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  1. somebricks

    Getting started after long abstinence

    That's a take I read quite a few times, so maybe I'll have to look gor a 42043/42055 then, which seem like "real" technic sets
  2. somebricks

    Getting started after long abstinence

    Is the set generally viewed favourably? I read a lot about there being lots of fluff to up the parts count... Reads as if I should look for a 42055 or 42043. Though it seems weird that the 42043 is about as much as a 42100, both used. Is that due to availability issues?
  3. somebricks

    Getting started after long abstinence

    Hi, I get where you are coming from. I like to build interesting and intricate systems and functions. I used to build Mindstorms in small competitions, designing and building y own robots from scratch and I built lots of weird technic stuff, but for now I would like one set with a good building experience and interesting functions to get back into it. I'd prefer one large set due to the waf and I would prefer Lego due to the resale value, should I discover that I am not that into it after all
  4. somebricks

    Getting started after long abstinence

    Mostly because it will be much easier to get one set past the government, if you catch my drift
  5. Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask this question: I want to get back into Lego technic, more than a decade ago, I was an avid builder and enthusiast, but I no longer own any Lego, and haven't had any chance to get back into it, due to work-life-balance-issues. However, I am now presented with the opportunity to get back into it, and I am quite floored by all the available models, MOCS and whatnot, so I'd like to ask, which model would be a good starting point for someone who enjoys the build most of all. Preferably, I'd love to buy one set with a few quality B- and C- and D- models, which I can build, re-build and thus get my Lego groove on again. Budget isn't too much of a concern, though if possible I'd like to stick to below 250€, and I'd very much enjoy something with a few functions, gears and intricacies. So far, I looked at: 42043 - seems it increased in price but is still held in high regard, but is it worth the asking price of 250€? 42100 - apparently enormous, but I read quite a few mixed reviews when it comes to functionality. Can be had used for 250+- 42082 can be had for 150ish used, seems to provide a few fun functions and a good few b and c models 42055 seems like a behemoth with a lot of functions, can be had for 200€ used. so, any recommendations on where to get started again, with only one set?