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  1. gyenesvi

    [TC20] 2020's 8880 supercar

    Wow. I have to say my heart started beating faster when I saw this :) The overall shape is instantly recognizable, the lines of the original are well retained, and the modern paneling also works really well, both the wing shapes and the flat ones at the front. I also like that you changed the gearbox into sequential, and I think 4 speeds is enough, especially given the original. Furthermore, I like how the whole bodywork and suspension feels lowered compared to the original, it's more sporty this way. For me, the original had a bit too high curves especially at the front. Great job!
  2. Sadly, I have to agree with this. Slim live axles are pretty hard to build with lego, especially with the planetary hubs, exactly where it would be most useful, and this would have been a good opportunity to innovate something in this area. I mean the new CV joints are useful and all, but when watching the review videos, I though those axles are huge. It's surprising that it falls apart, it seemed very solid..
  3. Entry name: 6-Wheeler Moon Buggy Original set: 8830 Features: Pendular suspension linkage that averages between front and rear axles Inline 3 cylinder engine driven by middle wheels Functional steering wheel and HoG steering (front and rear wheels) Discussion topic: Background info: I chose this set as it was my first technic set, and I wanted to pay a tribute to it. The scale is a bit larger because these were the smallest wheels that I had 6 of available for now. The larger scale made it possible to add a simple but interesting suspension mechanism and the working engine, which I think could easily be features of a modern set of this scale. On the bodywork, I mainly went for the usage of modern panels and a more curvy front section. Original vs Remake: (true scale ratio) Photos: Renders: Video:
  4. gyenesvi

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    I wonder if you have ever tried squeezing a working fake engine above a live axle that has a servo motor mounted on top. Not much space left above it, in fact it is quite difficult to squeeze the servo in in the first place, and a fake engine needs quite a few studs of vertical space (about 7 including the hood). I’d bet it would not fit, and that’s exactly why it was left out, not because they didn’t think about it..
  5. Thanks :) I understand what you mean, but as it is currently, the drive cannot go on the front, because that's where the HoG steering is routed and connected both to the front and the rear, so there it's not enough just to go around the steering axle with a blue gear. In the back, that's exactly what is happening (with a red gear going over the steering axle). I'll try to post clean renders of the drive and steering shafts to allow you to see what's happening. Thanks, actually that suspension is the core of the whole build, I wanted to experiment with it, that's why I started building this model. That's why it's pretty dense, the steering the drive train and suspension crossing each other in a small space..
  6. Yeah, only found these old ones, but I think both the tread and the rims look cool on it. I did think about a bigger engine, but did not do it for two reasons. One is technical, as the lower part of the chassis is very dense, the drivetrain can only come up in the middle, so if I wanted to fit in something longer, more towards the back, it would just cut the main shaft in half (see grey gear in the middle below). Second, is that a moon buggy probably would not even have a combustion engine, would probably have electric motors :) So I did not want to give it too much focus, furthermore I wanted to keep the back as a cargo area (added some rock samples as well). Again, primarily for reasons of density in the chassis, but it does actually feel quite good. In fact, steering is so smooth with a very small radius that I can't stop driving around with it :) I have done some color optimizations and added some extra details, here are some cleaner images.
  7. Okay, found a smoother and cleaner way of doing the front part.. Also, tested again with both wheel options. As much as I like the more modern Mindstorms wheels, I'd still say that the yellow ones are a better fit for this contest..
  8. Wow, that's a really great alternate model! Related but sufficiently different from the original set. Apart from all the cool functions, I think the bodywork is also outstanding, with smooth lines, great colour consistency and nice details! And the timing.. it's like with Nico's F150.. it does happen sometimes :)
  9. Here's a progress update. I have been working on the remaining technical details (inline 3 cylinder engine in the middle, working steering wheel in the front, improved steering rack and suspension linkage), as well as the bodywork. As you can see, I also found some other wheels of which I have 6, that may be more appropriate. With the bodywork, I aimed to keep the core lines and replicate the slopes and tail with modern panels. One thing I have never understood / liked about the original model is the rollover bars in the front; they have always looked kind of useless to me, as they are too low for the seat. I guess they have more of a cosmetic purpose. So I decided I give it a more moon-buggy like look with a more rounded frame in the front. Still not perfectly satisfied though.. Let me know what you think. Though, as I only have a day left before leaving for holidays, I won't be able to iterate too much more before making my submission..
  10. gyenesvi

    Is my leg, legit?

    Agreed! It's cool already, but if it was symmetric it would be cooler. Inserting a straight 180 degree LBG connector as the right shoulder joint could fix it, though the right arm may become kind of long.. As for the leg, I think this solution could be good as it would keep the symmetry and simplicity of the legs, and it would even be a kind of realistic rotation point. Are you planning to build it in a more colour consistent version?
  11. gyenesvi

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    I think this is looking pretty good now, clean job! I don't think that's a problem, why would you stick to the round shape? It's a bout modernization :) I'd just go with the crank that you proposed. Could try either grey or black. I understand that everybody would like to modernize the wheels, but if there's no good option (since the Zetros is not out yet and the Jeep's is too small), then just keeping these are better I guess.
  12. gyenesvi

    [TC20] 8880 Supercar Studless

    Unfortunately I have to agree. I think the wing shaped panels work well on the front and rear bumpers, to replace the wing shaped plates in the original and also on the roof, but not otherwise. Also, I think the arches are not a good move. On the other hand, the slightly curved piece on the hood does work. I think you could even use it instead of the beams, just two of those. In general, I think it needs some cleanup, the bodywork is getting fuzzy now. The rear wing is also a bit raw, too simple. What I would do is first replicate the original faithfully with beams as a baseline, and then see where I can improve things with more modern techniques. Maybe something like the flexible hoses on the top of the wheel arches.. could look good if you can make them symmetric. But anyway, nice job so far, keep it up, cudos for taking on this big one!
  13. gyenesvi

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    I don't think such complexity is required. Instead, if it takes let's say 0.7 seconds of motor rotation to lock the diffs, then it's enough to program the motor to run for 1 second when you press the lock button. It will overshoot a bit, but the physical extreme positions and the clutch will take care of the synchronization.
  14. gyenesvi

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Oh, yes, I forgot that even if there would be a possibility, no actual batteries would probably be included for safety reasons.. only sold separately.
  15. gyenesvi

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Well, because of the seemingly unexplainably high price compared to similar previous models, and the seemingly unnecessary screws for regular batteries, I am hoping for exactly the same thing :) That could explain the price, couldn't it?