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  1. BigA_7

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    So I tried putting Princess Leila’s head (from the Tantive 4 and X Wing sets) on Sylvie and surprisingly it suits her really well and is way better than the official head
  2. BigA_7

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    So I think my CMF Wanda figure is misprinted but on they don't even offer replacements since it's a minifigure series... are there any cheap alternatives?
  3. BigA_7

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I just got the CMF Wanda figure and there are a few lines of silver reflective printing on her left side but not on her right. I haven't found anything similar online, is this normal?
  4. I'm building the bad batch shuttle and I don't like how those technic pieces on the bottoms of the wings are light grey... it really sticks out and it would have been great if they were just moulded in black. I don't get why lego does stuff like that and throws contrasting and sometimes random colours onto builds, with hidden technique stuff its understandable but for stuff like that on the bottom of the wing, its annoying since they have already moulded that piece in black before
  5. Get ready for Mandr to be pissed off despite having no proof that Jar Jar had the most votes or any confirmation that the vote would be the actual set...
  6. First of all, just because you whine about wanting something doesn't mean you always get it. I don't know how the process works at lego, but I'm pretty sure they don't just look at the comments on an Mandr video and slap the most requested figure into their next set. There are a number of unseen factors that go into play to determine what they do and don't make. Second of all, it takes time. The 501st battlepack is solid proof that lego does listen to their fans, but it does take time for sets to go through the entire process. Lastly, what excessive OT stuff? This whole summer wave only has one OT set and is a love letter to the Mandalorian, Clone Wars and Bad Batch. Yeah, the January wave was filled with OT remakes but this isn't always about the hardcore fans. There are some casual fans who can't afford the expensive X Wings/ Tie Fighters or wasn't into lego at the time, and the January wave gave much more affordable versions for those who missed out. It's really sad how this wave has so many amazing parts in the sets and figures, but some people only focus on the negatives.
  7. I'm building the Bad Batch shuttle and decided not to add the tiles and box in the back compartment. With this minor modification, I can now squeeze 4 figures in the back, or 2 figures and the gonk. This tiny mod makes the set so much better in my eyes.
  8. I did see a couple of mods on reddit, one which used other parts and one which used just the parts from the set and from what I can tell a lot of space can be added by making a hallway.
  9. True, but I think there is a bit of selfishness/inconsideration there. For lego, it doesn't matter what the limit is or whether most people can buy the set, as long as they sell all their stock. However, making the limit so high makes it almost impossible for most people to get it. They might not be greedy, but just really inconsiderate to the average consumer
  10. It's such a shame though, I usually don't like to complain about lego and say they don't care about their fans, but the way they are handling the 501st battle pack in Australia is so annoying. For some reason, the limit is 15 per consumer, because they care more about money than the average consumer guess. As well as this, they seem to have 0 stock at all and only restock it every few months where it immediately sells out, practically making the set retired. This is the same for basically every other summer set from last year too. It's come to the point where I have to stress to get the Summer 2021 sets ASAP just to be safe, which kinda ruins the experience. Part of the magic for lego for me is walking into a store and going "wow, I want that set" but I haven't found any of the 2020 Summer sets on shelves after the first month it came out. Sorry about the little rant, I just really want lego to get their stock issues together.
  11. Yeah, this is the first wave in a while where I love every set, especially given that there are only 2 remakes, which have different contexts/figures to the original sets
  12. Thanks, I'll try buying even if there's a chance they will cancel it
  13. The 501st battlepack was just in stock again in Australia, but dissapeared. Why the hell is the limit 15?
  14. Yeah, I'm surprised, especially since the limit on most sets is FIFTEEN. I'm hopeful for better stock too, so hopefully, I don't have to stress about sets retiring super early before I can get what I want.