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  1. On 1/26/2024 at 2:39 PM, Feuer Zug said:

    Interesting concept. Visually, this is stunning. The reef, while realistic, is almost too full of details though.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts :pir-huzzah2: Reef is indeed very busy but there are two reasons for that: I really like it this way :pir-grin: and in case the submission proves good enough to get approved there is a space for (an unavoidable) trimming and still ending with a decent looking reef :shark:

  2. Hello :)

    I'd like to share with you my first submission to LEGO IDEAS - Rocky Reef Restoration (link).
    The idea is about saving the coral reef but with futuristic twist in form of a giant jellyfish submarine :D

    It is 1500pcs build full of marine life and with many play features.
    If you'd be kind enough to spare few minutes please check out the link above and I really hope you'll like it enough to click the support button!

    I leave you with the main picture and a promise that the rest is equally interesting :)



  3. Amazing work!

    On 7/12/2022 at 3:08 PM, BrickMatit said:

    and from Philosopher Stone PC game. 

    Even before I've read the description I've instantly noticed familiar wooden handrails on the upper level with Nearly Headless Nick waiting to help on one side and the cat patroling the other one :) HP1 PC game vibe is very strong here!

    On 7/12/2022 at 3:08 PM, BrickMatit said:

    What I wanted to achieve was created something that could evoke the magical atmosphere of the first Harry Potter sets from 2001 and 2002, but that could match well with the modern sets.

    You manged to execute it flawlessly, your build perfectly mimics overall design of first HP sets but it clearly matches the new ones.

    I really like the scrolls section with the one unwinded scroll displayed. Also the narrow section with the doors to the roof is very nice looking. The green vines here and there make the build look very realistic. I love how the build feels alive and it's full of detalis - it is almost moving on the screen :) and yet the footprint is not too big which is great. And most off all it is your own creation and not just something you saw and built - congratulations on astonishing MOC!

  4. 1 minute ago, Freakshow said:

    awesome builds, question - are they done in some sort of 3d software, if so which?

    Thank you! Yes, I'm using Studio - it's free and you can download it from bricklink website. It's super easy to use but if you would like to look for some guidance I recommend Playwell Bricks channel on yt :)

  5. I have finished the last section of my generic Hogwarts extensions - Castle Roof and now the whole section is complete:


    I have also prepared an alternate version that better fits "cathedral" style of 2022 line:


    I also started working on Hogwarts Grounds MOC but I struggle to find enough free time to finish it so I would like to share with you some small parts of it: Venemous TentaculaSpiky Prickly Plant and Wiggentree.

    640x640.jpg (640×640)640x640.jpg640x640.jpg

    Recently I also updated instructions for some smaller builds I haven't share here yet: Fire CrabGiant Orange Snail and Lumos Gargoyle


    All of them you can download for free from my Rebrickable page :) Enjoy!

  6. 1 hour ago, Retro Brick Reviews said:

    The leak says it also comes with the station, which essentially confirms that the set is in scale with minifigures.

    I can imagine the over sized train presented from the side and platform serving just as the background with no need for minfigs to be placed there. Of course this is me playing it safe and managing my expectation to avoid being disappointed.
    For now we have only one set which is not a play set confirmed this year (Horntail) and looking at previous year where we had art, maxifigs, Fawkes and Icons sets this looks extremely suspicious considering how big part of Lego portfolio adult sets has become. I'm guessing that the amazing financial numbers and overall growth Lego achieved last year didn't come from kids getting more play-sets but form adults buying for display purposes all kinds of expensive over sized and micro scaled sets. 

  7. Why some of us so easly assume that Hogwarts Express will be minifig scale with wide selection of minifigs? Last year HP D2C and overall TLG direction for adult sets sends pretty clear message - over sized set + stand with 2-3 minifigs. I can easily see 470 USD set containing exactly the same elements as the one form 2018 but much bigger and much more detailed + some exclusive minifigs on the stand. If people are buying an enormous Titanic set I guess a big train will sell as well. This is for what I'm preparing myself but I would love to be surprised :)

  8. 57 minutes ago, Falconfan1414 said:

    Well…keep in mind that the advent calendar isn’t a June release. It’s September so I doubt anything is producing for it rn 

    So maybe a character pack from Voldy vs Dumbledore scene - we already have room with the prophecies, the telephone booth and fireplace in MoM set. In Grimmauld Place set we have few members of OoP so only Voldy and some Death Eaters are missing + Dumbledore in proper robe ofc. We got him in first CMF 4 years ago so this is a good moment to make a new one :)

  9. 1 hour ago, BrickMatit said:

    :snicker: Lockhart portrait... a must in Hogwarts during CoS.

    I remember a secret room in Flitwick Skurgify Challenge with a Lockhart portrait. And me and my brother used to ask each other for what strange case Flitwick hid a Lockhart portrait in there. :iamded_lol:

    Very nice!


    Thank you! :)

    You got me thinking and I have a theory :D Flitwick birthday is 17th of October, pretty close to the start of the school year (there is a fair chance that Skurge challenge takes place after) so I would assume it was a birthday gift which ended stored with the rest of Flitwick unwanted junk :D That would be sooo Lockhart :)


  10. 21 hours ago, BrickMatit said:

    I don't remember if I had already said it, but I think you really managed to catch the vibe of those PC games and transfigure it in LEGO form. Great work :thumbup:

    Even if latter PC games are more movie faithful (too much, if yuo ask me), I preferred and still prefer the earlier ones, particularly PS and CoS. I find them more magic and surprising :wub:

    You did but it is always nice to hear some more praising :D Thank you! PS and CoS are for sure the best ones. I also "find them more magic and surprising" :) And there is a really easy explanation for that - hidden secrets and Jeremy Soule soundtracks :) We had both of them in the later games as well but there were some major style changes done in these areas and the overall feel of the games changed as well.

  11. 2 hours ago, Seaber said:

    Looks great! I like the flask build especially.

    Thank you! :) I don't known if you've checked my profile on rebricable but you will find there also free Gargoyle statue, Fire Crab and Giant Ornage Snail instructions which I'm super proud of :) There is also a bigger MOC with a lot of other references that you might find inspiring :)

  12. 13 hours ago, BrickMatit said:

    Very, very nice.


    4 hours ago, The Reader said:

    That's great!

    Thank you both! :)


    13 hours ago, BrickMatit said:

    Interesting how you realised the flask.

    I have started from the design from the left but it looked so much better in my head so I had to scrap it ^^' I got rid of the cone and ended up with commonly known design but a piece with a short bar seemed like a got direction to go. Quickly I got to the 1L bar with tow ball but it looked kinda silly :) And then it struck me that what was missing was a wider neck at the end and that 1x1 round plate with empty stud would work perfectly. Unfortunately there is only few colors that these three pieces come in together but lucky enough red is one of them. Trans-red would be ideal but it is what it is :)


    13 hours ago, BrickMatit said:

    Your making me growing the desire of pulling the game out of the cupboard and playing it again!

    You know what they say - there is no better day than today ;)


  13. 3 hours ago, BacktoBricks said:

    Okay so slightly off topic and yet instigated by all the talk of the new sets. I'm wondering how many of you have changed your perspective / buying habits now that this theme looks like it's going to be longer running. I'm a bit of a completionist and yet, not only is this year going to be a very expensive one for HP Lego, but all that new Lego will need to find a space somewhere. So I'm interested in whether those who did try and collect everything have now changed their thinking and if so, what are the sets that you would keep and what ones would you be more likely to let go in order to fund new ones? I.e. Would you part with the 2018-20 castle line as it seems it won't be added to and now focus on the 'new' modular line or are you not interested in the new line over the old? Would you prioritise 'scene' sets over buildable creatures? Just curious as to others' thinking as I'm starting to wonder how long can sustain collecting all the sets. 😂

    Since the 2018 restart I skipped only Art sets and maxi figs (I will buy them if Lego release more characters). I even bought the adventure, Tom Riddle and Cedric books. I also have all GWPs and Brickheadz. This goes for FB as well. Judging by the quality of the new Hospital wing this year I'll probably buy every set. For me it is not about "the perfect Hogwarts" or overall screen accuracy. It is about having fun and feeling this spark of joy coming from the last scraps of my inside kid. HP theme still delivers this for me :)

  14. Hello!

    Today I have for you another Hogwarts extension based on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PC game – Tower with a hidden chest. Since my previous build was quite extensive this time I challenged myself to make another one based on only one 8x8 plate and tried to include enough references that anyone who played the game can still easily recognize from where I got my inspiration.


    The main feature is moving bookcase (Alohomora!) which reveals Flipendo plate that’s “activating” sliding floor. The opening takes you to the dungeons where you first need to defeat a Cornish Pixie (Rictusempra!) and then you can claim your reward (Wizard Card) from the chest by casting Alohomora at it. As an easter egg I have added a chocolate frog chilling safely by the water in an inaccessible area. To come back you need to cast Spongify on the carpet and you’re ready for further exploration. On the roof you will find a cauldron with Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans waiting to be knocked over with Flipendo.




    The most challenging part of the build was a bookcase which had to fit in 2x4 space and also needed to be movable. I was able to achieve that by using few brackets and 1x2 plates with clip. I played a little with the flask design and I think the outcome is satisfyingly close to the in-game model. If needed you can change it to combination of trans-red minifig head + trans-red jewel which also works very nicely.


    The build is fully compatible with 2021 Hogwarts design and the roof is easily detachable if you would like to place a different segment on the top.
    Since as for today Cornish Pixie model is not available in Stud.io I had to improvise with the bat but the part list contains the proper one. You can buy it together with the building instruction, stud.io file and the stickers sheet on rebrickable (Wizard Card is not included).