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  1. Ajf350d

    When is Double Points?

    Should it show the additional points in the total when you into your shopping bag? just showing the normal total for me, but signed in with VIP account.
  2. Ajf350d

    When is Double Points?

    There is a rumour it could be next week, as early as Monday. https://www.brickfanatics.com/lego-double-vip-points-promo-rumoured-for-april/
  3. Ajf350d

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Yes, some really great sets potentially later in the year. The only thing I am slightly disappointed is that the final 13 are all coming in one batch so if you like several there is no chance to spread out the cost.
  4. Ajf350d

    MOC New Holland T7.315 HD Bluepower Tractor

    Fantastic work. I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it became available. it would be great if something like this was done officially, and then more add on accessories each year.
  5. Ajf350d

    42107 stand question

    Thanks, good to hear! I knew it wasn’t very stable but wasn’t sure if I might have missed a step. Checked again and pretty sure it IS just the design. There seem to be several alternatives builders have come up with so might look at one of those.
  6. Just purchased and built the Ducati, which I think is a good build. on mine though, the stand seems to not align properly with the rear wheel and axle hole. I cannot see anything wrong in the build so is this normal? it will fit, but seems forced and slightly twisted.
  7. Ajf350d

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Reading the few posts above, do I understand correctly, that even if a design is not chosen, Lego still keep the copyright? I can understand the restrictions for sets in review, but seems a bit rough if you don’t get chosen. Wondered why I rarely see any ‘losers’ sets/instructions listed for sale anywhere!