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  1. Black Knight

    DB BR 50 Kabinentender 3rd version

    Oh my! I already bought the waggons and the E91. You guys really need to slow down before my wife finds out I am overdrawing my housekeeping allowance. Again.
  2. Black Knight

    DB E94 / 194 6th version

    Oh, then I am terribly sorry for mixing up your E94 and Martins! But if the new E91 is yours: That one has L-wheels, too! =) (btw. the English description in the shop is lacking the (c) Dr. Snotson description) Anyway: Great work. I would love it even more if it would use M- or S-wheels for it would look sooooo much better right next to any steamer or your E19.
  3. Black Knight

    DB E94 / 194 6th version

    So cool, awesome job!! Will it finally do away with the L-sized wheels? I have your bricks-on-rails version of the E94 here and while it looks great on its own, it looks very weird right next to your E17, E18 and E19 (which are just the most mindbogglingly awesome "Altbau Elektrolokomotiven"-brick-models ever). Representing the 1250 mm wheels of the E94 with L-wheels looks just out of scale when put next to the 1600 mm wheels of the E17/8/9 which are represented by M-wheels.
  4. Black Knight

    Bulk Material Train Unloading Facility

    Wow. This is completely insane!!! Kudos! 😮 Are you operating the motors manually or is there some kind of automation running the operation? (What would make it even more mindboggingly)
  5. Black Knight

    DB BR 50 Kabinentender 3rd version

    Ooooh, very nice! Will this upgrade make it to bricks-on-rails? 😬
  6. I do not have an FX-Brick P40 switch, so I can only infer this from the Trixbrix and L-Gauge libraries in BlueBrick. And there they (Trixbrix R104 and L-Gauge P40) perfectly match. I also would totally recommend using something like BlueBrick if you develop anything that is a bit more complex. ;)
  7. Black Knight

    [MOC] BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    Don't panic, the damage is done. :) It is not Thomas model, but e.g. SHI have made instructions for their 8-wide BR 05 002. Maybe there are others, too!
  8. I suppose it is quite simple: They did not extend their legal protection of the old logos. Now everyone can use them legally. If TLG would use them in a new product, they would have a lot more legal freeloaders on their logos -- which would decrease their profits. So they are better off introducing a new logo that they have legal protection on, giving TLG the ban hammer for.
  9. Black Knight

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    It would be a blast to setup a "fake" bricklink store: Update it regularly with the contents of PaB and its prices! For safety reasons you could just not ship to anywhere, or demand a handling fee of 500 bucks. That would create a real insight into what is available. Of course this would be something different than some spreadsheet. =)
  10. This is pretty awesome! I personally dislike the Disney-style-blue-roof, but the whole thing is really oomph!
  11. Black Knight

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    They are now available as alternate builds on rebrickable: 10497-1-b2 - Space Transport 10497-1-b1 - Space Cruiser
  12. Just a little heads up for my fellow army builders: The Black Falcon parts are currently back in stock at PaB (Germany/Europa that is). 11:55 UTC: And the legs are gone. ...and the torso and shield is out of stock, too.
  13. Black Knight

    The BlueBrixx Thread

    In 6w, I personally can recommend the 1928 Rheingold sets (my personal favorit; 102581, 102580, 102579) and the DRG "Passenger car dark green" (103880) and the Henschel-Wegmann cars (103083, 103082; the locomotive not so much though). In 8w, I only have the Middle entry car 2nd class and 1st class (104523 and 104522): The design was o.k., but the bricks were meh. But I honestly am still searching for ANY decent 8w passenger car of the DRG, be it set or MOC. :/
  14. Black Knight

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Well, that's what I said. TLG did not give the information themselves but only through some third party. We cannot access the primary source of information which makes this a better rumor. This also means, that TLG cannot be held accountable if they do not hold their promise; which makes you wonder, if that is the reason they only did it this way. We will see.
  15. Black Knight

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    This. Especially if TLG does not even dare to give the info themselves, but only maybe mysteriously through some 3rd party.