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  1. I feel like that has been around for too long, and is a pretty underwhelming car all things considered. I predict a C8 Z06 since we recently got a Raptor and a Mustang.
  2. So that's where all the local pneumatic supplies had gone? Really amazing work! This is so incredible and quite ingenious. I am a big fan of pneumatics and feature-packed technic MOCs. This has to be the best one yet! Is there any chance you could share more details about how the front axle is suspended, and how you perhaps plan on adding drive to it? I noticed you mentioned the poor steering geometry created by the portal hubs - have you considered using the planetary hubs instead? That's what I intend to use for the next rebuild of my own truck, which I have yet to share on here.
  3. Seeing B models this fantastic makes me want to purchase another set.. must resist, must resist. Really great work, Eric.
  4. This is fantastic! 8462 was one of my first 'proper' technic sets; I use the switches from it in my 3 cyl LPE to this day, and the number plate on my MOC truck. Keep it up and thank you for reincarnating this set that I have a soft spot for.
  5. Awesome, thanks a lot. Looking forward to seeing more. Those 3D printed axle housings also look quite handy :)
  6. Hi @efferman, Long time lurker here - finally registered to ask my burning questions . Love the rotator! Could wee see more of your rear axle setup? The render you posted above doesn't include any linkages/control arms. I am very curious to see the geometry because I do not see the use of a extendable driveshaft. That brings me to my second question; with the model so heavy, how are you able to utilize stock u-joints? I do not see any gearing on the axle, which makes me believe the torque transmitted through the driveshaft must be high. Both of these are areas where I encountered difficulties when building my LPE-powered truck. Thank you in advance!