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    Jurassic World/Park, Star Wars and Ninjago
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    501st legion clone troopers, Pteranodon chase, Baryonyx Face-off the treasure hunt, Triceratops rampage, 75021 Republic gunship

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    Dinosaurs, Star Wars, lego, Kimi no nawa, religión and ninjago


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  1. If they have actual molded dinosaurs I would take them, brick built Dino’s suuuuck. Specially for me since I’m a paleonerd There’s 75357 with 1394 pieces which I predict to be a gunship
  2. It was also in Cato neimoidia with the 442nd I left for like 2 days, WTH happened here?
  3. Quick question, is the imperial Cody leak true?
  4. I can 100% see it, LEGO knows there is demand for an LAAT/i, and being a mandalorian set will attract more sales and even more if it has grogu, Disney probably knows about the damn of the gunship so they may having given LEGO info about the scene and LEGO is making it, it would be the same scenario as boba’s throne room from mando technically True my bad there, but I still see it as a really likely possibility despite nothing backing it
  5. How is it false, it could totally be a gunship based on that scene, The scene choice makes all the sense in the world and LEGO would make tons of money. Sure there are no reputable sources saying anything but it’s still a very likely possibility
  6. Any news on 75357 and 75354 that isn’t just mere speculation?
  7. Yeah that’s what I want to know
  8. Iliianbricks on instagram says that set 75357 is a mandalorian LAAT/I is that true? Btw sorry if I don’t mark it as spoiler I don’t know how so if someone can pls do it for me
  9. Theory: what if 75357 is a mandalorian based LAAT? And that’s why it hasn’t been revealed
  10. Hey did someone else saw the “leaked” captain Rex figure on #legoleaks on instagram? The figure literally looks painted with sharpie!
  11. Lmao! Nice to see another one of us
  12. Thanks, sorry if I started this whole revolt it wasn’t my intention
  13. Yeah I know but I’ve talked to him on private, he seems trust worthy enough and I think what happened was a misunderstanding Ooooh a fellow autist, nice to know there’s more of us on the community, or do you mean not native speaker?
  14. Wdym? Sorry I’m autist and non native English speaker so sometimes I fail to understand stuff Lego insider news told me set 75357 isn’t jabbas palace and I trust him tbh
  15. This list is outdated: jabba’s throne room is either delayed to next year or cancelled and the list is missing three sets: the swamp speeder, the spider droid, and yoda’s starfighter