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    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    No, Flare, you do not see it. If you were a rogue class, you have lost decent income from the nerfs already, and then you get a PL who is rather stingy and in the entirety of a quest gives you barely Rogues seem to be a scapegoat a lot in my opinion. Rogues earning to much gold-nerf. Rogues were DESIGNED to have more gold. Then people moan aboout this. Rogues get heavily nerfed with the only gold carrying enemies being able to steal from. Then, people still moan about their income and punish them. People are getting punished for finding loopholes and building a character to earn lots of gold.
  2. TheBoyWonder

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Often, I forego the loot, unless there is a nostrum or I haven't got any gold. I do agree with WBD in the sense that you can punish nearly every class like this. Not using or giving potions to clerics, not giving gold to Rogues/Mystic Knights, not giving bright polish or grating stones to mystic knights. The list goes on and on. If you penalize one class, then you must penalize every class based on their abilities. Otherwise, you are punishing ONE class,and that is just wrong. Mizuki, Romulus and others have all avoided loot or have given things. Just because you haven't been on a quest with generous rogues yet, doesn't mean they do not exist. I am being perfectly honest here, and I can imagine most rogue players agree. If I do not get considered for gold/loot based on my rogue class, that PL better not expect me to revive, heal or in any other way boost them. It works both ways.
  3. "All I request is the nostrum. Spread the rest amongst yourself." "Next battle with War and a lucky me?"
  4. Romulus attacks Green Viper B with Combrys.
  5. Romulus does nothing. "I need a remedy. I cannot attack till then."
  6. Romulus attacks the Dryad with Combrys from the front row. "Avoid the healer. I will solo it when only that is left, so it cannot heal."
  7. "They are not artifacts. I do not want one either."
  8. Romulus attacks Scarecrow A from the front row with Dawnbreaker.
  9. Romulus attacks Scarecrow A, Dawnbreaker, Front Row.
  10. TheBoyWonder

    Pokemon X and Y Friend Codes

    Trance, you also have ground. Pokemon in it are Phanpy and Dugtrio.
  11. " We will not take any damage till next turn."
  12. "Give him the potion now we have a free turn, it will do more use than attacking in the long run."
  13. "Crap. " Romulus attacks Scarecrow A from the front row with DawnBreaker.
  14. "Everyone focus on 2 Scarecrows- We cannot take any damage next turn. May I reccomend Avalanche and Pretzel target A, as he has the least health. " "Alexander, with me." Romulus attacks Scarecrow B with Dawnbreaker from the front row.
  15. "Monk, you have stated you are attacking A, the same one ad I."
  16. "Pretzel, you are up as PL. May I reccomend that everyone but Avalanche target the Scarecrows? It would be beneficial to damage them. " Romulus attacks Scarecrow A with Dawnbreaker from the front row.
  17. Corn Maze- Challenge War
  18. Corn Maze with the War Challenge- Pretzel is Party Leader. OOC: Really sorry about dropping PL role, just got about 5 exams in the run up to Christmas.
  19. "Corn Maze does sound good." "War sounds like an easier challenge."
  20. "My ravages have smashed through the last two. I do not feel confident enough to try a challenge just yet, and my nostrum I am saving for something a little harder."
  21. "I say no challenges. Lets take this at our own pace monk."
  22. TheBoyWonder

    Pokemon X and Y Friend Codes

    I have Dragon. Scuba has Earth with Camerupt and Trapinch. Spider has poison with Kakuna, Muk and Swalot.
  23. "Who has any SP giving Artifacts? If you have spare, I recommend we give them to Avalanche." Loot Division: Avalanche: 3 Bones Alexander: 2 Bones and Mead Pretzel: 4 Bones