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  1. I hesitated a lot how to make the arrow slots. I know it should be way round for better protection. But for some reason it looks much more plesent this way, giving walls depth. I actually forgot of this year's release dates in US. Plus, believed Eurobricks was more of the European resource. Though I guess it won large popularity overseas. Looking forward for US guys to share their works! I guess I will not rebuild it same way. It was an interesting task using limited set of bricks, but I am not sure this is worth repeating. Next one will use all my bricks collection) Funny thing. We got internet shop (in Russia) where this set is 52% off. Even though it is a new set. Guess cause they sell sets with damaged boxes as many comments say. Though both mine were decent.
  2. Dear Eurobricks builders. Once 31120 was announced, I was thinking, as many of you, of what could come out of combining 2 or 3 sets, as creator implies and encourages own creations. Then I saw Grand Castle by Wurger49. It is a very detailed mod or upscaling of the original set. By that time I had one copy of the set. So I bought second one and decided to build a castle, but not to stick to the original layout. I could not get rid of the tower corners design, as there are so many l-b-gray 1*1s, plus it looks nice). It is already a month or so since I finished it. It was partially destroyed 2-3 times by my kids and cats). Now, that our relatives come to visit, I need to free the room and destroy it. I could not do it without taking pictures). So I decided to share them with you. I used ONLY pieces from two sets. Though in the pictures there are 4 extra minifigs from the blacksmith (mostly) visiting the castle. We were waiting for the castle sets so long that I am surprised there are not that many mods. Castle is build modular. With gate tower, over the river tower, great hall, and several tower/wall sections. I had extra pieces left for a small blacksmith and tree with a well/fountain as side builds. Unfortunately not that much of interior in wall sections. Link to album https://flic.kr/s/aHsmWgtioj
  3. Do not forget it got chicken and rabbit! This is a good farm set (4 animas total if we do not count Mickey). I will buy 3 minimum)
  4. I guess after reading all the general vore related thread, I know for sure why bio fans do not stick with system fans. They are like the pieces they use. It is written Lego on them, but they just cannot be attached to the regular studs of Lego blocks... I guess Durazno33 opened this thread in historical section to discuss the level of unfairness that castle was treated with. As according to the article he refers to 27k unique users voted for at least one castle theme while bio has 17k total vote and should not even be there. But as all this was already covered so many times it is indeed better close this topic as duplicate.
  5. It has indeed been said quite a lot. About the awful job someone did organising the vote. All sorts of incorrectness of the vote: Starting by split of space and castle not into 4-5 but to 6 subthemes each and pirates in two. Awful picture bio got to represent itself Missing some other themes And obviously questioning the decision to make just one set. I personally believe there are 4 classic themes: castle, space, pirates and town. Just look at old catalogues. All 40+ years old. And only town being still produced under city name. So choice here should be between castle, space and pirates. Sorry or not but bio does not represent Lego for majority of the fans. So the best solution would have been imo to make set for each of the great 3. It is noone's turn. No theme is greater than the other. So organizers should do a real good math and thinking considering aggregation of themes and counting the unique users after aggregation. We will soon find out what they might come out with. As any decision should have reasoning which organisation totally lacks.
  6. I really wonder where they take info from... I did not see the open results at Lego ideas. And would really like to do so. And yes, this is exactly what I have described in my post, though did not have these numbers. If Lego does not analyze results and aggregate them, then Castle is out. And according to your numbers it is 27k Vs 17 top bio has now. Which is totally wrong thing to do. Even though it really might loose to space if it goes further. That is why it would be great to have results like in excel to do the math...
  7. Old-mf

    Future Castle Sets?

    Why should they use some licence stuff which brings on restrictions and increases final price, when they have their own theme? While general interest increases, we still do not even have rumours of castle line. Though Lego might be just tasting things out with pirates and castle 3 in 1 sets.
  8. Old-mf

    Future Castle Sets?

    I am not speaking here of the vote that is on out there. I am speaking of the fact, that there is nothing that might stop Lego from making a castle theme. There are tons of pieces great for Castle. There are still molds for several shield types, several sword types, as well as armor and helmets, hats and hoods. There are still horses. Just put there nice coats of arms and there will be crowds of happy castle fans! There is like absolutely no need for new molds. They are nice to have, but not a must. And only thing stopping Lego making new castle waves is their own wish. Or greed... If there are other options out there making more profit Will sets with so wanted castle figures sell like 501 that SW fans whined / demanded / prayed out of Lego? I would go for those if produced... In multiples... EDIT: just make it one / two figures from one faction. Falcons / dragons / lion / forest / wolves and so on
  9. Old-mf

    Future Castle Sets?

    It is not similar. It is exactly the thing... These are first sets that came for five years or so... Apart from that castle got only 2 figures of knights from cmfs and semi-castle builds from HP. But none of the environment like farm or fantasy creatures. No villagers that could make the scenary... No any popular faction knights... So blacksmith is the first castle set in a while. With so little figures / creatures. This is not a wave of sets... While castle fans are used to building / moding existing sets, we still need population... So I personally hope for farmland and tournament sets that could create scene for heroic castle action... EDIT: We got centaurs and Ninjago Eastern dragons which do not fit quite well. Maybe last bone dragon does for fantasy. But yes. Bionicle got none... And I do understand that counting hero factory as Bionicle is like counting frozen dog's presents an ice-cream...
  10. I am really upset by one thing. That this vote brings quarrel into the what should be united community of Lego fans. And here is why this happens: as many times mentioned, the most popular themes were split. This caused them to get much less vote. Now here is the question: why lots of people are not happy with bionicle getting into top 3 themes? The answer is simple, because it is not. And here is why: About bionicle... I cannot say I like it. I cannot say I dislike it. It is there. It has passionate fans, which is great. I started with 5 killo of broken lego in 91 with blacktron ship and a pirate ship inside. And one of the first sets I bought myself was bionicle (though never bought it since). I do not find most of the parts useful for myself. But from time to time it is nice to make a mech out of bio or hero factory sets. I appreciate what it did to lego and that it is opportunity to make something different with lego pieces. But here is the truth. Most of FOL do not care for these pieces. They are integrated into lego system, though they are not the same. They look and feel different. I personally think they may be useful for dendroid creatures in fantasy castle, mechs in space and creatures in any action themes like Ninjago, Monkey kid or Chima... But it is still niche. I saw only one good use of it outside the actual theme... General Grievous because he is robot! The vote says there are 11% for bio. I would say 15%. As others split their choices while many bio fans had one vote. Which means more in total no of unique users. I used 3 votes for castle. This does not mean 3 people voted for it. All this makes me believe there is more (than 11%). And I would not trust haters saying they used bots. As I myself registered there only for this vote. I had acc on lego but not on ideas part. I voted not for bio and I am not one of a kind. So there are about 10-15% of lego fans who like it. That is wonderful and they should get sets from time to time... But imagine this. What would have happened, if vote was organized by people who understood AFOLs who they are aiming at? We would have choice between aggregated themes like pirates, space, adventures, castle, and bionicle among others... Who would have received votes? I would have voted then Castle, Pirates and Space or Adventures! Even I am castle fan, I would be glad to see and buy any of these... And many space and pirates fans would opt for castle as well... This would have shown real picture of what is popular (and could be sold)! No matter how I like bionicle I would never buy a BIG 18+ set! And so will most of system AFOLs which seem to be at least 80% of voters. Which will make most probably Space, Castle and Pirates/adventures most popular themes. The conclusion is that 80% of people do not like that bionicle takes place of some other theme, they might want to see in the top 3 list! Not because they do not like Bionicle... Not because they do not like you or bio community. Majority will vote anything but Bionicle if Lego decides to pass it to round 2. I will personally do so. And not because I do not like it, but because I want something else. And I really do not want bio fans to get offended. Lego neglects them more than others. It is like being a Tition Lannister in Lego family! Look at the picture they got for the vote! Lego does not make much new stuff for my beloved castle, but they are making nothing for bio fans. So they should get at least a hug from the rest of Lego themes fans, and not giving them hard times for Lego choices... Lego really messed up this vote and opportunities the whole situation gives them! I really hope some of them is following the discussions they brought up and making conclusions. They need to make really careful calculations, thinking and choices not to drop the ball. As many have said, the best outcome could have been set for each major theme! Bio too. I would buy my son a small bio set if they made one. But sure I would like Castle for myself. The other thought I had was if I were a dedicated Lego bio fan and successful businessman, I would love to discuss some form of franchise to be able my all times favourite theme to resurrect! But I am neither... Sorry for such a long post. But I have been lurking in eurobricks for years, and only this topic made me register.
  11. Totally agree. They split Castle and Space fans into seven categories each! So in fact half of all themes 14/30 will be Castle and Space! I would not think that they will go for aggregation of the results. So this indeed works as dirty elections with multiple candidates to draw the votes. As if lego would not like these themes. Uniting them into one Would give more options for other themes like Western, Indiana Jones or Monster Fighters (though this one is not too classic I guess). And yes... Why just one?