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  1. Woot! Tammos Back!

  2. What do you mean bye bye Tammo?

  3. See? My RP has improved from the old chars.

  4. Bah, the vampir was gonna drink your blood anyway.

  5. Answer the Kill wren or save vampire question! *Shakes Fist*

  6. I mean £50 Not £5. But Haldor is finally getting interesting.

    The true question is, if the only way to kill wren was to kill a vampire first, what would he do?

  7. Thanks To swils of course. I still haven't got round to buying the werewolf set due to finding a City of Atlantis new in box at Legoland for £5

  8. Culture and tradition didn't stop Leo from slaughtering Keveak.

  9. And Haldor was a vampir hugger

  10. Actually, Leo had a bigger one.

  11. Nice NEW username. Seems the mods are busy messing with names.

  12. Okay, that's a shame.

  13. What happened to the username?

  14. Shame Tomas is dead. Are you ever going back to heroica?

  15. Adam, check your PM

  16. Lycan revived at midnight was freaky. These rolls are freakier.

    Have a look at my status!

  17. getting killed more than he is killing

  18. I thought you would.

  19. I have 4 though.

    Luc, a triggerhappy ranger, Leo a Brobric pycho, Lycan A Warewolf, and Lupus, a dark elemental Mage ( coming when I hit 50)

  20. If we weren't at different levels you would still be dead.

  21. Did Lycan get interesting enough for Boris?

  22. Are you going to join Heroica? Just noticed you lurking rparound Quest 37.