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  1. Desvejk

    PoweredUp device number as a variable

    I did hear that. it will be a great help.
  2. Desvejk

    PoweredUp device number as a variable

    Thanks Thorsten, That was an excellent explanation. It makes perfect sense and I understand it completely. The underlying issue with the PoweredUp app is the lack of documentation. There have been so many issues that I have faced that would have been so much easier had the reference material been available. The work of so many who have put material online is much appreciated, but Lego has seriously fallen short with this. It's a shame because the product is really good and I have been able to implement so many great solutions. Brave Des Agreed "kudos" for the "bit bit"
  3. Desvejk

    PoweredUp device number as a variable

    Thanks Lok24, Thanks so much looks like it worked! I have changed the code to assign the internal device number. I wonder why internally 0...3 are used? This is a great help.
  4. A question for the PoweredUp app users. Can the device number of the PoweredUp hub be set as a variable? This would make coding with multiple hubs much easier. The coding example does not run the motor. When the variable is removed the motor runs when the device number is set 1…4 Am I coding the variable correctly or does the coding block require a number?
  5. Thanks for your comments. It’s working fine now and it good solution for tight builds. Thanks for commenting on the tram. I’m proud of it.
  6. Thanks for all the comments. I'll have to digest all of this and come back with a more specific question.
  7. I think you are probably correct with the motors. I’m very interested in doing this with a PF lighting kit and joining it to a PU motor on the same port. The other port is used with a sensor. Could this work?
  8. Thanks so much. This is a real possibility. How did you make the PU plug for the hub?
  9. Thanks again. Could you join two motors together this way?
  10. Thanks for your answer. When you say old lights, do you mean using PF lights spliced to the correct wire on a Powered Up Cable?
  11. I have a question about running additional powered up items such as lights, sensors and motors from a hub. The small hub has two ports which is quite limited. Would it be possible to splice two motors together by joining of “piggybacking” the wires together? Could the same be done with lights and sensors, or lights and motors?
  12. I have now fitted the color and distance sensor so that I can program the tram Ising the Power UP app. Fitting the sensor brick was easier that I have found for other trains. All works as I had hoped.
  13. Thanks. It was quite tricky to fit everything in place. Now the mini figs are happy and that’s the important part.
  14. Finally finished. I'm very happy with the result. Now this tram is crowded with mini figures! VIDEO with the tram running
  15. Finished the circuit board enclosure.