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  1. Hi white fang. These are not available in my area yet, but I was wondering if the top part of the Lloyd's ninja mask works with the previous ninja face mask/neckerchief, also if that neckerchief works with the Lloyd green hoodie. Could you possibly post pictures of those? The colors don't have to match, of course. :)
  2. LUModder - how did you do this? I have seen the tricks to remove the components, but they were always tied to the original. I could separate the arm, for example, but it would always be linked to the torso and I couldn't move them independently.
  3. georgebjones

    LDD 4.3.8

    Comically the right taun-taun horn was added but not the left...
  4. georgebjones

    Cornerblock modular

    Very nice. I really like the bank section, how it is so narrow. I might build some that narrow in my city.
  5. I have always been annoyed at the long wait time to be able to open a file or start a new one. This is a fantastic idea, and I did it on my Windows 7 machine. It worked like a charm. Thank you for this little tidbit.
  6. georgebjones

    Hero Factory 2013

    Hopefully this means an update to LDD sometime soon. Isn't that how it happened most recently? PAB was updated, and then LDD not long after? Or was it the other way around... I don't remember.
  7. georgebjones

    [MOC] Chima-Style Dragon Warrior

    Very good build, I learned a lot from looking at the LXF file, thank you for that.
  8. georgebjones

    Legends of Chima 2013 (Action Figures)

    ^It's right there on the front page. Looks like a big public display that is very well done. I don't read Korean, so I don't know if it is a LEGO display or a LCP that set it up, but there is a great sculpture of the floating rock and some other great display bits. Good pictures.
  9. georgebjones

    Legends of Chima 2013 (Action Figures)

    This. This would happen.
  10. georgebjones

    LDD 4.3.5 is out

    Interesting, I saw the picture of it someone else posted, it has the same description as the one I referenced. I guess I got the update after they caught their mistake.
  11. georgebjones

    LDD 4.3.5 is out

    Not sure if those pieces were in previous versions of LDD, but the pieces have been around for a while. The axe pieces have been in several Ninjago sets. Axe That piece looks like the sith trooper helmet from the 9500 Sith Fury Class Interceptor
  12. georgebjones

    Droid Sale!

    Ha, these are great. I love the astromechs. Great job. Just goes to show you how creativity is still king.
  13. georgebjones

    Star Wars Chess: Poll

    THey have made a few chess sets already, I don't see why they wouldn't make one if the license agreement allows it.
  14. georgebjones

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    Thanks SIegfried. We all appreciate the work that goes into this site.
  15. Thanks for the pics and the previews, this year is really exciting for new releases. I am really looking forward to the monster fighters.