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  1. I love the creativity and thought gone into these! Borg and Pixal have to be my favorite ones!
  2. Hello everyone, after two years of working on this MOC, my Borg Tower is finally complete. It is built upon 4 baseplates and is 3 feet and 10 inches tall (1.17 meters). My references used were primarily from seasons 8,9 and 10, however, Borg tower in the series changes its appearance every few seasons, specifically the top part. I decided to integrate both versions of Borg tower to make it feel cohesive. LEGO Ninjago Borg Tower MOC by monopunks, on Flickr Not a huge fan of the bottom part of the tower but I'm waiting for lego to one day make the new pointed wedge plate in dark bluish gray to make the angles smoother! Borg Tower (additional images) by monopunks, on Flickr Borg's office was tricky to do in the cramped space! Borg Tower (additional images) by monopunks, on Flickr This is the area where Llloyd fights Mr. E and the SOG right at the beginning of season 8. It's only seen in seasons 8 and 10. Borg Tower (additional images) by monopunks, on Flickr I imagine this is what it was like when Garmadon and Harumi stormed Borg tower in-between seasons 8 and 9! Borg Tower (additional images) by monopunks, on Flickr I also have a video showing more detailed views of the interior! Thank you for viewing!
  3. Such creative use for the head parts! Love it’s shaping too.