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  1. uPawelek

    [MOC] Tower with a hidden chest

    Thank you both! :) I have started from the design from the left but it looked so much better in my head so I had to scrap it ^^' I got rid of the cone and ended up with commonly known design but a piece with a short bar seemed like a got direction to go. Quickly I got to the 1L bar with tow ball but it looked kinda silly :) And then it struck me that what was missing was a wider neck at the end and that 1x1 round plate with empty stud would work perfectly. Unfortunately there is only few colors that these three pieces come in together but lucky enough red is one of them. Trans-red would be ideal but it is what it is :) You know what they say - there is no better day than today ;)
  2. uPawelek

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Since the 2018 restart I skipped only Art sets and maxi figs (I will buy them if Lego release more characters). I even bought the adventure, Tom Riddle and Cedric books. I also have all GWPs and Brickheadz. This goes for FB as well. Judging by the quality of the new Hospital wing this year I'll probably buy every set. For me it is not about "the perfect Hogwarts" or overall screen accuracy. It is about having fun and feeling this spark of joy coming from the last scraps of my inside kid. HP theme still delivers this for me :)
  3. uPawelek

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    I made a new MOC - Tower with a hidden chest :) You can find more about it here.
  4. Hello! Today I have for you another Hogwarts extension based on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PC game – Tower with a hidden chest. Since my previous build was quite extensive this time I challenged myself to make another one based on only one 8x8 plate and tried to include enough references that anyone who played the game can still easily recognize from where I got my inspiration. The main feature is moving bookcase (Alohomora!) which reveals Flipendo plate that’s “activating” sliding floor. The opening takes you to the dungeons where you first need to defeat a Cornish Pixie (Rictusempra!) and then you can claim your reward (Wizard Card) from the chest by casting Alohomora at it. As an easter egg I have added a chocolate frog chilling safely by the water in an inaccessible area. To come back you need to cast Spongify on the carpet and you’re ready for further exploration. On the roof you will find a cauldron with Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans waiting to be knocked over with Flipendo. The most challenging part of the build was a bookcase which had to fit in 2x4 space and also needed to be movable. I was able to achieve that by using few brackets and 1x2 plates with clip. I played a little with the flask design and I think the outcome is satisfyingly close to the in-game model. If needed you can change it to combination of trans-red minifig head + trans-red jewel which also works very nicely. The build is fully compatible with 2021 Hogwarts design and the roof is easily detachable if you would like to place a different segment on the top. Since as for today Cornish Pixie model is not available in Stud.io I had to improvise with the bat but the part list contains the proper one. You can buy it together with the building instruction, stud.io file and the stickers sheet on rebrickable (Wizard Card is not included). Cheers!
  5. uPawelek

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I would prefer 3rd series of HP than 2nd of Marvel but also I have to admit that this year Lego stepped up their game with Marvel line and first time I've bought few sets so I can live with that :)
  6. uPawelek

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    So we are getting bigger and better Fawkes next year...
  7. uPawelek

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    This is my guess as well :/ new bottle or just a top would be nice
  8. uPawelek

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    I very like the overall look of it :) Without side walls it is not that cramped like other modules which is awesome and makes the space much more open! I would consider adding inverted slope 2 x 1 on both ends to reinforce the "ribs" on the back wall (in place of these 1 x 1 bricks) - they are basicaly 1 x 1 pilars without any support and connection to the wall + weight center is outside the connection point. Adding 1 x 3 bricks for middle "ribs" (on top of the panels under the slopes insted of these 1 x1 bricks) would also make them a little sturder :) I hope I'm not oversrepping ^^'
  9. @BrickMatit thank you so much for your kind words! Your opinion as a fellow HP PC games enthusiast is especially dear to me I'm really glad you like the brick built creatures and Gargoyle. I started working on them early on since I assumed they will be the most challenging parts of the build and I was right ^^' They were literally the last three designs I finished before I deiced the set is ready
  10. uPawelek

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    Wanted to share my creation as well - The Hogwarts Founders' Wizard Cards Challenge You can find more detailed info here.
  11. uPawelek

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    If anyone is looking for something to pass time till March wave release I would like to share with you my first serious HP design - The Hogwarts Founders’ Wizard Cards Challenge I've created a separate topic for it here
  12. “Now, Hogwarts is full of secrets, Harry, so search behind every door. But keep in mind, not all secrets are rewarding.” Join me in celebration of the Harry Potter PC games 20th Anniversary! Nostalgic journey awaits! Let’s experience together the most memorable aspects of Harry Potter games once more. • Cast Flipendo, Alohomora, Lumos, Rictusempra, Diffindo, Skurge and Spongify to unravel hidden secrets and collect all four Hogwarts Founders Wizard Cards. • Face well-known magical creatures: Giant Orange Snails, Fire Crab, Acromantula, Gnome and Pixie. • Knock over cauldrons and shake standing armours to collect Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. • Brew Wiggenweld potion or catch some Chocolate frogs and replenish your stamina. Expand your Hogwarts castle: • Combine this 2140pcs set with LEGO Harry Potter 20th Anniversary line from June 2021 to make your Hogwarts even bigger! • Display your Wizard Cards collection in the Gallery Corridor. PC games were a huge part of my Harry Potter experience and even as an adult I’m coming back to them from time to time. Since LEGO has restarted Harry Potter Theme in 2018 I was very excited about it but I also felt like something is missing. It took me some time but finally I’ve realized it – there are no platform elements, spell activated objects or secrets included, which we know so well from Harry Potter games. It is understandable since the sets are based mainly on the movies but the wave from 2001 had some secretes implemented. From the day I saw first leaks about 20th Anniversary wave and LEGO Wizard Cards I had this this small spark of hope in the back of my mind that not only will we be getting awesome looking designs and amazing Minifigures but also that magic is coming back to the theme. Unfortunately that was not the case. So I bought all the new sets, bricklinked missing Wizard Cards and slowly started to look for an idea how to display them properly. I saw some very good builds but none of them felt right (16x16 plate from the GWP set disappointed me greatly). And one evening it clicked – angled corridor with cards displayed on the wall as in the Gold Wizard Card Challenge from the second Harry Potter PC game. But the corridor itself was not enough for me. Ideas started rolling in my head and by the next morning I had this complex vision which took me 9 weeks to materialize. When the build was ready I decided to prepare a part list and an instruction (another 3 weeks) because I’m sure there are more people who are feeling that something is missing in their collection the same way I did. And that’s how we got here Below you can find a little more detailed description of different parts of the build. First off all – my creation is heavily based on the Chamber of Secrets PC game. Even though the first one takes this special place in my heart (hence the quote from the begging of the Philosopher’s Stone) the second game is more complex. It has open exploration, more mechanics, spells, magical creatures, Wizard Cards and secrets and it felt like the right direction to go with. I really wanted to stick to the footprint dictated by the Gallery Corridor so the build is somehow squeezed but I believe I was able to include all the most important parts of the game. Besides corridor there are also roofs, dungeons and tower levels each with its own building style. Let’s talk spells, you’ll find here: • movable Flipendo plates, cauldrons to knock over and standing armours to shake (beans!), • bouncing Spongify carpet hidden under moving floor, • magical creatures to cast Rictusempra at, • removable vines and spider’s web to cut through with Diffindo, • removable ectoplasm spots to get rid of with Skurge, • Gargoyle to activate Lumos which illuminates enchanted, removable wall and reveals a hidden room, • and last but not least a chest and stone door to open with Alohomora. There are also few non-spells related mechanics: • flying stone blocks which take you to the dungeons hidden entrance, • Gnome hole with jars containing Flobberworm mucous and Wggentree bark on the top which will be knocked over when the Gnome is thrown to the hole, • lift in dungeons that goes all the way up to the tower top, • trap door under the last Wizard Card to come back to the roof level. From the magical creatures I believe the two most interesting ones are brick built Giant Orange Snails which leave slime trails and Fire Crab that shoots hot flames out of, well… at you ;) I’m super proud of them both – it was quite a challenge to keep proper scale and not lose to many details. You will also have to deal with Acromantula, Gnome and Pixie. I was not able to brick build Gnome which would look good and fit into a Gnome hole without making them both Minifigure size so I decided to go with the Sewer Baby. It’s face expression is full of mischief and after one look at it I had no doubt it’s after my beans! I think it works perfectly :D In the dungeons you will stumble upon a cauldron which you can use to brew Wiggenweld potion using ingredients obtained after defeating the Gnome. If you look hard enough you will also find some Chocolate frogs ;) There are twelve Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans to collect: six from the cauldrons and six to shake out from standing armours. There are two hidden rock blocks that can be easily removed and behind them you will find holes through which you can drop beans in front the standing armours. From the design perspective I think it is worth to mention few things. • Overall bulkiness of the build – I wanted to achieve this early 2000s 3D games look so there is not much curved lines here. • Stained glass windows – they represent colours of each house and combined Hogwarts crest colours. I included them to highlight the main motive, the Hogwarts Founders. • Candelabras and torches – they are very simple builds but I feel that they nicely represent the in-game models. • Gargoyle – was tricky to build and it is not easy to angle its wings properly to fit in 3 by 5 space but I think I did a good job there. • The floor patterns – the one in the dungeons is inspired by in-game floors. Also the rug in Gallery Corridor looks very similar to the one from the corridor in the game. • Stickers – to create them I used assets from the game and adjusted their sizes. The one on the rock which is blocking the lift it’s not easy to see but it’s visible through window in the lift which I think is a nice touch because you need to find it and activate it for the lift to go up. There are two things I had to compromise on. Since this build is directed more to adult builders than children I decided to prioritize slim design over playability. Due to tight build on the top of the tower you’ll need to use some extra force to make the lift go all the way up. This means it will not go down by itself and you’ll need to stick your finger in few different places before you will be able to put it back in place. The flying stone blocks are aligning themselves very nicely when spinning but if you put a Minifigure on the top they will roll over. Even expanding the blocks build to 2 by 4 and using a lot small pieces below the connection point to improve the weight distribution didn’t help so I went with proportions that in my opinion look best. So that’s it Here you'll find excel and bricklink part lists for price check, stickers sheet, sample of the building instruction and few more photos. If you would like to purchase full building instruction you can do it here. Cheers!
  13. uPawelek

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Today I've build the polybag and the Dorm. Polybag is cute and looking nice (I love the desk construction) but GWP is not very pleasing to the eye, especialy the back side. I gree that leaving the cards display out and adding some nice looking wall would improve it greatly. But I got lucky with the cards (got 4 from the ones I needed to complete a second set 12/16 atm) so I'm happy :)
  14. uPawelek

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just got my copy of GWP and poly together with Icons set :) Can't wait to expand my display :D The lady told me with confidence that they are fully prepared for whole week of this promo so I guess there is no rush :)
  15. uPawelek

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    GWP is available at S@H (Polish one) :)