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  1. It would have to be a new brick, I think. As far as I know, the hand geometry in LDD is just the hand and wrist, with no bar beyond it like on the actual piece.
  2. Suenkachun, I've found that leaving an empty single pixel-width border around a decoration will remedy the issue. It is also apparent on the standard minifig torso.
  3. I've tested the connection on the updated part. The alignments shouldn't throw off builds now. Thank you, jester!
  4. I just confirmed it's still an issue on my end. It's also affecting 53540.
  5. That part hasn't been added yet. The closest thing right now is part 4868. However, 4868a is in the LDraw library, so it should be possible to add at some point.
  6. Hi all, There's a brick out there in It's available in the LDraw library as well: part 38547 ( I would be most appreciative if this could be fit into anyone's schedule! It would be the finishing touch on several builds I have in the works.
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    Hello, my name is John

    Hey all, As you know from reading the topic title, my name is John. I'm from the US, and I've been a guest visitor for a number of weeks before deciding to create an account. I first got into LEGO when I was 5. My first set was 7236: Police Car. I received it from my dad as a birthday gift. I had a lot of memories with that car. My favorite theme has changed over the years, but the ones that keep popping up again are Adventurers and Castle. I'm a big Star Trek fan, more specifically DS9 and TNG. I'm currently studying to become an engineer, but I'm also considering secondary education, philosophy, and law.