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  1. @LegoHoops (or anyone else) is there any chance you'd be willing to explain how to get the fork apart to install the 22961 (Axle and Pin Connector Hub with 1 Axle)? I can get the top cap off but I couldn't see if the best way was to remove the slider from the upper stanchion or to get the axle holder off the end of the slider. The slider appears to have a spline on the end of it and then some sort of node on the end that's pressed through the axle holder? I'm clumsy and I would break it if I tried to figure it out myself. Apologies if this is not the right place to ask! Thanks.
  2. I recently got one of these cheap and didn't like it at first, but when I saw what others have done on this thread, I thought I would try and change mine. Credit to @steph77 for the wheel arches and some of the bodywork change. Apart from that, the thing I wanted to change the most was the bonnet. I didn't like the big gap. I also moved the doors back 1. This means the doors latch on the bodywork, which I like. Modifications: - 8-N-R gearbox - that is @Anto design, modified a little to fit the space - 4 wheel drive - dampers offset to retain original suspension leverage ratio. That was not the best approach, I think. - Working steering wheel - Full roll cage - Bodywork changes - Different seats + 5-point harness belts and anchorages - HOG steering removed - It is less fun to push around with geared drivetrain and extra weight.
  3. Sorry to post on an old thread. I'm just getting into modifying lego technic. This is my first attempt. I changed from truck and pig trailer to a prime mover and semi-trailer because that's what is used for car transport where I'm from. I made it triaxle to fill the gap but it probably should just be a tandem axle group on the trailer. I dropped both decks by one stud (cars still fit). The ramps all still work. My son is into the original transformers cartoons and he thought the prime mover looked a bit like Optimus Prime, so for fun we made it look a bit more like Optimus Prime. I wanted to try building a bridge so I made it big enough for this model. I should have used a different colour to contrast but I mainly had red liftarms.