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  1. There's a guy on Instagram who designed an entire Arkham line. Obviously with all the limitations of custom products, but it is very suggestive! It's a shame that Lego never addressed the topic.

    Maybe sooner or later a big Arkham Asylum set will arrive, I'd like something similar to Rivendell, could use the island from the video game as a source of inspiration. Dreaming costs nothing :-p

  2. 9 minuti fa, PGBQW ha detto:

    Scusa, ho frainteso.

    Ma ancora no. Se sanno che il loro film è cattivo, avrebbero raddoppiato il merchandising per ricompensare i soldi.

    Inoltre, Antman 3 non è nemmeno il peggior film Marvel.

    Rise of the Skywalker merch was very limited compared to previous ones, and we know that Disney didn't believe in the film. However, it's just to speculate a bit, unfortunately we will never know the truth

  3. 2 ore fa, Scarilian ha detto:

    È anche del tutto possibile che Lego non abbia mai avuto intenzione di darci Kang in questa fase, preferendo salvarlo per Avengers 5/6/7 per migliorare le vendite di set in seguito.

    This is a topic that intrigues me a lot: where does Disney end? And where does Lego begin? We know that Lego receives concept art (more or less detailed, more or less definitive), but can it decide whether to exclude a character? Maybe a very important character like the villain? The situation is probably more complex than it appears to us, but if Disney sends images of (I'll give an example) Antman and Kang I don't think Lego can decide to exclude it. He certainly doesn't do it thinking that the character will appear in another film that will be released in a few years. It's Disney who knows the character's future, not Lego, and I doubt Disney would tell Lego not to include Kang because we'll have the minifigure in a few years (Not to mention that Lego is very good at making us buy the same characters for years with simple graphic updates).

    However, I am convinced that the omission of all the villains of 2023 is not accidental. Majors' legal problems may have had an impact, but the one-off set was announced before the arrest, so the exclusion was decided earlier. The rumors continue to claim that Disney was very convinced of the success of Quantumania, Kang was presented as the new Thanos, why limit the merchandise??? Maybe Disney was aware that the movie sucks (very likely option in my opinion), and they did damage control. Or someone noticed that all the villains of 2023 were black, and this caused concern.

    Even the "evilness" of the High Evolutionary doesn't convince me as a motivation, I still think that he had a slot in the Rocket set, and was canceled at a later time.

  4. 48 minuti fa, Scarilian ha detto:

    Non c'è niente di nuovo in quell'articolo di cui non sappiamo da mesi. Siamo ancora nella stessa situazione.

    In truth, until yesterday we knew about the recast, not about a huge downsizing of the character, even close to exclusion from the film, according to some sources. Of course not getting the minifigure would be very disappointing, and makes me hate that 2023 set even more.

    Obviously these are only rumors, nothing confirmed by Disney

  5. I found a Disney Plus screenshot from X-Men '97 showing Dark Phoenix and Apocalypse in the background. I don't understand if it's legitimate, but it could be a small step towards the big figure of my dreams ^^

    ps. Uh no, it's not 97 but the classic line, he only recommends rewatching in anticipation of 97 :-p

  6. It has nothing to do with anything, but I was thinking about how much James Gunn was involved in the problems with last year's sets:

    1) it's his fault we don't have Star Lord's helmet. The director was even annoyed that it was present in Infinity War, because in his opinion it had previously been destroyed (as if it couldn't be fixed or rebuilt). 

    2) Bautista had complained several times about the long make-up sessions for playing Drax, so Gunn decided to do his friend a favor by making him wear the jacket.

    3) The new spaceship isn't too bad in the movie, but it's too difficult to do it justice in toys. A ship more similar to the first two, perhaps with the colors of the new uniform, would have been a better choice in my opinion!

    So Peter without a helmet, Drax in a suit and a disappointing spaceship: Some of the most iconic aspects of the group (and which would have improved the sets) overlooked in a shameful way. All thanks to Gunn (good director but very overrated) :-p

  7. 8 ore fa, Scarilian ha detto:

    Ti dimentichi Dar-Benn di The Marvels.

    I absolutely haven't forgotten her, on the contrary...

    8 hours ago, Scarilian said:

    Given how poorly the prior Ant-Man sets sold (We only got one set for the first and second film), it makes perfect sense as to why we only got a buildable figure for that where they didn't have to make new figures. I expect they intended to feature Kang in the CMF and then later in Avengers 5 sets before all the controversy happened. Kang after all would be highly saught after and people would pay extra just for Kang.

    As for GotG3, my guess is that they thought Adam Warlock would be more popular and budget constraints led to them picking him over High Evolutionary. This is likely a repeat of what happened with GotG2 with Ego where we got Ayesha instead.

    It is also easier to market sets to children with villains who are more generically evil as opposed to specific relatable or traumatising evils such as the child kidnapper (Dreykov), abusive parent (Ego) or the animal abuser (High Evolutionary).

    I'm probably too suspicious and see conspiracies everywhere :-)

  8. 1 minuto fa, BrickBob Studpants ha detto:

    Audace da parte tua di supporre che il cattivo principale sarà presente in uno dei set:laugh_hard: Seriamente, però, dovrebbe essere una minifig su scala ancora più grande come quelle di Harry & Hermione del 2021

    I don't want to touch on hot topics, but the villains who have been omitted in 2023 all have one common characteristic. Harrison Ford's Red Hulk is on the set, a giant alien played by a Caucasian actor (like the ones rumored for now) shouldn't be a problem.

    It's a hot topic, I know, but we can't ignore it in this historical period. I anticipate that I will not respond to any provocation :-P

  9. 2 hours ago, Mandalorianknight said:

    Sì, è un peccato. Anche se come@Legocentricodice che è un po' strano ottenere due set che avranno in gran parte la stessa figura lanciata nella stessa onda.

    I'm starting to think that the Avengers set isn't what we think..

    2 hours ago, Mandalorianknight said:

    Wolverine's room is a genius idea, and given they did the "spider-man sitting at a desk with a picture of spider-man on the wall" meme, I think it might happen

    I was hoping that the trailer would suggest something :-/ I have many doubts, the outside of the building is very sober, inside will we have rooms, kitchen and office??? Ok, there will be Easter eggs everywhere, but it's a super hero set, there must be play, action, dynamism! I'm sure Lego did something very desirable, but I just can't imagine how! :-D

  10. 20 minuti fa, THELEGOBATMAN ha detto:

    Strano che non ci sia Ronan, dal momento che hanno appena fatto una nuova versione di lui, ma sono contento che tutti i Guardiani siano inclusi.

    It's probably Rocket that's recycled from that set... However, it's the first set that contains all the "original" Guardians, it's a great selection!

  11. 2 hours ago, Lego Nostalgia said:


    Sorry but I have to say it: it's not funny anymore :-p

    1 hour ago, Lego Nostalgia said:

    I doubt they'll make sets for the Thunderbolts since that is rumored to be Rated-R

    Where did you hear this? It's new for me. And I follow the rumors very assiduously…

    1 ora fa, Mandalorianknight ha detto:

    Speriamo di uno nuovo, perché spero davvero che Pedro si rada. L'aspetto di Krasinski era buono per un one-off, ma Reed è di solito clean-shaven.

    I hope the sets have enough budget to give everyone a specific new face

  12. I especially wonder how they will handle the minifigures aesthetically: half normal and half with active power (like those ugly sandmen from Spider Man)? Or fully active power? It would be nice to have a "normal" version and one with power, bit I don't even hope for it because it would be too good

    47 minuti fa, psqidexslizer ha detto:

    Lo faranno, ma stiamo ricevendo solo 3 set, quindi sai cosa significa...

    Is there a rumor I don't know about or are you just speculating?