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  1. I align the visible axle-end pins of 32054 to be forward/rear when possible, and up/down otherwise. I put the ring on 6558 in whatever way I think will make it easier to take the model apart, assuming there is no assembly requirement. I don’t pay any attention to slots that are not visible when fully assembled, because I would drive myself crazy with that.
  2. Nice work. I had totally forgotten that the unmodified version didn't have a full front bumper. There were a wide variety of push bars added "in theater", the easiest was to just use another rear bumper.
  3. 28. 8832 Roadster Original Set: 8832 Topic A little bigger than the original to allow for the steering mechanism to be as thin as I wanted. The original build substitutes some older parts that I prefer to keep quarantined.
  4. ralphie

    Jeep Willys

    Not sure about everywhere else, but in the USA, we always say the manufacturer first: “Honda Civic”, “Lancia Stratos”. Since Willys is the manufacturer, it should be first in the name. This is a favorite vehicle of many USA people, so expect lots of grumbling. It is a beauty in either order.
  5. I want to see this in a remake of the moon rover chase from Ad Astra.
  6. Rear suspension has two springs instead of one. Because I added width, one spring would have been in the middle of a 10 stud axle. At the wheels, the length/width ratio looks quite good.
  7. Looks great! Do you think you’ll need a sway bar by the time you get to full height?
  8. I had to go two studs wider to get the effect I wanted. This solution holds together well, and has the same thin lightweight look as the original. Even stud width because of the steering rack. I may have stolen the wheels from my son’s collection.
  9. One of my favorite small sets as a kid. Priority is to make it as “low density” as possible, just like how the old sets used to be so simple. Imgur is being grumpy at the moment, so I’ll try to add a comment next. Duplicate origin sets are allowed, so this is not a reservation. There we go, had to add the “.jpeg” to the direct link. Anyhow this is obviously not the perfect original build, since I strongly prefer to keep some older parts quarantined.
  10. By my reading, it is totally allowable to use the old shifter, that wouldn't take away from the overall studlessness.
  11. Nicely done. Do the Jeep tires fit?
  12. This sure does look like a winner. Does the third rear axle raise up?
  13. ralphie

    [MOC] Sprite Retro Buggy

    Nice work. Engine on the rear axle is very appropriate for vintage RWD buggies.
  14. 5006085 Buildable 2x4 Red Brick
  15. A, I want to see some people go a little crazy