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  1. 4 minuti fa, Im_the_Juggernaut_Bricks ha detto:

    Capisco che questo forum è per i set Marvel, ma altri temi possono informare il futuro del tema Marvel

    If you read the discussion better, I said that anything can happen in the future, but to say that something has been abandoned we have to look at the present and the past, not the future. And - I repeat - after 7/8 years of not seeing that type of construction, I feel I can say that the Marvel designers have abandoned it.

    I think we've taken up too much space with an uninteresting discussion and I'm not interested in having the last word. If you want to understand well, otherwise that's fine too

  2. 36 minuti fa, BrickBob Studpants ha detto:

    Beh, né Arishem né Molten Man avrebbero avuto senso come maxifigs. Arishem è molto più grande di così e non ha proporzioni degli arti umani, quindi un maxifig sarebbe sembrato piuttosto sciocco. Lo stesso vale per Molten Man:lingua:

    I had no doubt that you would give such an answer. Where I come from they say: climbing on mirrors :-D

    However no problem, in my opinion the format is not used by Lego Marvel, in your opinion it is still widely used by Lego Marvel. I think we can both be happy ^_^

  3. 1 ora fa, BrickBob Studpants ha detto:

    1) Il set dovrebbe essere una figura di contrazione però, non un set compatibile con minifig. Un maxifig avrebbe funzionato solo se ci fossero state altre cose incluse (che penso che tutti avremmo preferito, ma io divagando).

    2) Beh sì, ma dimostra che questo stile di figura non è ancora andato per la strada del dodo:ride: Potrebbero facilmente riportarlo indietro anche per la Marvel. Le figure in stile contraction-style sono una cosa separata, non una sostituzione.

    3) Davvero? Potrei ricordare male le cose, ma ho pensato che fossi tu che teme che non avrebbero mai più fatto bigfigs da quando l'ultimo è stato rilasciato nel 2021, prima che il bigfig di Thanos fosse poi confermato per tornare:classico:

    1) If we want to be picky, your previous statement is wrong, as no character would "absolutely need maxifigs", Lego has many options to represent large characters, it did so with the latest Ant Man (which is not a compatible minifigure set ACCORDING TO YOU, but still contains a microfigure and is for all intents and purposes the official movie set -something the buildable figures never were), and did so with Molten Man and Arishem.

    2) We connect to point one, the buildable Ant Man has in fact replaced the Quantumania set, Arishem and Molten Man are even in a playset, it seems clear to me that when faced with the choice, Lego has always opted for non-maxifig solutions. Of course you can always go back, but this is obvious, it applies to everything. At the moment however, given that we haven't seen any for 7/8 years, I think I can say that Lego Marvel has abandoned that path.

    3) And we connect to point two: of course I have doubts and fears if I no longer see a format that I love, just as I am afraid that Lego will put fewer and fewer main villains in film sets, as it did for the three films this year, but I'm not stating anything. If in 7/8 years we no longer get the main villains, then maybe I'll claim that Lego abandoned them. In my language it's a simple concept, maybe the translation complicates things, I don't know... Furthermore, I was never really worried, because Falcon had confirmed that the bigfigures were not finished. So yes, you definitely remember wrong…

  4. 48 minuti fa, BrickBob Studpants ha detto:

    1) Non riesco a pensare a un personaggio Marvel che avrebbe assolutamente avuto bisogno di un "maxifig" negli ultimi sette anni.

    2) Come è stato sottolineato, "maxifigs" esistono ancora in altri temi.

    3) Non hai detto la stessa identica cosa sui bigfigs?:lingua: E ora ne abbiamo due quest'anno:ride:

    1) Ant Man?

    2) other themes have other characteristics, we're talking about Marvel here, right?

    3) no

  5. 57 minuti fa, upliftingbricks ha detto:

    Non sarei contrario a questo, ma preferisco di gran lunga i maxifigs (ad esempio Harry Potter/Pirate/Upscaled Figure). Sto cercando di fare una figura del genere per Sandman. Per le Sentinelle quel tipo potrebbe funzionare per un Master Mold, allora una build più piccola per la Sentinella standard (come quella del merlo) potrebbe essere i suoi figli

    Master Mold will be the D2C of 2024 :-D

    unfortunately the maxifig model seems abandoned :-/

    That Ant Man from Civil War was fantastic!

  6. 15 minuti fa, Mandalorianknight ha detto:

    Forse non l'ho detto bene. Non stavo parlando di questo specifico sandman, lo stavo usando come esempio per figure di grandi dimensioni che non avrei voluto come minifigs costruite in mattoni come l'uomo gigante del 2016. Sappiamo che questo specifico non sarà quello in quanto ha lo stampo della testa della figura costruibile (stile recente), ma presumo anche che non sarà umanoide.

    Ah ok, well I agree with you!

    (But I have to admit that I would like the “buildable figure” format for the X-men Sentinels)

  7. 40 minuti fa, Mandalorianknight ha detto:

    Per qualcosa come Sandman di NWH, preferirei un display che assomigli più alla massa mutevole del personaggio del film piuttosto che una minifig gigante. Sono divertenti, ma non si mostrano bene IMO.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I understood that it only uses the face piece, Tandnbricks didn't talk about the body (which I think will be different)

  8. 14 minuti fa, squiz18 ha detto:

    Quanti di voi hanno comprato Avengers Tower questo fine settimana?

    My first copy is on its way! I had a discount at the lego store for my birthday but I had to buy on the site precisely because of that damned GWP (which was not distributed in stores in Italy). I still think it's a terrible homage, but I had to have it for the collection……….

    Ps. even the Castle freebie didn't arrive in the physical store 

  9. 6 hours ago, TandNbricks said:

    Sandman will use the face piece from the buildable figures (cap, ant man etc).

    uh, thanks for the tip! He is always much appreciated

    5 hours ago, The_Fiery_Rooster said:

    is it the face plate with the nose (cap) or the one without (spiderman, Ant-Man)?

    Wow, I only just realized that Cap's "face" has a nose :-D

  10. 15 minutes ago, Mandalorianknight said:

    He's referencing a meme about November. Don't google it, the general subject has been discussed enough in this forum since rogue's hair leaked.

    hehe ok, it will remain one of the things I don't understand :-)

    You're probably right about War Machine, I still trust that it will be a great minifigure! The helmet could be resurrected like Wolverine's hood, all the merchandise I see offers the same old Magneto...

  11. 18 hours ago, PGBQW said:

    -November 26

    Thanks for helping me keep track! So, what can we expect in January?

    The extra-MCU minifigures could all be new: War Machine and Venom certainly, also Goblin and Doc Ock, unless Lego has decided to "Venomize" only the accessories (but that would be strange), perhaps even Spider Man and Gwen, because we haven't seen them in 2023 and Lego may have used the pause to study a new design. As I already said, I'm curious to find out if War Machine will have some reference to Iron Patriot, to avoid having two Mechs that are too similar in color. Anyway all his minifigures have been great, I hope it continues like this...

    We know half of the x-MEN, I think Magneto will get the old helmet (unless it's that purple version with the long hair), and Wolverine will probably just be a downgrade of the CMF, similar to the Mech 2023 (unless it has a completely different look, which would be much appreciated).

    We know that in the No Way Home set there is "only" a new Lizard with a tail, and honestly I don't expect many details, given how the other villains of the film were handled. Buildable Sandman could be very cool like Clayface from Lego Batman Movie, or very mundane like the more recent Clayface. I don't remember the number of pieces, but expectations are quite low...

    Warbird and buildable Rocket -for me- are just wasted Infinity Saga slots. I like Ronan but there isn't much to speculate about the rest...

    Obviously the absence of new molds is the norm for Lego Marvel, and I don't expect a big budget for the rest of the year either :-/

    Finally, if that bust that's true, there might be an Age of Ultron set out there somewhere…

  12. 11 minuti fa, CF Mitch ha detto:

    Se stavi chiedendo in generale: sto pensando io stesso (anche) alle vetrine Ikea. Ma ho intenzione di riorganizzare tutta la mia stanza, compresi i miei display SW LEGO, quindi ci vorrà un po' per pensare a un layout adeguato e nuovo:blush: 


    Yes, of course, I ask everyone :-) in Italy, the classic Detolfs have been replaced with a smaller model, and the Tower doesn't fit :-D the Rudsta could be fine, with only €129…

    best wishes for your reorganization, I know it's not an easy thing :-D

  13. 2 hours ago, brickbride said:

    I'm pretty sure you'll get your wish, but how does that reflect the results of the movie?

    Black Panther and Hulkbuster received so much hate that they earned a discount within 30 seconds of release, maybe the hate for the movie will have the same effect lol

    How are you going to expose the Tower? A custom-made display case should cost more than €200, perhaps an IKEA display case is better :-/

  14. 25 minuti fa, Classic_Spaceman ha detto:

    Tecnicamente la Torre ricicla i Quinjet Minifigs (con le eccezioni di Hulk e Occhio di Falco).

    When the Bugle came out, they made it clear to us that some of the minifigures had been included in previously released sets to optimize costs. There is no reason to believe that things went differently with the Quinjet…