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  1. I have an android smartphone with an ir blaster and the rcx uses ir so can I control it with my smartphone? If I have to use some specific tools or need to do something complicated so it'll work I can.
  2. Oooh cool so is it worth diving into it a little bit?(so many "it"s) What I mean that I don't have any of these parts and they sound cool.
  3. I was searching for offers on the out-door suspension and noticed that there are only two sets that include it but I only knew about the bike one. So I checked the building instructions of the 8369 set and omg what is that system? Is that even qualify(of course it does because it's Lego) as Lego? So if anyone can provide info about this strange system I would be really thankful.
  4. I say a moc is good enough to be finished if Lego would release it. Edit: Ok I did not phrase it good enough. What I meant was that there would be no damage to the parts and no unofficial parts(except for some commonly used third party parts).
  5. Yeah the PF system has an extra ground and 9v pin on the connectors. The servo motor and ir reciever uses them.
  6. No you cant connect them like that. The PF extension cables have the underside of a 9v system connector.
  7. How do you connect them in parallel with only PF?
  8. So I bought an rcx 2.0 and have some power functions extension cables that can also convert between PF and 9v. If I would connect PF to an rcx would it work?
  9. If you are on mobile you can just search for a "?" in the extra simbolums menu and hold it down.
  10. Yeah I know the feeling because I have(sadly had) a friend who has more than 10 of them. It's so cool when he controlled like 5 of them at the same time.
  11. So I am trying to find some pieces related to another topic I made and look at the rcx sets for fun and see the prices. They were so cheap! I found one that sold for about 100 dollars that was in good condition. If you also wanna see them you can search rcx on bricklink.
  12. yeah the overload protection... I hope the bigger motors have more tolerance. Guess I'll have to try it.
  13. So I was thinking about using some parts in ways they weren't meant or in a unique way. But I found something much better than that. THE LEGO 9V SYSTEM. I saw connectors that are stackable on bricklink. Could you connect them in a way so the result is a parallel or series connection? Just think about the possibilities. Like 18 volt to a motor or not having to change the batteries in your set for double the time. You could also take the rechargeable battery boxes and make a fake and at the same time totally Lego buwizz clone. And it would perform even better. If I'm right the buwizz can supply 11.4v while a rechargeable battery box can supply 7.5v so 7.5v*2=15v! Please tell me that this theory is true. Edit: Ok I found it the names are plate with contacts. I found it on bricklink.
  14. Shouldn't the 4x4 category be off-road. I mean what if a 6x6 vehicle is worthy for the 4x4 category?
  15. I am a Linux user(mainly Ubuntu) and I am not planning on moving to windows. So basically I am searching for a moc designer tool that runs on Linux(preferably Ubuntu). Thank you in advance.