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  1. 10 hours ago, Scarilian said:

    I speculated about this prior, but now that we have the unknown D2C listing, time for some more speculation. I think the 76328: 18+ Superheroes Set (1822pcs) could be a Malibu Mansion set.

    I really wish you were right (and indeed that brickheadz mark 5 is suspect), but wouldn't it be more logical to expect a new hall of armor (or its derivatives) when 76216 retires?

    Furthermore, the complexity of the structure and the importance of the protagonist could establish a higher price

  2. 20 minuti fa, Moon_Knight ha detto:

    Sono piacevolmente sorpreso dal conteggio dei pezzi. La X-Mansion del sondaggio sembrava atroce. Il conteggio dei pezzi sembra probabile che sarà un edificio modulare.

    The school is a very long building, a modular one should be at least similar to a museum, and the pieces don't allow it... Furthermore, it is immersed in a park, and I continue to maintain that it would not make sense to insert it into the city.

    A mysterious 18+… deadpool??? :-D

  3. There is a first description, I don't know if it is legitimate:

    "The X-Men Mansion -or the Xaivers Institute is the school Charles Xavier is created for mutants -and the secret base for the X-Men. Based on the loved X-Men series we bring you the biggest X-Men set in LEGO form filled with all your favorite mutants: Wolverine, Cyclops, Mystique, Beast, Storm, Dr. X, Magneto, and many more plus a lot of tiny details and references to the Marvel universe."

  4. 97 is a great new Disney Plus, the first X-Men in the Disney era. All the legos for now are 97. I don't understand how it is possible to still think that it will be a generic set. In my opinion the logo will be half the size of the box to make sure it is connected to the show O.o

    In truth I don't understand many things: especially why they used that image for the survey

    Also, no one talked about other D2Cs, so should this be the set the designers were talking about during the avengers tower reveal?

  5. 5 minuti fa, JohnTPT17 ha detto:

    o l'iconico giro di tutti e 6 i Vendicatori nella battaglia di New York.

    It would be nice of Lego to release Hulk and Hawkeye in a set under $500. Of course I expect Mark 6 without damage! :-P

    Wow that looks like an incredibly good wave!!! Lego wants to apologize for the last two disappointing years. I only have one small negative note: no x-men :-(((

  6. 12 ore fa, Mandalorianknight ha detto:

    Evil Quinjet (149,99 dollari): Hydra Cap, Superior Iron Man, White Widow, Worthy Loki, Ant-Man con una pistola.

    I would buy at least 3 copies! Unfortunately the Marvel team isn't that brilliant :-P

    11 ore fa, RobRose200 ha detto:

    potremmo vedere un grande fico Venom in uno dei set estivi Marvel?

    I've been waiting for this for years, we finally have a bigfig model that would make it very simple, but in 2024 we have a red Hulk (regardless of any delays) and I don't know if Lego would give us two new bigfigs in one year...

    10 ore fa, Scarilian ha detto:

    Hydra Cap è una variante che alcuni desiderano davvero.

    Cap has so many major releases still without minifigures, I don't understand how it's possible...

    also the old hydra goon is one of my favorite minifigures, I wish Lego would give more space to building armies, Hydra, Aim, Shield etc..

    8 ore fa, Buckethead ha detto:

    Sembra che i nuovi set di Star Wars facciano parte di una nuova onda Dark Side. Sospetto che sarà esclusivo di Star Wars.

    Marvel has venom-side

  7. I imagine that Hulk will use the new bigfig model (I want to hope that the old model is retired). Unfortunately, we haven't seen any promotional material for the film yet, so it's hard to speculate on what he'll look like. I hope he doesn't reuse Hulk's toupee (unless his hair in the movie is actually similar). As for the mustache, if the general has it, I expect the Lego version to have it too. In short, I would like an accurate version, not a generic version like the old version

  8. I hate Disney, its priorities and its hypocrisy. I hate the need to please everyone and the fear of offending someone. This has a large part of the responsibility for the terrible quality of the films that are coming out. With this management we would probably never have had the great films with the great villains that made the fortune of the brand! Marvel is a fake world, it's a "science fiction" franchise, we shouldn't have these problems. And I also hate this "web" that is scandalized by everything, I'm Italian and our representation in Hollywood almost always sucks, but who cares. Sorry for the rant, but I'm tired of seeing movies and legos ruined because of this megablocks

    40 minuti fa, Buckethead ha detto:

    Quali insiemi o figure sono stati rimossi in passato?

    Indiana Jones' Temple of Doom was cancelled, a technics plane was cancelled, Jabba's palace faced accusations from the Muslim community and we never saw him in that form again, slave Leia, maybe Kang

  9. I was standing in line at the supermarket thinking how could you do a Hall of Armor without the implications of a Malibu house, and the recent Batcave came to mind! A large shadow box type set, with a house part, stairs down to Tony's lab and a cave with cells. It would be interesting... I wonder if having used that system for DC could somehow interfere with the realization. The exterior could be completely dark red, and instead of the bat we could have the word "marvel" on the facade