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  1. In case anybody is still interested in what a GBC contest looks like, there is one starting up now on You are also all welcome to check the previous years’ contests and the entries for those. 2020 Contest 2019 Contest 2018 Contest
  2. I’m not one who would frame up every single module, but I agree that Torso’s Cardan Lift could use a stronger frame. I built mine based on whatever version of instructions was on Planet GBC at the time, and it is very flimsy.
  3. A lot of the possible issues that were raised could be solved by how - or who - will be judging. If people who are swayed by parts count or bright colors or a huge technic collection are judging, then those factors will be influential. This isn’t the case in all the online, touchless, pre- and in-pandemic, GBC standards-compliant, contests I’ve joined in the past couple of years. Only if the contest was set up and judged that way. In other contests I’ve been in, that wasn’t the case.
  4. It sounds like an issue with the competitions themselves. In other GBC build contests (mentioned by @Sgtmcnugget above) most of the winners weren’t about the biggest most expensive time consuming builds.
  5. All the GBC contests I’ve seen in the past have introduced new kinds of mechanisms while still being fully compliant.
  6. Good points Lasse D. The contests I have joined in the past have been by GBC builders for GBC builders, voted on only by those who entered a module into the contest. It’s unfortunate that there are no details being shared about what the contest might be. That said, I like build challenges so I expect to try building something even if I don’t think I can win. @Lasse D You might be interested in joining other GBC groups for build challenges that may be closer to what you are looking for.
  7. Reading the comments and concerns here lead me to think there are several misconceptions about GBC. What balls to use, what parts do you need (System, Technic), how complicated does it have to be, etc? If anyone has questions or concerns that make them wonder whether they can build one, ask it, several GBC builders are here who can help. There are other GBC contests in the past as well, including one that’s about to start up, in case people are curious as to what those look like.
  8. A builder can build GBC outside of events too, otherwise when would they get built? You can build a recirculating module so it feeds itself, or others. It's not an unusual feature for GBC modules. The best source is Lego Bricks and Pieces, for USD 0.60 each. All GBC build contests I've joined had ~6 weeks duration, and there's another one starting in 2 weeks that also has 6 weeks duration, although those are geared towards current GBC builders, so 3 months is reasonable. Also allows people to get the balls from Lego B&P which is taking 5-7 weeks to ship. The pandemic hasn't stopped the annual (and biennial) GBC contests. They are very accessible via Bricks and Pieces.
  9. It’s interesting that there is no GBC forum in Eurobricks, and is treated as part of Technic, and yet the posters here are saying they don’t have the parts for a GBC module and/or GBC is too System heavy.
  10. I would be interested in producing a build for the contest as well. Hopefully it doesn't overlap hugely with the Spring Discord build challenge.