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  1. Hi @ninoguba Thanks for this. For everyone's reference, Nard's post can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SPIKEcommunity/permalink/1357979457913616/ In the post there is a demo of a TensorFlow Android app talking directly to the Spike Prime hub (presumably via Bluetooth LE). The demo shows a Spike Prime robot tracking a cup as the cup is moved around. It's not clear if it's an off the shelf app or developed by Nard as there are currently no details in the post. I would ask myself but I don't do Facebook :-) Hope this post helps other people looking for a TensorFlow solution that can be used with Spike Prime/51515. Regards, Paul.
  2. Hi @BrickDesignerNL, The reason for the Arduino board is that the particular Android app I am using transmits data via Bluetooth Standard whereas the Lego Hub uses BluetoothLE via Micropython. Possible alternatives would be: Find a TensorFlow Android app on Google Play or elsewhere that transmits object detection data via BluetoothLE. I wasn't able to find one but if one exists that would simplify things Code a TensorFlow Android app myself that implements the TensorFlow API and transmits object detection data via BluetoothLE. I could do this but it would be more time consuming Regards, Paul.
  3. Thanks! I wanted to demonstrate an object detection capability without the need for TensorFlow programming. I also wanted to demonstrate connecting to an Arduino board using the ubluetooth python module on the Lego Hub. I've shared the full code for both the Lego Hub and the Arduino elements in the Github repo here: https://github.com/osullivp/Lego51515BLEArduinoTensorFlow Any questions, please let me know
  4. Hi all, I've been working on a Lego 51515 robot that uses computer vision to detect an object and then pick it up. Here is a video: The robot works as follows: 1) Objects are detected by a free TensorFlow Android App, available on Google Play (ArdObjectTracker) 2) The detection data is sent from the mobile via Bluetooth Classic and picked up on the Arduino board by an HC-05 module 3) The object detection data is then processed and converted to robot movement instructions which are then sent to the Lego hub via the BluetoothLE module (HM-10) 4) Finally, the Lego hub (running a Python program) receives the instructions via a BluetoothLE notification and then moves to pick up the object I have shared the code and more details on this Github page: https://github.com/osullivp/Lego51515BLEArduinoTensorFlow Hope you all find this helpful! Regards, Paul.