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  1. Dragcitygrl

    Grand Piano

    I finished the key cover which is bag 16 I believe. I don't want to move past it until I can situate it properly. I cannot figure out a way to pull the keys closer to the front so that there is room for it to close. Everything seems to be where it should be after going over and over it. It is super frustrating to be at a standstill so close to the end. There really isn't anywhere else for the keys to go that I can figure. The keyboard appears to be in the correct spot and no matter how much I try, I cannot get it any closer to the front, not that there is much space there anyway.
  2. Dragcitygrl

    Grand Piano

    This set is truly awesome. I am at the stage where the key cover has to go on and I have hit a wall. It will attach and close, but it will not open all the way. The black keys are preventing it from being able to fully open. Anyone else experience this issue? Any and all advice is welcome...TIA