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  1. Yes it does! Replaying it really made me in awe of all the little details from the original Pirate line. There's some artwork, sets in the backgrounds of some racetracks, and so on. Hey thanks @PxChris I was really impressed with your collection, and your collection update posts on these forums inspired a lot for the making of this video. You have a mighty Pirate display
  2. It was surely a classic! I think the LEGO games (Island, Star Wars, etc.) have done a wonderful job at inviting those more familiar with gaming into the hobby. I can still remember seeing this level, "Pirate's Skull Pass" and being amazed by the Skull's Eye Schooner in the background:
  3. i appreciate the feedback. i'm happy to hear it resonated with some of you! it was a blast to make
  4. thanks for watching! yes this is my video
  5. Hey there, This is a classic tale of my introduction to LEGO, and a dedication to my favorite theme / the community you all continuously build... i hope you enjoy! Wayback Machine Episode 3 : Lego Pirates View On YouTube
  6. fbi

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    This is a beautiful display and truly captures the worldbuilding qualities of this theme. You've got a mighty collection, and the flow of the scene is wonderfully arranged. 10/10 PxChris, I registered for this site after seeing this!