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  1. chuck_in_charge

    [MOC] 1:200 Iowa-Class Battleship

    I just want to say thank you so much everyone for the overwhelmingly positive and encouraging comments! In order to avoid repetition, I won't respond to all of them but please know that they made my weekend! Please don't hesitate to post/dm me your questions or feedbacks as I always want to learn and improve my techniques! And just want to add since a few people have asked - I am offering building instructions, just head over to my ig and everything should be clear: chucky_in_charge Thank you everyone!
  2. chuck_in_charge

    [MOC] 1:200 Iowa-Class Battleship

    Thanks! Designing and building in took probably 200 hours, if I include all the hundreds of revisions and improvements I made. another 100 hours at least to collect the bricks and build it in real life.
  3. chuck_in_charge

    [MOC] 1:200 Iowa-Class Battleship

    Thank you Thank you for the kind words! I really tried pouring everything (techniques, parts usage) I've learned into this build. I am glad you like it!
  4. chuck_in_charge

    [MOC] 1:200 Iowa-Class Battleship

    Hello friends at eurobricks! First time poster here so please go easy on me. I would like to take this opportunity to share my Iowa-class Battleship MOC. The model is built to 1:200 scale (accurate to a stud!). The ship features separable waterline hull, fully articulating main and secondary turrets, detailed superstructure, curved bow and stern, floatplanes, and stands. Almost all AA emplacements from 40mm Bofors to 20mm Oerlikons are represented here. This model has taken me well over 300 hours, across several months, to research, design, model and test-build. I am proud to call it my best work yet. Below are renderings mixed in with some photos (I have yet to accumulate the correct colors for the full physical build and photo shoot). If you have doubts about structural integrity, scroll to the very end for a video demo. Iowa-Class Battleship Cover Photo by Chuck, on Flickr Iowa 1943 vs Missouri 1945 by Chuck, on Flickr Iowa Test Build - Waterline 1 by Chuck, on Flickr Iowa Test Build - Waterline 2 by Chuck, on Flickr Iowa Hull Test Build by Chuck, on Flickr Iowa Shake Test by Chuck, on Flickr Separately I have also built a fully refitted/modernized version of the Iowa-class (BB-63 Missouri in her 1980s to be exact) with various upgrades to her armament: Iowa & Missouri Updated Comparison by Chuck, on Flickr I have created several other ships including the CV Enterprise, battleship Texas and light cruiser Atlanta in this scale before. Below is a snap of the fleet. Feel free to take a look and say hi @: Every Ship I've Built in 1:200 Scale by Chuck, on Flickr
  5. chuck_in_charge

    Practise Posting Here!

    USS Cherokee-class Fleet Tug 1:200 by Chuck, on Flickr