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  1. Odinkuijpers

    [APP] BrickController2

    How come the lights on the bw brick are blinking red-green?
  2. Odinkuijpers

    [APP] BrickController2

    Oh, I didn't realize you didn't own one yourself. Hope you will get one and some day to get around to working on servo mode implementation on PU ports. In any case, many thanks for the fantastic work you do with your app.
  3. Odinkuijpers

    [APP] BrickController2

    Does this mean you will implement a servo function for PU outputs on a BW 3?
  4. Pf motors don't have a position sensor, so there is no way to use them as a servo.
  5. @Zerobricks I would like to use BW3 as a continuous power source. Is it possible to stop the device from powering off when it not connected to the app?
  6. Great work Buwizz team! I'm very pleased with the finished product. Totally worth the wait and money! Both the Bricks 3.0 and the motors work great! Center steer module for using powered up motors for steering works well too! Goodbye PF servos! However, the 12V power does require you to be careful. Gears are easily stripped and universal joints easily destroyed. Gonna have to stock up!
  7. @Zerobricks Does BW 3.0 have low voltage protection? I mean some form of automatic power cutoff when voltage gets below 3.2V per cell, or 9.6V total? You mentioned no longer having to rely on the DC/DC converter to raise the voltage. Does this mean you removed the converter entirely in BW 3.0?
  8. The main reason to use Buwizz is because it gives you a good quality LiPo battery with an RC receiver in a small, Lego compatible format. According to Sariel's Motor Specs app, a Lego RC buggy motor draws 3.2A when stalled. This is why it is so important that BW 3.0 can deliver 4A of continuous current per PF port -> you can use these motors to their full potential. For reference, official Lego PF battery boxes have a thermal fuse that cuts the power at around 1A, a threshold easily passed by many Lego motors under load, let alone the RC buggy motor. Under normal use you'd never continuously power a stalling motor, so you'd only reach high currents at the start of a fast acceleration or when rocking back and forth. This means the 48W (= 12V x 4A) BW 3.0 can deliver per PF port is awesome, but it will never need to deliver that much power for very long, but only in short bursts. As for the 2300mAh capacity, I think this means the battery can deliver 2.3A for 1 hour. Or 1A for 2.3 hours. Or 4A for 34.5 minutes. Could anyone please correct me if I'm wrong?
  9. Odinkuijpers

    BuWizz Motor

    I don't speak for @Zerobricks or the Buwizz team, but if the BW motor is more powerful than the Lego RC/buggy motor, and a single BW 2.0 couldn't run 2 of those in Ludicrous speed, it seems unlikely it would run 2 BW motors at that speed. For that you would need the new BW 3.0.
  10. @astyanax, looking at my pimped Sian on the shelf for a while I found some things that might give you (or someone else) revived "steam" 😁 Either the rear overhang is too big, the wheelbase is too short, or rear axle is too far forwards. Either way, it's a big modification! Anyone?
  11. I must say, now that it's complete, what an incredibly complex design! Took hours to take it apart yeah section of the digital model, and hours to put it together in real life. Adding parts of the bodywork to the main chassis in the right order so I didn't have to bend/stretch parts was the biggest challenge! It required lots of taking apart and rebuilding! What a design! All I need now is Buwizz... Thanks @Didumos69