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  1. HarryPotterguy

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks everyone else for your thoughts too. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. that’s if the design for fluffy is good, I didn’t get grawp or the horntail as I didn’t like them being all brickbuilt. I did have the old basilisk back in the day and like the look of the new one. I think in terms of the Chamber of secrets set it has a lot of new figures and creatures that it might be cheaper buying the whole set and maybe selling the build or something. Lockhart is usually expensive and the new teacher will probably be too not to mention the Cornish pixie and basilisk itself!
  2. HarryPotterguy

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I hope there are some more leaks coming soon, but just wanted to pick your brains, I’m not really interested in purchasing the castle sets of the June wave but want the figures, fluffy and the basilisk. How much do you think we could see fluffy and the basilisk being sold for on bricklink / brickowl or ebay? (just trying to get my budget in order after to much spending in lockdown) 😂
  3. HarryPotterguy

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    On #legoleaks2021 they’ve posted a picture of gringotts saying ‘me saw’ could it be?
  4. HarryPotterguy

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    A new Mcgonagall has just leaked
  5. HarryPotterguy

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hi I’ve been a long time viewer but I had some thoughts and ideas to share. June leaks With the leaked ones I’m not a fan at all, I didn’t really like the old castles when they were around and always tired to make my own ones using them sets. Especially now we have been getting so much more detail sets with new pieces that allow for better design, these anniversary ones look even more outdated, even if intended it’s not cute. I get some people like them as that’s great but it’s a no from me. I think I’ll get get the figures if they give us new and updated ones. My August set wave ideas (Not my want list but a lowered expectations list) 76391 — $250 D2C Large scale Mirror of erised with a Harry in red jumper with a philosopher stone - new piece. (With new mirror effect tiles or something) 76393 - $120 Devils snare, winged keys, mini chessboard and mirror scenes to fit with the new anniversary system castle these could be easily made to stack (or interlock) and go under the new fluffy forbidden corridor set 76392 - $59.99 hagrids hut with few trees representing the forbidden forest. maybe unicorn, fang, Draco and Harry quirrel with hagrid of course, would be nice to get Firenze too 76394 - $39.99 I have two thoughts A phone booth that maybe can be moved down to simulate entering the ministry of magic, or some partial scene of the MoM like a small fireplace build and/or the statue of the centaur house elves etc. - With Arthur, Harry, perhaps Kingsley and fudge Perhaps the Ukrainian iron belly with a cart and small piece of track representing gringotts. With Harry Ron Hermione griphook and bogrod these are desired things MoM and gringotts so with lowering expectations if it was something to do with them but not a large scale model, that could be disappointing to many. Myself included. 76395 - $29.99: Hogwarts prison cell tower with buckbeak, Harry, Hermione Sirius. I went with this as they have themed hogsmede with prisoner of Azkaban and supposedly has a Sirius wanted poster. My top sets I hope we get one day are: Gringotts bank & the Leaky Cauldron in scale with Diagon alley these as wide sets to cap of the street And in a dream world another side of the street with madam malkins, wiseacres, slug and jiggers, eeylops owl emporium, magical menagerie, madam pimpernels, potages cauldron shop. Grimauld Place - large model Hogsemead village on a larger scale, not quite as big as Diagon alley but with honeydukes, Zonkos, three broomsticks, madam puddifoots tea shop where Cho and Harry go on a date. - this now seems unlikely Scaled up Hogwarts express train, I’m not fussed about the carriages or the platform but just the steam engine it could be amazing. I can appreciate a shrieking shack, shell cottage and Malfoy manor large scale building but I wouldn’t be too bothered. I feel like Lego do need to work on making more creatures and big figures and making them better. Like the Giants from deathly hallows, a better grawp, merpeople, unicorn, Gryndilow from the black lake, the mountain troll, Dragons a mould would be so much better in my opinion for them all Also there are so many characters that need doing but I won’t list them as there’s so many but I think some generic ones would be great like and accessory pack with 4 random witches and wizards to populate Diagon alley, and perhaps the torsos and legs can mix and match to create more than one really cohesively designed character. Also a masked death eater ‘battle pack’ would be great with perhaps snatcher, dementors etc I hope this year is perhaps a blip and back on track next year, I hope we get deathly hallows sets one day and maybe a whole year will be just them, but as long as we get interesting builds with lots of new characters or good variations then I’m happy. I mean we are getting araura Sinistra which I love the idea of a background teacher but it seems weird we haven’t got a bill or Percy Weasley a mundungas Fletcher or Madame pomfrey or igor karkaroff yet. Sorry for the long post 😅