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  1. Black Knight

    (9V) RED train motor

    Well, their target audience is adults, so this is primarily for display sets. You can make 15 display bogies of this part pack! ;) But more seriously: Their part packs seem to have a certain set of price tags and 15 bogies obviously are a good fit for their 5,95 EUR bin. And who would prefer to pay 0,43 cent per piece rather than 0,40 cent?
  2. Black Knight

    [MOC] Underground Gate Stock now more colourful

    During the 1920ies, the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG) set up the Rheingold Express in violett/beige. Dark-purple and tan are imho very well fitting colors for this train. During the 1930ies, the DRG also introduced other spectacular trains in this "luxury" color scheme, the Henschel Wegmann Zug and the Fliegender Hamburger. Don't rule out dark-purple/tan -- it is one of the most iconic color schemes for trains!
  3. Black Knight

    Scale Sterling single

    As far as my research went, the sterling silvers driver was 2.464 cm in diameter. In my world that would be a 13 (XXL): My scale (mostly German steamers) goes like: 5 (S) for ~950 mm 7 (M) up to 1250 mm 9 (L) up to 1500 mm 10 (LL) up to 1750 mm 11 (XL) up to 2000 mm 13 (XXL) for 2300 mm As my range only goes up to 2300 mm and my stuff is mostly 6-wide so ymmv. I find the size 13 wheels already tough on R40 curves, so if you want your design to actually move, I assume >13 to be a no-go on anything R40 (including switches). Not sure if this was helpful as you're clearly bound to print larger wheels. ;) Please show some pictures of your behemoth wheels when you have some!
  4. Black Knight

    Rolling Stock

    Holy baloney: This must be ~100 bricks long! Do you plan to move this or is this just for display?
  5. Black Knight

    [MOC] Train Shed

    Very, very nice! I would have liked it even better if the interior and especially the workers also looked more historical as the SBB Ce 6/8" for me is an Epoch-II design (and the shed-building itself looks kind vintage). But yeah, I know: The last crocodiles only retired in 1986, so this is isn't about historical accuracy. =)
  6. Black Knight

    Common Bricks Used

    Sorry to further derail this discussion, but this is not true. Mould King does have it's own set designs, they do not create clone sets. If you want a clone, you can easily find a 1:1 copy of e.g. the Emerald Express from some Chinese company but those are -- in contrast -- illegal to import in many western countries. Bricks from TLG are spectacularly overpriced because of LEGO brand loyalty. Also TLG does not care much for trains anymore. If you are recommended to buy a Batman-set -- that even includes license fees to WB -- to build a train, that shows the sad state of trains at TLG. I really wish they would put more effort into trains like they did in the 80s and 90s. As long as people do not realize that they are treated badly by a company and change their behavior, the company won't change. If we all go and buy Batman sets (instead of trains), TLG will bring even more Batman sets. And this will bring even more train-people to buy from other manufacturers. This codependency like behavior is not only bad for the buyer but bad for all of us by driving prices and further weakening trains at TLG. I remember my grandpa buying me LEGO carriages and crossings and automated switches in a time when TLG was a much smaller and less profitable company. I would love to do the same for my own kids now, but I can't. Which makes me sad.
  7. Black Knight

    Common Bricks Used

    Irrespective of me not even mentioning clones, how about just giving a valid recommendation? :/
  8. Black Knight

    How to ballast R56 curves ?

    Well, no: The number of sleepers and their position are quite manufacturer-dependent. For Trixbrix I seriously would consider their 3d-printed ballasting plates: They fit perfectly and don't have any holes in them (unlike whatever might have that you build from bricks).
  9. Black Knight

    Common Bricks Used

    Wheels! ;) Regarding the rest: At least for German steam locomotives you need black and red pieces. A lot of long and thin plates (1x1 .. 1x12) and a lot of curved pieces for the boiler. The best bang for the buck -- unless you are a purist -- for getting those pieces is imho the Mold King 12003 QJ Steam Locomotive: You get a whopping red 10 L-Wheels (including blinds) and a lot of the aforementioned pieces from gobricks (which many consider as the currently highest quality bricks on the market). You can have a look at Marbleman's MOC which this product is based on.
  10. Black Knight

    Adding weight to Locomotives

    I use balancing weights (normally used for balancing car wheels); they are made from steel and mine are exactly two studs long. You get like two 5g weights in the space of a 1x2 brick. They are galvanized in black so they even look o.k. and don't corrode. And they are very cheap and not toxic. The density of lead is only 50% higher than iron which imho is not worth the toxicity.
  11. I think this is a misunderstanding: I meant to say that: no, HdS did most probably refrain from mentioning JB in his video not because of legal issues, but more probable out of financial considerations. I like to watch his videos, too. But he is much more cunning than his cozy video style might lead you to think. Everybody -- including TLG and HdS -- just wants your money. HdS often says in his videos of how stupid fanboys of TLG behave, because they are ignorant when being taken advantage of. Don't be a fanboy of HdS either. ;)
  12. Well, if anything, legal troubles have made him famous! His number of youtube-followers always rose by a tremendous amount when he went into his calculated legal provocations with TLG. He has some contract with BlueBrixx which JB is a direct competitor of. And Thomas is foremost a businessman, so...
  13. I haven't tried ball bearings myself, but wouldn't the logical next step be to replace the liftarms with metal liftarms?
  14. This is absolutely awesome insane retro fantastic! The one thing I miss though are some 3947a baseplates! :D
  15. So when will they be available in Ben's shop? I only found the size 7 / M wheels with traction band.