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    Jurassic World/Park, Star Wars and Ninjago
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    501st legion clone troopers, Pteranodon chase, Baryonyx Face-off the treasure hunt, Triceratops rampage, 75021 Republic gunship

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    Prehistoric and modern wildlife, Star Wars, LEGO, Kimi no nawa, religion Calvin and Hobbes, and ninjago


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  1. Matichado

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sorry I think I went too crazy on the 69 that I forgot all sets have it đź’€my b
  2. Matichado

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    I just hope that parents don’t cancel the stegosaurus set because of the box number and piece count The sets blew me away, the allosaurus looks PERFECT! It looks so damn good probated wrists but that’s a staple that I doubt LEGO will fix, the rest of set is also pretty cool and 90$ instead of 100$ is a win, the stegosaurus set might be better overall, but I can’t deny that I’m a little frustrated with stegosaurus, the plates don’t feel right the tail is too short and I’m just sad that they didn’t reuse the ankylo body structure they had it RIGHT THERE
  3. Same was said about the Star destroyer being said to be 80$ also @Mandalorianknight I didn’t mean it as to create a false tuner just me being hopeful
  4. I will throw this out there, what if the set with young leĂ­a is a republic gunship? The piece count seems about right around 1100, it was said to be a potential creature build but they said the Star destroyer was going to be a conference room and look what we got? It also makes sense since the designers hinted at it and it saves slots for other ROTS sets on the 25th aniversary besides there are going to be two falcons on shelves at the same time for a few months it could be the same case with the gunship il just throw this out there
  5. Matichado

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wait is it confirmed we are getting an allosaurus?
  6. Matichado

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    I hope that the T. rex set comes with another fino besides it we need a new variant of the molded ankylosaurus asap not a buildable one
  7. Matichado

    Marvel Superheroes 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Is that confirmed or just speculation? I think no source has said what it’s based on
  8. Matichado

    Marvel Super Heroes Wishlists

    Here are my wishlist for a few “comic” based sets: 1st 18$ Spider-Man vs hobgoblin: includes Spider-Man (big times suit) new hobgoblin with glider and a little museum like exhibit with some ancient relics that hobgoblin wants to steal 2nd: spider-man vs the rhino 60$: includes spider-man (regular classic suit with dual molded legs) squirrel girl Mary Jane and a big fig rhino the build would be a construction site similar to the one from 2015 3rd: Spider-Man and Deadpool vs taskmaster 40$: indirectly based on ultimate Spider-Man so parents to complain about Deadpool’s inclusion includes classic suit Spider-Man Deadpool classic comics suit (I really like the Fortnite version of Deadpool so let’s say they use that as reference) task master and a taskmaster goon with jet pack the build would be a little camp site with a lot of devices since this is meant to resemble ultimate Spider-Man’s “ultimate Deadpool” episode. 4th X force skydive juggernaut battle 120$: similar to Deadpool 2 but with comic minifigs and some changes, Deadpool (x force suit) wolverine (x force suit) cable, domino, colossus and a big fig juggernaut the build would be a large cargo plane that can hold all of them and has a back opening hatch so the x force Can jumó out. 5th Alchemax 160$: includes kingpin (with Harrison’s body piece and regular legs not short nor mid) black suit Spider-Man daredevil (same as the bugle) bullseye lizard comics (regular Minifig) dr connors scarlet spider am alchemax scientist and the jackal the build would be a tall building with kingpins office, a room where you can turn dr connors into the lizard an entrence room etc 6th Spider-Man suit hall 50$: includes Spider-Man (classic suit with dual molded legs) , future foundation spider-man (with side leg printing), electro proof suit and comic book electro D2C: X men Mansion: re used figures: beast, wolverine (blackbird) cyclops (blackbird) storm (cmf) magneto classic suit Deadpool (from the set I mentioned above) colossus (set mentioned above) rogue (blackbird) juggernaut (set mentioned above), forestar (daily bugle) new figs: sabertooth, profesor X, Jean grey, gambit, quicksilver, mytsique, scarlet witch (comics version) and iceman
  9. Matichado

    Marvel Superheroes 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    I know most of you are frustrated that we aren’t getting a new Raimi goblin but I’m super frustrated that we aren’t getting an MCU Iron Spider at least rummored off (maybe it appears in the avengers 60$ battle set or in a hypothetical NWH bridge battle) the mcu iron spider is imo the best Spider-Man suit ever I just love how it looks and how it mixes the tech and gold of iron man with the classic Spider-Man aesthetic plus the design is beautiful (kind of a hot take) it buddy frustrates me alot
  10. Matichado

    Marvel Superheroes 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Quantumania wasn’t even near as popular as nwh
  11. Matichado

    Marvel Superheroes 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hear me out people: we are getting a NWH bridge battle, not leak but based on evidence: it would be absurd that LEGO makes two iconic and demanded suits one of them TWICE: the iron spider and raimi goblin without making minifigs of them so hear me out: they will make a NWH bridge battle if not this year then next winter wave cause LEGO doesn’t like making buildable stuff like helmets brickheadz or buildable figures of stuff that isn’t in the market the same year it happened with Rex in Star Wars: we got a helmet early and BOOM that fall we got him as an official Minifig
  12. Matichado

    Marvel Superheroes 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    A bit unrelated but I just found out a listing of the wolverine chopper set with all the figures box and even the comic for only 40$
  13. Matichado

    Marvel Superheroes 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hey can I have two genuine questions: could the 60$ avengers battle be based on endgame and include an mcu iron spider I have the original one but I hate that it’s legs are printed and I would love to see an updated one with dual molded legs and arm printing besides we got iron spider brick heads and that can’t be a coincidence (my theory that the brickheadz confirms an iron spider is that in 2023 LEGO released a Rex helmet for Star Wars and wadsyaknow we get the Venator Rex) LEGO knows there is demand for that figure and wouldnt just “funko poo it” also what if the 18 plus super héroe set is a Deadpool and wolverine set?
  14. Matichado

    Jurassic Properties 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Here are my predictions (I will include the gap numbers cause as seen by other themes we have gotten): 76962: triceratops fossil head: a brick built trike skull with a name plsck 76963: 30$ nothosaurus attack camp cretaceous, it would include Sammy Ben jass and the nothosaurus mold wild only movable tail neck and jaw (jaw reuses pyroraptor jaw, the build would be the dinobot the nothi kills 76964 120$ bumpy vs spinosaurus it would include Darius, kenji, Ben, the pink haired girl (don’t know her name XD) and kenji’s dad also the ankylosaurus mold in bumpy’s color scheme and a brand new Spinosaurus with a brand new mold for the body and head (im doing this cause I know it’s popular I would MUCH prefer a science accurate crocoduck spino over that monsters resurrected thing) 76965 65$ tlw stegosaurus encounter it would include: Sarah, Ian Malcom, their daughter, and the two other guys, the build would be the camper and the two Dino’s would be a brand new stegosaurus re using the lower base of the ankylosaurus and a brand new color scheme for the gallimimus lastly 76966 90$ mosasaurus and pterosaur attack would include: a brand new mosasaurus reusing the spino’s lower jaw, the head and body would be one piece, the flippers would be also mounded into the body and the tail would be attached with an axle like some Ninjago dragons additionally there would also be a pteranodon in a brand new color scheme (I’d prefer tan main color dark tan secondary color and medium azure in some spots in the face) plus a brand new mold for the dimorphodon that’s all one piece the figs would be: Owen, Claire, 2 acu troopers and the baby sitter that took care of grey and Zach