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  1. Why was the summer wave so short lived in Australia? Was it due to supply issues from COVID or do waves just retire super quickly? I’m confused since all the other waves are fine but those sets from the summer wave are just gone
  2. I wonder why that is. Was that a one time covid thing or does it happen all the time with summer waves Thanks for the advice though. I agree that the 501st battlepack and AAT were driven by Mashable figures, so people were buying multiples of them. This wave though I hope I can get the sets I want since they aren’t massable on the same scale as the 501st battlepack and AAT
  3. Okay, sorry. I just assumed that's how it works since they use so many one time use moulds for the disney star wars movies but still reuse innacurate moulds for other things
  4. Probably budgeting. I assume Disney gives LEGO a bigger budget for movies rather than TV Shows How long do you guys think the Summer sets will be out for in Australia? Last summer most sets became hard or impossible to find after Christmas, so I am wondering whether I should get sets like the Bad Batch Shuttle and Mandalorian Starfighter (which are surely going to be popular) on day 1 or if I can wait to get them on clearance.
  5. Exactly. He might not have the most desirable personality traits for some and he might not always make the best decisions, he is still a person and I do enjoy his reviews about 85% of the time. a quick question, why doesn’t LEGO show some of the double sided faces on reveals? I know it’s a small thing but we know Hunter and Bo Katan have double sided faces from leaks but they aren’t shown in the reveals.
  6. I like to use my figure for lightsaber battles but after a while the hands get loose. Is there any way to increase the friction on the hands so it doesn't twist so quickly? Thanks
  7. Didn't they use it for the Rise of Voldemort set
  8. Woohoo new set leaks! I will see them tomorrow as a reward for getting through the week and finishing my assesment
  9. Not in Australia tho... What does LEGO have against us?
  10. They re-released it for the switch and PS4, maybe they want everyone to know their story before introducting them in Bad Batch
  11. Has anyone noticed the BB shuttle BARC speeder is slightly different from the 501st one? The triangle part at the front is 2 pieces instead of 1, the landing gear type pieces on the sides are different and the back has no guns.
  12. With the UCS gunship, I think it's a bit sad to see how they asked the fans what figures they want but throw in Mace Windu and a Captain. I think the "It's from episode 2" argument is dumb because the Gunship is so iconic across II, Clone Wars and III. In the grand scheme of things tho, it is just 2 figures and I don't care about Cody. I am annoyed that there aren't pilots. How come lego never has enough troopers to fill out vehicles?