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  1. Ajf350d

    What are these parts? Stumped

    Those bring back memories! I used to combine them all into one really long arm, and I seem to recall you can add an opposing ’claw’ as well to make a grab at the end. These would be good today if they were still made. Good arms for some of the Marvel figures etc.
  2. Probably won’t have a spare of that left at the end, it’s usually bits like the black/blue pins etc. Worth getting a replacement requested now as can take a week or two for them to come. I did have a look through my spare parts just in case, but none of those! Missing parts do happen, but often it turns up in a bag or carpet later. I think I’ve had two pieces actually missing across 40+ sets in the last 12-18 moths. one was an incorrect piece so technically still had the correct number😄
  3. You can also, order missing parts (for free) here: https://www.lego.com/en-gb/service/replacementparts just looking at step 636 on mine, which specific part is it, one of the blue pins, or the grey axle joiner?
  4. Ajf350d

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Yep, that’ll do! Going to be an expensive Christmas to myself 😁 Although, is the UCS AT-AT still a thing? Might be a hard choice if so! They’ve really done well with avoiding the stepped hull the ‘competition’ have. what’s wrong with the funnel colours though, as per post above?
  5. Only one I watch semi regularly is Bricksie. He actually seems like a nice guy and his spending sprees can be quite fun!
  6. Looks pretty good from those first photos now. Slightly disappointed that the vertical blade cylinders appear to be fake, as it appears is the top one on the rear ripper. Wouldn’t think it was that difficult to add the real ones on? It would be cool though if it was pneumatics!
  7. Ajf350d

    10279 - Help!

    Thanks all. Realised from the review vids afterwards, it wasn’t a separate package I opened all the bags in the end to double check, and found what I guess is where it should be as there was a white pouch with the curtains in, which is bigger than it needs to be, and, no roof part :( Part is on back order as well, but Lego were helpful about it at least. Only the second time ever I’ve had a part missing though, just annoying it isn’t one I can replace from ‘stock’. might try and make something temporary for now…
  8. Ajf350d

    10279 - Help!

    Anyone who has built this new set, how was the orange roof material packed in the box? Just got ready to build and it appears to be missing! wanted to double check I haven’t overlooked it - I was expecting a large bag or envelope for it?
  9. The above set (75267) is currently available for just under £8 on Amazon UK if anyone wants to add some extra figures. it lists at £9.99, but there is a tick box for a voucher as well which discounts it down.
  10. Just got a 2nd hand AT-ST Raider set today. Nice build, although a few steps aren’t that clear for younger builders I didn’t think. A couple of interesting techniques on the side panels though. I’m getting sucked into the Star Wars now though and I was only going to buy larger Lego sets to keep me busy!
  11. Ajf350d

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Loving the look of this so far. very much meh when I heard it was going to be various ‘items’ but this fits together so well. Glasses look neat too - I think they are part of the set? I hope the letter is NOT stickers though!
  12. Is the Cruiser a Lego exclusive in the UK? Doesn’t seem to be listed on any other retailers sites at all.
  13. Looks pretty good overall shape etc, although not an era of Star Wars I am that familiar with. Two things stood out to me, are the sides not fully enclosed when the doors slide closed? Also, the inside seems really bare. both probably accurate, but the interior particularly doesn’t look great, especially with the Technical supports.
  14. Ajf350d

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    Wonder if the box will have the usual disclaimer ‘model does not float’