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  1. fhurlbrink

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Maybe, the art gallery had been built before the hotel. And a lot of time later the hotel has been built. Now the art gallery forced the angle of the hotel.
  2. This tree is really awesome. Probably the best version of a Lego city tree I have seen. Can you create a Bricklink studio file for better understanding how to build this and maybe upload it on Rebrickable?
  3. How will the switches be operated? The original Lego switches use a yellow lever for that. Will there be an equivalent for the Fx Switches?
  4. Good news: On June 1st I have ordered two packs of R72 curves at JB Spielwaren. I did expect arriving them after August 31st. So I was really surprised, that they arrived just yesterday at me. So the delivery was extremely much faster than expected.
  5. To be honest, that's true. But he mentioned the adventures of the (package's) backside. Nothing, you have to fear, but there is the system explained. He did not mention JB Spielwaren, but he put a link into the video description http://bit.ly/FXBricks8832 which redirects to Michael's website S32 Straight Track (fxbricks.com) and this website references JB Spielwaren for EU customers.
  6. For the people, who understand German: The hero of the stones in Frankfurt at the Main river in the heart of Europe in his wonderful little shop on a fantastic day has made a review about the Fx Tracks system. It will be a celebration:
  7. Michael will also offer new motors.
  8. @michaelgale Thank you very much for the answer. Motor bogies with integrated power pickup wheels are perfect for me. One of the advantages of the 9V system over RC/PF/PU is, that you don't need annoying extra components which waste space in the locomotive. I didn't know that RailCom is not an open standard. After knowing this, I completely understand, that you will not implement it. I can relinquish RailCom. In the case, Lenz will give up the trademarks (which is very unlikely), is the firmware of the smart motor bogie updatable, so that RailCom can be installed on an existing smart bogie belatedly (by installing a new version of your firmware)? Independent from RailCom, will it be possible, to use a selfmade firmware or an open source firmware and install it onto the smart bogie instead of using your FxBricks firmware? It may be interesting for people, who want to hack around with special features, which are not implemented on your official firmware. According to your website https://fxbricks.com/fxtrack/ you will sell the switches separately as 8140 and 8240, but not sell the R64P curve tracks. It seems logically, because these R64P curves are made for in combination with switches for the return curves. But I think it would make sense, to sell R64P separately for the following cases: - Someone plans a layout with crossovers and orders 8140 and 8240 separate switches. Some time later he/she wants to make a new layout without crossovers and with return curves. Now he/she needs R64P. - Someone buys the 8040 switch pack and uses them. Unfortenately some R64P gets damaged or lost and he/she wants to replace the lost/damaged R64P with new ones. - You have mentioned S-Bends on grid in a posting before. Someone will need the R64P, but without the switches. So I would therefore suggest, that you offer R64P separetely. Another question is, how will the switches be switched? When I view your picture https://fxbricks.com/fxtrack/files/stacks-image-14e7afd-1200x674.png of the switch, there I see an element with holes on the outer side of the switch track (on the left side of the picture). I assume, that this is for switching the switch. So are the holes for DCC controlled motors? What is, when someone wants to operate the switches by hand? The Lego switches (9V and Plastic) have a yellow lever for switching the switches by hand. Will your switches also include something like a lever? Or will the user to have switching the switch by directly using this element with the holes?
  9. @michaelgale That sounds really great. For me the smart bogie would be perfect. I assume, that both variants include the power pickup wheels direct in the boogie (like the old Lego 9V Train motor). Is my assumption correct? Concerning DCC, will the decoder support Railcom?
  10. My order of S32 tracks at JB Spielwaren just arrived. The delivery was faster than I thought. The tracks look great. @michaelgale : When you will bring out the motor in the future, will this motor include a DCC decoder in its boogie unit? I ask, because it would make sense to have the DCC decoder in the boogie unit instead of having it separate. So me as a customer I would not have to be forced to mount it, which can be difficult not being an electrical engineer and it would save space, if the decoder is not separate from the motor unit. In the case it is, then it would make sense to include a switch on the boogie unit, which toggles between DCC and analogous mode. So a customer can decide spontaniously and flexible, if he wants to use DCC oder just the traditional analogue way and does not have to change the motors.
  11. @michaelgale Thank you for your explanations. Well, I personally would pay these $50 (or ~ 42 € in my case), but I have to suspect, that I would be the only one. We both are interested, that your company makes economically sense and does exist for longer time. For you it is obvious, but for me being a customer I am also interested that your company does exist, because I can't buy products from a closed company. This would be loose-loose situation. I understand now, why you don't produce R40 curves. Well, then I will just use the greater radiuses (at the moment I plan with R56 and R72) and enjoy the fact that it will be more flexible and realistic. I wish your company good success! Like some other users, I have also ordered 3 packs of S32 tracks at JB Spielwaren.
  12. @michaelgale : First of all, I am happy, that you offer a new track system, which makes a Lego Train System with metal tracks, motors and power from the grid without annoying batteries possible again. I respect the work, you put in. But I have one question: According to a picture of the package you offer a a lot of radiuses, but why the hell just not the original Lego radius R40? Also a picture of a point shows, that the points have not the same geometry as the original Lego points. It is great, that with big radiuses it is possible to make a more realistic model train, but without R40 you are forced to use the bigger radiuses without the ability just to replace the current Lego tracks 1:1 by tracks with metal. The advantage of R40 is also, that it takes less space. Why not produce different radiuses including R40. So a customer has the freedom to choice between keeping original Lego geometry with using less space or using bigger radiuses for a more realistic model train using more space or just combining it. I personally dont need this bigger radiuses. I just love the Lego train tracks mostly as it is, I just dont want use batteries and I just want freshly produced tracks (instead of used ones from the old Lego 9V system bought on ebay or bricklink). So people like me are sad, that you don't offer R40. If you offer R40 in combination with the bigger Radiuses R52 until R152, then both people like me and other people, which like more realistic "not toy like" model trains might be happy.