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  1. Much better image of the set. Looks fantastic. Outside of greebling, this is the best version yet.
  2. Honestly the tank is fine. The detail tradeoff for a larger vehicle with room for more than one figure is acceptable. Kinda reminds me of the 2008 set. Those large slopes on the side needed at least some kind of sticker detail to look less bland.
  3. A post on the usual leak place claims, with a picture, that we will be getting a new "force ghost" element this year, sized to fit with most hair and hood elements. It's a trans-light blue shell design with two spots for minifigure hands to hold on to.
  4. Rystall Sant needed a new hair mold or something. The part they went with is not only the wrong color, but the shape is completely off and there's no depiction of the signature horns on her face.
  5. There are rumors that the upcoming Razor Crest Microfighter will have a new kind of shooter, and not the stud shooters we're used to seeing.
  6. 75322 is a Hoth AT-ST and will retail for $60 according to a reliable source in the usual place. I imagine this will come with a small side-build at that price point.
  7. DrCoomer

    Seinfeld Lego Ideas Discussion

    Does George have the regular minifig legs? He should really have the medium legs. He's a shorter character in the show.
  8. LEGOCON set reveal is the Moff Gideon Cruiser. Slave I and the Trexler are also on the scene.
  9. For some reason, the entry for 75312 on LEGO's customer service site (https://www.lego.com/en-us/service/buildinginstructions/75312) calls the set "Boba Fett's Starship" and not the Slave I. Please don't tell me that's going to be the official name for this.
  10. Meditation Chamber looks amazing for the scale! Hope it won't have any major availability issues; I hope to pick this up day 1.
  11. Kinda blows that the cockpit window is a red sticker and not a transparent piece. The shuttle overall looks fine. I love the sand blue color and the shape of the thing. The BARC is just boring and looks like the same design as the 501st one just with more bland colors. The lime one has a cool design but the color is so bright and doesn't contrast well next to the other vehicles. The figures look excellent and I'm sure they'll be the sole reason most people get this set. As for me, $100 is tough to swallow for this. I will most likely wait for a sale on Amazon or something.
  12. The 2018 Imperial Landing Craft did something similar with the stud shooters (and I'm noticing many similarities between the construction of the tops of both cockpits now too), however that set used larger wedge plates to fill in the space and it looks far better.
  13. Looking at the head-on image it really doesn't look too bad, but any other angle and it sticks out very poorly. It doesn't look like the pilot gets any controls or steering either. Definitely a step down from 2015 in the cockpit area; everything else looks pretty good.
  14. This certainly is not the first time we've gotten a UCS set with disappointing minifigs (UCS Star Destroyer, TIE Fighter etc.) They could have done more there of course, but the main attraction should be the ship itself, so I will hold judgement until we have pictures.