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  1. I’ll reply to acknowledge your response. I did see the first line, but my views differ on the specific aspect I mentioned.
  2. Thanks, so we may yet see them released then, just a bit later than planned.
  3. I can understand the issue if people are just reposting someone’s else videos, which I believe is what the OP means? Does the above though really constitute stolen work? If they are taking the time to convert the LDD files into full instructions on video for people to follow, not sure I really see an issue with this. Very similar to what people do with retail Lego sets sometimes, or other assembly/maintenance type video? I guess it does depend on whether they present the final model as their own work, or make clear it isn’t.
  4. Has there been anything more about the ‘postcard’ sets that didn’t happen on Jan 1st? Don’t actually recall any official comment. I rather liked those.
  5. Just tried on my iPad and was able to randomly add an old Scooby Doo and Unikitty set which appeared in the sets for my account. Maybe try just deleting and reinstalling the app? Is it Android or IOS you have?
  6. Ajf350d

    Do you only buy lego?

    Thanks, peppermint_m some interesting points there. Yes, looking back over some pictures, that was the big issue really with Lepin where they tried to make everything look so similar. Most others now seem to avoid that, or just sell the bricks without a box! Regards IP, would this only relate to Lego own themes? Star Wars, would be a Disney IP, even if Lego designed it for them? Curious about the tape as Lego have never made anything like that have they? design is very generic too, although the article mentioned packaging. Would be useful though if they did! Guess it makes sense to cover all the angles and let the courts decide which are valid points. Just to add, I’m all for Lego as a toy so not trying to disparage them etc, mainly just curious how they manage these issues and how copyright/trademarks work.
  7. Ajf350d

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I’m not sure about the globe so far. I generally like the objects sets, such as typewriter or the shoe, but this doesn’t seem to work for me somehow. There is no mechanism like the typewriter to replicate, and it lacks ( for me) the weirdness of a Lego shoe. it doesn’t seem detailed enough to be used as a proper globe for geography either, which would have made it a useful and fun set for kids.
  8. Ajf350d

    Do you only buy lego?

    I’ve bought a few minifigures from other brands, mainly to get old or rare figures to bulk out various sets/displays. From what I have received I’ve been genuinely impressed overall. So far only bought one actual set, which was a ‘mini’ blocks about 2/3rd scale of Lego. Quite odd actually as all the pieces are the same, just smaller - feels like building from across the room😂 Again, quality was actually really good, and the set was fun, which was why I got it - Hot Dog Van. the only big sin was they use stickers across multiple parts!!!! Nothing against future sets if it portrays something I like, especially at the prices they can be found at. I like a lot of the generic ‘Oriental’ style buildings. I wouldn't generally go for copies of current sets that Lego have, although some older sets might be a possibility. The general availability of none copies I don’t think hurts that much. it’s good competition for Lego and may in some instances make them see what else sells, and potentially raise their game in some areas. I am aware several sets are peoples MOcs that have been used of course which muddies the water, but I would be happy to buy the instructions separately in that case to give back to the original designer. on a side note, what do Lego use when they go after companies like Lepin for example? I thought the bricks themselves no longer had any copyright etc on them?
  9. Ajf350d

    New VIP Rewards Centre survey

    Just done mine as well. Fairly positive with my replies as, at the basic level, I don’t have a problem with the idea of a subscription service. The devil will be in the detail as they say as to what exactly you get in terms of how the benefits actually work and what free gifts on each order, and what sets are available from back catalog etc. Also not sure why they need to charge for the privilege of spending money on older sets? I like the potential though so will be keen to see how this develops.
  10. Ajf350d

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Love the ice cream truck chase. Such a wacky idea, and the mini figs are great. Might have to break my AFOL promise of only buying ‘big’ sets.😁
  11. Ajf350d

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thanks both, I just couldn’t recall what they all were! Just looking on the US site for comparisons, and even the piano is ‘only’ $350 so there must be something significant with a couple. I could see them maybe also adding a ‘smart’ function in some to the Jazz one as per the piano. Was the Lighthouse motorised as well in the original? That could add to the cost. Would expect the Van Gogh one to be at the lower end, unless they have changed it significantly, or some serious license fees. Guess we’ll see!
  12. Ajf350d

    What did you BUILD today?

    Finished Santa’s Visit. Great finished build, although the place is a fire hazard - candles everywhere 😁
  13. Ajf350d

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    What sets are in the pipeline at present? I can think of the Globe, and presumably one is the Sonic set?
  14. Ajf350d

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, email says to check card is valid etc, but no options to update if you need to! Oddly, I ordered mine in the second wave of Round 1 yet still got the email today?! Wasn’t expecting anything until June, so might be a nice New year present.
  15. If you double check steps 346 and 347, there are coloured dots overprinted on each motor cable showing which goes where - blue, green and orange. As long as you fed the cables as per instructions during the rest of the build this should point you in the right direction.