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  1. dysnomia

    Future Castle Sets?

    I have high hopes for this set, but basically as a part pack. Since I'ts a 3 in 1 it has to have versatile parts and that will be great for MOCs. I'm not expecting many figures, comparing it to last year's pirate ship we'd have a king (the captain) two soldiers (the crew) and a skeleton, that is, if they chose to keep a 1:1 relation between the 2 sets, but I don't see a reason to do so, so there could be more figures or there could be less, however, all the creator sets available as of now have at most 4 minifigures, and that is rare and reserved to the largest ones, so It might be a good bet. In terms of build I hope most of the parts are reserved for the castle proper, but I expect there will also be secondary build such as horses, siege engines or a dragon.
  2. dysnomia

    [MOC] Deep Space Nine

    Thank you for your kind words! The build is indeed possible in real life (I built a prototype with some part and color substitutions to adjust to what I had to make sure). I don't think anyone will be building it tho, becasue apparently the 6x6 dish in DBG only came in one set all the way back in 2004, but It's good to have something to share with the community.
  3. dysnomia

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    There is also the hare and otter from the room of requirement. That makes 5, like the new ones you mentioned for this year.
  4. dysnomia

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    No, but if they see something that is clearly a non-minifigure head on a torso they suspect It's not valid? Regardless that wasn't the stated reason to reject the submission. I hadn't even seen the doll. Bricklink's part designer does allow to put printing on that part, you might want to try using that.
  5. dysnomia

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I don't see any non Lego elements there since they said green minifigure instead of green hair perhaps they meant Perry's hat? He does look kind of green-ish, but he uses a Lego element, so he should be fine. The only reason I could imagine for them rejecting the project is the way you connect the heads to the torso, LDD does not allow those type of connections, so it could be an illegal connection. But they didn't mention it so I don't know what it could be. This was posted as I was writing my answer to your previous post. I'd say It's worth a shot, after all, It's the Idea that matters, and now that Lego makes new molds for Ideas sets if they want to change it in the future it's not much of an issue. Good luck!
  6. I've just now seen this news for the first time, and am very surprised about the Columbia choice. Could it be a misunderstanding? I imagine the instructions for this set will have information about the actual shuttle, and it's impossible to talk about Columbia without addressing the disaster, so at least I hope they have contacted the families of the astronauts that died to let them know they are doing this. Perhaps Columbia is just a placeholder name and the final set will be a different shuttle? Or something different entirely, although I think that's unlikely, because at 200$ it has to be something very iconic, and the only other thing I feel could work at this price point is the ISS, which has already been available, and at a much lower price. As for the Ideas contest it seems they are just doing it because the previous one was successful? The timing is indeed strange, having the contest either when the shuttle releases or with enough time to have the GWP available when it releases would have made more sense, I think.
  7. dysnomia

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I seriously doubt it. Most of their customer's wouldn't even know about the leaks, and I don't think leaks make people more likely to buy a set (in fact, I think the opposite might be true, when early images of sets are leaked negative opinions can be dominant, see the medieval blacksmith). And while this is not the case we've seen leaks of figs/sets based on upcoming movies and those can cause Lego a lot of trouble. Ad for not removing them I think I'ts simply not possible now, so they just try to contain them as much as possible.
  8. dysnomia

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I'm not too worried about that. I don't think Lego will celebrate their 90th anniversary with only one set. We'll probably see throwbacks and promotions throughout the year, and amongst all that a "fan's all-time favourite theme" set.
  9. dysnomia

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Honestly, if goats can go for 40+$ on bricklink anything is possible. Privet drive had two floors, was somewhat deep and had the ford Anglia. The Hogsmade buildings could just be one floor each with a plate-built ceiling (instead of the slopes of Privet Drive) and perhaps not as deep. That could still provide some nice facades to display and a bit of space on the inside for details such as a counter and tables. But only time will tell.
  10. dysnomia

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    That makes sense. Although having two similar 100+€ sets at the same time is quite different than having two cars available at the same time in different sets. I guess Lego must have a lot of faith in the theme (which is good). Also, it seems the sets will continue to have great value for money in terms of builds, parts and figures, which is great.
  11. dysnomia

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Honestly I'd love that. I'ts one of my favourtie sets and an expansion would be fantastic. The anniversary sets sound interesting too. It makes sense they'd go back to the first movies for them. I'm not too sure how the gold minifigs will look like but they could be interesting. It's good to finally see lego revisit Hogmsade, It's one of the main things I've wanted since I first heard about the reboot. The strangest choice for me is the great hall, the last one they made is still available.
  12. dysnomia

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I agree. Some of the projects never stood a chance, but I feel a few of them could have made It. At this point I assume most ideas get rejected because of budget issues, rather than the ideas not being profitable enough. On the other hand the Ideas products have been getting bigger and bigger, and recently the no new moulds rule was broken, so Lego has clearly increased their budget for Ideas. When they finish working out the details for the Bricklink designer program I wouldn't be surprised if we end up getting more products from there than actual Ideas sets (at least with batches as large as this last one).
  13. dysnomia

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Even if Lego chose Bionicle I don't think fans would get what they want. From what I've seen (here and on the Ideas website) most people want either closure for the theme itself or constraction sets in general. While I don't know much about Bionicle's story I seriously doubt one single set can finish it properly. And of course people who want more constraction sets in general would still want more (just like castle and pirates fans also want more sets despite having some recent sets). However, I do think that Bionicle's success in the vote might have a chance at catching Lego's attention and they might try again with the concept. Perhaps not enough to start a new theme, but enough to add a constraction line to an existing theme like they tried with super heroes and Star Wars. I think Ninjago would be a good choice for that since it has plenty of characters that would make good constraction sets.
  14. dysnomia

    [MOC] Deep Space Nine

    Built by the Cardassian Union this space station had a key role in the Dominion war. I wanted to make a build that was not too large but was still recognizable. It uses a total of 404 parts. Originally I wanted the entire station to be dark bluish gray with dark tan accents, however, some of the parts were not available in dark bluish gray so I made them light bluish gray instead and removed the dark Tan. I feel it looks closer to the mirror universe version of the station, because of the dome brick used at the top. Ideally, I would have used the 2x2 cone piece used for R-5 droids in Star Wars, but that it does not exist in dark bluish gray and I felt it didn't look good in the lighter colour. If you're interested, I've also uploaded the MOC on rebricklable (with free instructions).