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  1. My order just arrived today! We drove an R72 round with a V100 and some wagons and had a ball. Thank you @michaelgale! W00t! :D
  2. The thing is, that w/o DCC, you can only control one train per track at a time, making it inferior (in this regard) to basically all other L-gauge systems (be it TLG or 3rd party). You would have to power a control system like PFx/TLG IR/MK/etc. that are subpar in that they must use another medium of communication than your metal rails. I am thinking more about putting a separate power pickup in every passenger wagon to have working lights in there w/o having a wire run from wagon to wagon. And then of course control them individually via DCC along all the other accessorizes from signals to switch points. I'd expect Michael to make the pickup wheel more like his motor in such that it has an optional DCC controller on board that you can disable via dip switch or something.
  3. Black Knight

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Yes, I think for TLG, trains are "a total failure" -- in terms of how much revenue they generate in comparison with their other products. Will they retire it entirely? Eventually yes; but once you let go completely, it is very hard to bring back, so they might drag it on. The market for "LEGO" trains is meanwhile in the hands of third parties: From Big Ben Bricks over FX Bricks, TrixBrix, BrickTracks to BlueBrixx and several Chinese companies. So TLG does have a decent amount of competition in this market segment, making it even less interesting for them. I think they will continue to push licensed products as those have the highest margins and are hardest to compete against -- unlike generic themes like pirates, technic, space or trains. TLGs legal protection has expired for basically everything but minifigures, so the only thing they have left to keep their 30% revenue is Avengers, Batman and Star Wars. Unless some brand gets very popular that builds massively on trains (think Thomas the Train), TLG will not push trains.
  4. Yes! At least as long as the pickup wheel comes with a DCC controller and a PF connector...
  5. None taken! JB just increased their advertised delivery time (for like everything in their shop) to 5 to 7 working days: I very much appreciate that level of honesty! Also my S32 tracks are out for delivery and will probably arrive sometime later today. Well, there needs to be a red motor with red wheels, not just a black one! The only thing I missed on your rig is an anti static wrist strap and something running Linux. But hey: Lasers!! :D
  6. @Toastie I am not trying to complain about having to wait for a week or two; or that I don't get the package flown in immediately. It just occurred to me that JB currently does not meet their own delivery promises for items they do not have in stock (R88), but also for items they do have in stock (S32). And if they have additional challenges on top of the container being late, then I do not expect my pre-order to arrive before october -- which is a bit of a bummer.
  7. I'd guess that simply some staff of JB is on holiday or something: I ordered another pack of only S32 tracks and they haven't sent it for 6 days now -- while claiming a delivery time of 2-3 working days. Oh my.
  8. @Andalo_an Awesome. Thanks for the heads-up!
  9. So, someone tried to ballast the R72 or R88 curves yet? I am curious how compatible to other track @michaelgale 's are in regard to ballast; do the TrixBrix ballast plates fit? At least the R72 seems to use quite a different approach than TrixBrix or BlueBrixx. Meanwhile -- as a european -- I stoically wait for the sea container to arrive at JB.
  10. Black Knight

    Bahnbetriesbwerk NeuKriche 2.0

    @Enrico7676 Do you know whom the dark-red BR 05 in the video belongs to?
  11. Black Knight

    A review of the first elements from the FX Track system

    Greatly appreciated, thanks!
  12. Black Knight

    LEGO Trains Powered Up vs. Power Functions

    Bluetooth and WiFi both use the 2.4 GHz band, so they do use the same resource and will interfere. The question is, how severe is it? This depends on the existing traffic in your space: As being said, on public layouts with lots of visitors, everyone bringing his smartphone and Bluetooth headsets and using some public wifi: your packet loss can be spectacular. The good news is, that for commanding the trains, you need very little bandwidth, so you should not see any problems until the 2.4 GHz band is pretty used up already. If it's your kids streaming videos that cause the problems, you can configure your WiFi to use the 5 GHz band (if it's at least 802.11ac from 2013).
  13. Black Knight

    Bahnbetriesbwerk NeuKriche 2.0

    Dude! This is sooooo mindbogglingly uber-awesome! There really isn't anything else to say.
  14. Black Knight

    LEGO Trains Powered Up vs. Power Functions

    That's like comparing apples to oranges. One is a premium-brand, out-of-production, 90+ EUR lithium power-source-only box; the other a NiMH-battery+RC-receiver-box that costs 15 EUR. The BB stuff is just fine if you are e.g. playing with your kids (bonus: No lithium!). If you are dead-serious railroader and don't mind the money, you are going 9V tracks + DCC anyway. Before getting the old PF rechargeable´╗┐ battery, I'd recommend a Buwizz for that kind of money.
  15. Black Knight

    LEGO Trains Powered Up vs. Power Functions

    If you are open to 3rd parties, the future of PF might not look as dark as painted. There are currently at least 5 other manufacturers producing motors with PF-style connectors: I expect we sooner see the EOL of PU than we run out of 3rd party PF components. TLG's patent on the PF connector ran out several years ago, so you now see motors and also battery+control systems from companies like BlueBrixx (German), Mould King, CADA and Kazi (Chinese). They more or less copy the TLG motors but all have a imho better battery box and controller (than TLG's PF). BlueBrixx has a NiMH-based rechargeable battery box (a little smaller than TLG) with a train-focused remote based on 2.4 GHz RC. Mould King and CADA use rechargeable Lithium battery boxes (also one brick smaller than TLG's box) with RC-based remotes, but at least MK can also connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone. All of those options are legal, no patents or other rights are infringed by these solutions. So if you are invested in PF already, prefer rechargeable systems, need a smaller battery box or are a penny pincher, those might be an option for you. Just like PF and PU, none of those are 100% perfect either, they all have quirks of their own.