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  1. Axelford, you have my vote since Eljay mentioned your creation during his podcast ;) Honestly, if any system series really deserve to get an Anniversary set, it should be Adventures. We had Space Police 3 not very long ago- in 2009, Pirates of Caribbean in 2011, Castle themed series around 2009 too. All those sets were aviable about 10 years ago. Some callbacks to them were present in LEGO Movie series too. But there wasn't so many series about exploring ancient temples connected to the culture of Egypt, India etc. Maybe you had sometching of chinese architecture in Ningago. Last time we've seen Johny Thunder or Lord Sinister, it was in 2003. In times of original Indiana Jones trilogy, exploring and artifact-hunting were much more present in LEGO stories, nowdays, everything looks this way: one motive (ninja, animals, cyber-knights etc) is choosen by LEGO and gets weird wehicles, TV series, motive of collecting some kind of weapons or crystals and lasts three years, when LEGO decides to continue or finish those series. It would be great to see series out of those scheme. I'd be happy to see Bionicle-themed anniversary set, but i would sacrifice this chance only to get an access to CCBS parts. And Johny Thunder really deserves to come back :)
  2. From what I noticed, many Bionicle fans actually doesn't even care in LEGO will create Bionicle-themed anniversary set. I would rather say, they're almost sure that Bio won't be choosen even if it would, miraculously, absolutely dominated other three. LEGO will choose system set no mater how voting will end up. The fight is about something else. About access to parts. How many technic series we have at the moment? LEGO Technic and LEGO Mindstorms (the second one includes actually only one cheap set with even cool parts). LEGO always had two main building categories (three if you'll separate Duplo from System). There was system and technic. The second one exists in form of real life vehicles but has potential to be used many more ways. Just look at 2001 Rahi. Whole conflict is a result of fact that Bionicle fans have to non-stop proving that they're around to getting sets, when system is always around. Maybe not in form of Space, Pirates or Castle but you can build a spaceship using parts from LEGO City plane etc., when to build your own Toa, you need one of sets that are not produced since mentioned last wave of Star Wars figures. It's not possible to meet everyone's expecations. Many Bio fans hates CCBS what could kill Bionicl G3 if it will ever happen. That's why in my opinion, a patent with mixes of bricks in jars/boxes could be a perfect solution to satisfy at least part of people. Conflict won't end up but more conciliatory people will be less desperate if fight will be about just a LEGO theme, not about existence of whole building system.
  3. There's a big problem with LEGO Ideas: you cannot use parts that aren't produced anymore. Bio fans prefer technic builds over system. And CCBS hasn't evolved enough to create a project that will be easly able to get 10k. But look at Sokoda's diorama- it collected 10k fastest in whole LEGO Ideas history. Just wasn't choosen by LEGO. And G1 ended in almost perfect moment for new fans to came, by introducing us to new planet and new characters. If G2 used that instead of rebooting beloved series by replacing and making everything (exept sets, they were great) worse, G2 could be almost as successful as Ninjago. It's sad that because of terrible marketing and poorly written storyline, it ended after two years.
  4. Lira_Bricks LEGO have destroyed moulds necessary to produce G1 parts, and making new ones is expensive for them so if they do anything, it will be return of CCBS with at best few new parts. I'd like to see old parts too, but if it's impossible, it will be good to get anything. Btw. year or two more and Bionicle G2 could really be great, building system really evolved after HF. And started to include more and more technic parts.
  5. For me, prices aren't so problematic, but there are people that do not buying sets/bricks in the Internet. That's why I think, it should be made possible to buy CCBS in physical shops in the form of jars/boxes filled with mixed parts like it's done with LEGO Classic. Especially, when, after LEGO destroying moulds, CCBS parts will be more expensive and harder to find each year. Situation with 2015-16 parts is much worse than G1 part's, because they were aviable often on only one set, maximally in 6. Many people voting for Bionicle is doing it just to ensure that LEGO will bring back some series themed around buildable figures. Chima ended, HF ended, Bionicle ended, Super Heroes weren't too good, SW ended... since last wave of SW action figures, there's no single set allowing Bio fans to get parts from a physical toy shop. And yes, danth, you're right, but system parts are aviable all the time in almost every single set exept LEGO Duplo or Technic. CCBS not, so Bio fans are fighting to remind LEGO that they're still existing. That's why LEGO has a great opportunity to calm both sides of conflict. One will get Space set, second will be able to buy necessary parts. Anniversary set isn't as much important for Bionicle fans as what it will represent.
  6. As we all know, vote caused a conflict between Bionicle fans and System fans. The main reason is fact that all of Top 4 series (exept Bionicle) have already some great sets. LEGO Pirates fans have 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay set, LEGO Space fans have 70816 Benny's Spaceship and 21109 Exo-Suit. Fans of Castle series have 21325 Medieval Blacksmith and I'm sure, we'll see some kind of Castle-themed series soon, even without voting. What about LEGO Bionicle fans? After cutting short its story in 2010, and waiting 5 years for proper continuation, LEGO created a reboot that failed in many ways. But gave us great parts to creating MOCs. Unfortunatelly, Bionicle G2 ended in 2017 and since that, it's really hard to get any pieces for normal price. Remnants of LEGO Star Wars buildable figures are expensive cause of license and Bricklink is the only place where we can get CCBS parts now. Bionicle fans are affraid that LEGO will soon destroy moulds from G2, making impossible for us to get bricks like 24189, 24190, 24191 or 20474 that were great for building MOCs. The conflict will increase until LEGO start caring about Bionicle fans. If LEGO doesn't want to give us new sets, it should at least release some jars with CCBS parts in three size variants: Matoran, Toa and Titan, which will contain skeleton parts, shells (not only in standard colors, but sand-green, purple etc. too), weapons, technic joints, technic panels and recolored masks that will allow us to reforge our anger into creativity. Bionicle has great potential to create action figures, giant fantasy creatures and vehicles with lot of technic functions. But it's hard to build MOCs without parts. If there's a LEGO theme like LEGO Classic, we can have LEGO CCBS too. I know, part of system fans doesn't care, but what about you, Bionicle fans? Do you think, there's a chance for CCBS jars or we'll continue to buying sets like Corvette ZR1 just to have parts to create another Rahi? :p