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  1. Hi! I recently added the lightkit from Brikxmax to my Ninjago City (70620) and I wanted to share the result. It was extremely fiddly (having big hands does not help in the slightest) and took around a whole day with a lot of cursing and cussing. Parts fell off in all directions. The hardest part was holding the top two levels in one hand whilst trying to attach the light cables into the expansion port (everything could have come tumbling down but fortunately it didn't). The result however became something I am really proud of. I find myself just looking at it for periods of time and imagining out stories for each of the mini figures. I also have the Ninjago City docks and the corresponding light kit but I have not had the time to put it in yet. Hopefully soon! Hope you like it! Lego Ninjago City by a18r28k, on Flickr P.S. it is my first post real post here so please be gentle
  2. Finally got around to putting the lighting kit inside the Lego Ninjago City Docks. I am very pleased with how they both look. The lighting kit has fewer parts and one can see that with the dark areas in it. 20210313_223551 by ark0rak10, on Flickr
  3. Excellent details and a great way to pack up everything into a small footprint. A question, if I may. I noticed you are using the simple medium linear motor (which has no position feedback - the medium linear motor has that but that is a bit thicker) for steering, without a clutch gear. How does it work in practice? Do you have to pay attention to the movement and stop turning before the gear rack reaches the end of it's movement? What happens if you keep on turning?
  4. ark0

    [MOC] The Mountain Oracle

    SO gorgeous! I couldn't look away from the staircase. Hope you get to 10k soon!
  5. Big fan of your MOCs for a while now. I especially love the contrast of the autumn leaves and the big black bear. Excellent details overall and on the 4x4.
  6. That intro was hilarious! Great work as usual.
  7. Extremely well done for a first MOC. Reminds me of an old Top Gear episode where they showed a lime green Mercedes SLS AMG electric.
  8. Speechless! So many amazing details and I could not take my eyes of the periscopes (little things capture my attention most it seems...). I also love how you used SNOT with some studs on top, resembling life like rivets. NPU with the main gun and the side guns (or are they smoke launchers)?
  9. ark0

    [MOC] 4 Wide trains, DRG Class 80, DB V90

    Incredibly well done! I have always thought about getting the Brio trains and track, this might have just pushed me over to get one and try to imitate your build. 10/10
  10. ark0

    The Falcon

    Superb. NPU with the banana for the eye-lid!
  11. Hi everyone! An AFOL from Stockholm, Sweden here. Recently came out of my dark ages and there has been no looking back. My favourite themes are Ninjago, Star Wars and Technic. I have also started experimenting with Disney and the Creator Expert series. I wish everyone a good day and thank you for having me here!
  12. ark0

    [MOC] Imperial Light Cruiser

    I like the angles on it, as the person above said. It is a very nice contrast to the cylinders on the back. Great work!
  13. ark0

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    I too have been eagerly waiting for the instructions. Any day now hopefully :)
  14. Thank you! I should really get started on it, but currently in the middle of a Star Wars Sentinel MOC I found on Rebrickable.