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  1. dirkberlin

    Repairing a Technic Figure

    Hey sorry, I had to highjack this thread. I know it's old, but there is not much out there to the topic repairing a technic figure, so this is way up in google. I recently get a broken figure, arm was broken like the one of the thread opener. One leg was broken the connection for the leg. I had to learn a few things. In bricklink there are no technic figure inventory, it count as one piece. So you can not buy parts of them. Of course there are parts: a head a torso the hip 4 arm pieces 2 hands 2 feets 1 left and 1 right upper leg 2 down legs The head is a ball joint, which can more or less be plugged out. The legs are on balljoints on the hip, so easy remove. Allthough the feet. The Arms are pressed in linke the nomal minifig hand connection. upper and lower arm are the same pieces. For me this pressed in pin was broken and the rest of it will stuck on the shoulder. I tried several things, but the easiest (but not that easy) was to remove the head an push the rest inside the shoulder. Wenn removed I replaced the hole arm with a nother one. For the leg I tried to seperate the upper and the lower leg from each one. I failed. The lower leg is clipped on the upper by 2 strong noses on the upper leg. I failed to open it with narrow knifes, finally I used a saw to remove the broken lower leg. So for this it was no solution for a sparepart, a changed the hole leg. I noticed that brickowl has single spare parts of the technic fig, but the offer was few. I found less at ebay, but where lucky a some local announce. But the leg hat wrong color low leg. With shipping it is nearly to cheap offer of the whole fig at bricklink. But may be differ by fig or terms of the shop. Cause I want repair this guy and not store it for future replacement. I like this figs. Another sorry, but hope my 2 cents will help other with same problems.
  2. Yeah, I've got very lucky, cause I find this stuff in the basement of a good friend, who had no interesst in lego anymore. Was a surprice, typical boxes of mixed lego, no clue that there was a big spaceship inside. But this ship is very technical and full of air, when I had to choose, I think the Space Police 2 Galactic Mediator is the better construction for money. But both are lots of money. Tried once to build all the old space stuff on studio, cause most stuff never getting in real.
  3. Thanks. But a strong modification is no option. I am a lame guy, who is buildung exacly like the instruction. That's the point, where this mess begun. I wondered the gap, shortly after building it, when laying on the couch with this ship in front of me on the couch table. I changed it to the photo of the manual, by shifting the 1x2 plates. It's the way, in which I remember this ship most time of my life. I could not believe, that I am the first one, to see this. So I thought I notify an old well known problem of a faulty manual version, which is conserved by the scans of it.
  4. I noticed a gap under the windscreen in my building. I checked it with a earlier digital build and the instruction: Yes a gap. Because of the position of the to black 1x2 plates on the blue wedge cutout plates, sample: instruction step 13: https://letsbuilditagain.com/instructions/6986/ When lookig at the product picture you will see no cap and 3 free knobs on right and maybe on left side: Because I am a little late with this ship, is there any known error in picture or instruction. or some newer revision of the manual (have none, used brickinstruction)
  5. dirkberlin

    The Martian on LEGO IDEAS

    I hope they add a sticker with a dead lcd screen laptop. Nice work, but in space year a hard choice. supported.
  6. dirkberlin

    Galaxy Explorer (10497) - How well did it sell?

    In Germany it was limited to only one reseller (Smyth). The Discounts where upto 20-25%. Have no clue, what the lego idea was. Maybe it was never planned as a topseller, especially for kids, maybe it was a test for the upcoming space year (if its true). Maybe it was a fan service for the AFOL retro guys like me. I bought it lately. When it was clear that it will be short EOL, got fomo. And a friend haved bought it, and he liked it much. My plan is to build it as an advent calendar.
  7. Yes of course, but there are not listed in the inventory. Now I build the modell, maybe I get are practical clue. Update: builded it. The inventory list on last page is for model A not very helpful. A lot of lots are 1 or 2 pieces to high. About more then 10 pieces. Liftarm black 7, 15, red 15, some axles, red pins. At the end the Truck missed really to minor pieces (and a few silver ones)
  8. dirkberlin

    Why is Bricklink down?

    Would not be surprised, if the whole system is broken fatally. Bricklink was a good single-person-job. But I don't know how deep is lego in this code. Maybe we get a relaunch, when lego is working on this. But maybe lego bought bricklink only for goodwell (or data/statistics), then it will be ugly. The no-info policy is no good sign.
  9. dirkberlin

    [MOC] Pumpkin Harvest in Fabuland

    Cool use of old fabuparts with the newer ones. I like that you used the old roof parts especially.
  10. Checked it twice and my wife looked although. I have the manual from the second version with 6 silver tires. That is that thing what I hated with the inventory of technic sets, there are parts for B/C Modells and for optional motorized kits. But a tile? I doubt it is an extra. The round 1x1 tiles are all in even numbers and used even.
  11. Sorry for the ridiculous question. I recently bought a used set of this tow truck. Obviously it loused some parts, some where replaced. But I often missed 1 part of many. Is there a bulk of pieces for the B-modell? I tried to find for example the tile modified grille. There are 28, but in the inventory there are 29. But in both A and B I only find the use in the front with the 28. How? There is a short list, up to 15-length liftarm in black and red. Unfurtunattaly I don't find any ldd or io file in the web. Bricklik is broken. Now I don't know if I need this parts. Maybe anyone remember. thanks.
  12. dirkberlin

    [MOC] Classic Spaceman as Maxifigure

    I get recently the parts for the alternate version with boosters, and moced a harry figure. And finally get it, why the harry has a 4-length-bar inside the torso, and hermine not. That managed a small gap for the arms and body for the coat. So I removed it with the models. Still used the old brick piece, cause the new will a future thing.
  13. dirkberlin

    [MOC] Classic Spaceman as Maxifigure

    Yes that will be the key part for a lot of classic minifig mocs on this base. I'm asking my self, what lego will present as future maxminifigs. It could be the start of a new series, now there are 4 (Hermine, Harry, Redbeard and now this). The only thing what could against a big series: Price and mostly same building technique. Maybe I will redesign my manuel of the red spaceman wenn this set is released and the partlist is online. Should be a good start. maybe 40% of parts? I hope there will be some good gwp for buying this guy. The faceprint will be become availible in pib in month?
  14. dirkberlin

    Lunar Magneto-train

    Some vibes of the Captain Future Spaceship:
  15. dirkberlin

    [MOC] Classic Spaceman as Maxifigure

    The round base on the Red is technical the neckpart of the air-tanks, but not connected with the airtank to make the head turnable. Like said before, for the eyes and mouth there is no easy solution because no cool parts. But now I see what you mean, the helmet ist of course edgy. Maybe I can fix it I reworked the face a lite bit, it's now a half stud in front to make the "head" bigger in the helmet. And changed the dark tan plates on the planet with pearl gold Edit2: So I did it a bit edgier. You were right, its more like the original. I used a ruler and to some math with the eyes. The old minifig eyes are nearly 1 mm printed. The figure is 1:6 so target 6 mm. A open stud (bar into snod element) is to narrow, 3 mm. Nearly the right size is the thick end of a technic pin, so maybe a 1x1 technic brick with pin and maybe bar inside is a sizeful element. But don'nt know if it looks good. The tile is ~7.4 mm. Yes to big, but not complete out of box. Harmonie's print is something bigger than 8 mm. Tried the Technic Pin Building, the size is better, it's more even with face level, but it's something creepy