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    whichever line has the medieval market village.

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    Toronto, Canada
  1. smitty9999

    Medieval Village 10193 - still worth it?

    I was fortunate enough to purchase the Medieval Market Village. It's my pride and joy.
  2. smitty9999

    Video Review- Black Monarchs Castle #6085

    I like the review but whatever device you're using to record it is horrible. It distorts and warps and makes it difficult to watch
  3. smitty9999

    REVIEW: 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    I bought it and I'm very happy with it.
  4. smitty9999

    Winter Village: HBC Santa's Toy Shoppe

    This is great. I live in Toronto and I love seeing the windows during Christmas.
  5. smitty9999

    [Petition] Save LEGO the Lord of the Rings

    I won't be signing. I don't like the LOTR line.
  6. smitty9999

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Christmas markets are very popular and a great addition to the winter village line up. http://en.wikipedia....hristmas_market
  7. smitty9999

    LEGO Castle 2013

    are any pics still available? one of the links to a flickr album said that it was private
  8. smitty9999

    Medieval Market Village

    buy it while you can.
  9. smitty9999

    REVIEW:79003 An Unexpected Gathering

    It looks like a really nice but I think it's too expensive. It's $85 + tax in Canada. I definitely will NOT be purchasing this set.
  10. smitty9999

    Classic 1980's castle diorama

    This picture looks like it was taken 25 years ago. Great job. I love the simplicity of Classic Castle.
  11. smitty9999

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    The mini figs look great but that's where my admiration of the LOTR set ends. I bought Gandalf arrives, since it can be integrated into many different scenes, but I won't be buying any more LOTR Lego.
  12. smitty9999

    Kingdoms Joust Day

    Great work. If you're going to expand on it in the future, it would be nice if you could add the Medieval Market Village and the Mill Village Raid to the set.
  13. smitty9999

    [Retro MOC] Coaching Inn

    Wow. The entire set together looks like something from the Lego idea books that I would spend hours trying to recreate. Fabulous work!