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  1. donachy

    My hand-made exhibitor and a little help

    Hi Darkdragon, thanks for you suggestion, we'll see if I can last until that day
  2. Hi guys, I'm addicted to Lego and MOC cars collection, I built a custom-made furniture, hand-made, to exhibit my models, I designed by myself and realized in 3 months (in the free time of course). Now I'm looking for a model to fill the last 1:8 space. I was thinking to Shelby GT500 1:8 that i love, but I already own two Mustang including a moc of shelby made by lego set 10265. As Alternative maybe the Aston Martin GT3 but I'm not so convinced. Maybe I'd better wait for the 2022 Lego 1:8 model? Any suggestion about that? I'm also thinking to replace fiat 500 in the future, when I will fall in love with another 1:12 model PS thanks to brunojj1 for helping to fill two of the spaces
  3. donachy

    Hi everybody

    Thanks deraven. Yes, also a lot of friend of mine did the same during lockdown. Now we are all Lego maniacs!!! Happy building
  4. donachy

    Hi everybody

    Hy guys, I'm donachy from Italy and I'm 42 years old. I collected various set of lego in the past years but just had time to build this year, started during lockdown and now I can't stop I prefer car sets and I own the major 1:8 models, I've also started to build MOC from other brand. I also like sports and I do Kitesurf, Snowboard, Bike and Padel. Thanks to this beautiful forum for collecting useful info.