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  1. Sam Sinister

    [LEGO Ideas] Crown Dominion Fortress

    Its just I'm not a big fan of Pirates.
  2. Sam Sinister

    Kacykos the old boy project

    What do you expect? All people act like Emmet from the Lego movie when they start. Then, they turn into Bad Cop.
  3. Sam Sinister

    [LEGO Ideas] Crown Dominion Fortress

    I almost never post in the Pirate Section, but I have to say, it's nice. May support it.
  4. Sam Sinister

    Kacykos the old boy project

    First of all, welcome to the forum! I think adding more detail and giving it a new paint job would work well.
  5. Sam Sinister

    Post up your vehicles!

    Ok. Thanks for the info!
  6. Sam Sinister

    Post up your vehicles!

    Really like it. Can you get me the instructions and part list?
  7. Sam Sinister

    [MOC] Nuclear war

    Good job! Like the skull design on the teddy bear! However, doesn't the girl look like a person from Star Wars?
  8. Sam Sinister

    [LEGO Ideas] MOC: BIONICLE Legacy

    I dunno. Kinda looks OK. (No offense, by the way.)
  9. Sam Sinister

    [MOC] Pumpkin-shaped parade float

    Love it. I can see the referance to Hidden Side.
  10. Sam Sinister

    (MOC) Some Arcade machines I've been working on

    I personally like it. Keep going! You should use the stools from the Downtown Diner.
  11. Sam Sinister

    [MOC] Café, Fashion, and more

    Orange: Much better than black! Anyway, good job!
  12. Sam Sinister

    [WIP-MOC] My House

    I hope to seethe design once it is finished. Good luck.
  13. Sam Sinister

    [MOC] Caterham Seven - 10242 alternate build

    I liked it! You should continue making builds like this! However, I think that the car would fit in Technic, not Special.