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  1. tweaked9107

    Third Party Tires for Lego Technic Rims

    Hi all, I'm building an MOC that requires some Baha style off road tyres roughly in the 90-100mm range. The idea is to fit them to the 56mm X 34mm rims. Now from what I've read on here 1.9in tyres are the best fit but there is no mention of width? I assume I would have to find some that are either 34mm wide or less? I'm looking at RC4WD and the ones that caught my eye are listed as 37mm wide but I'm not sure if that is to match the rim or if its the overall width as the tyres do roll out wider at one part. Anyone have any ideas? Either of the above would be perfect but at 37mm and 38mm wide might not be an option?