenty of stock, I’ve reconsidered my opinions. Those of you whom created a mixed inventory of parts from different manufacturers, how are you organizing it? Do you regret mixing the parts, or have you ever had a problem in doing that?
  5. Hello everyone, I'd like to start by congratulating Bruno and everyone involved in the brainstorming process that refined even further this MOC. I've recently started the LEGO journey and after building the 42115 set, I wanted to start on a new 1:8 project, and this is how I've landed here. Since I would like to build this set using LEGO bricks, I'm currently trying to convert the CADA inventory(from the PDFs uploaded on the FB group) into LEGO inventory, but given the fact that I'm new to the game and my "vocabulary" is laking all the technical names of the bricks, I'm doing this by comparing images and using google image search. So far I've managed to add to my inventory around 3000 from the total parts needed, but I have trouble finding some elements, which I suspect are custom CADA bricks. Is anyone here willing to help me with a rebrickable / bricklink inventory with all the parts needed, or maybe just help me to spot the missing parts based on my inventory? Apart from the inventory, would you recommend trying to motorize this set using the Powered Up motors vs Power Functions? Since I'm new to this game, and I don't own any Power Functions elements yet, I'm wondering if I should start fresh with Powered Up components. Have a nice evening! Thanks, B