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  1. Desvejk

    Making a Powered Up Extension Cable

    Thank you Thorsten I may give this a try when I can buy some PU cables. The light accessory is difficult to buy from Lego Australia with stock supply hard to predict. This may change soon (hopefully). Cheers Des
  2. Desvejk

    Making a Powered Up Extension Cable

    M_slug357, I understand your suggestion and I do have Dupont connectors. You could be on to something here. My original thought was not to cut the LEGO cables. I'll give it some thought and maybe I can come up with a hybrid solution. The male parts from AliExpress seem to work with the pin alignment. Cheers Des
  3. Desvejk

    Making a Powered Up Extension Cable

    Hello Thorsten I've tried connecting the light sensor to the extension cable that I made. While the sensor brick lights up there is no control when using the PoweredUP app or the controller. My conclusion is that the pins are not aligning. You can see the images here Cheers Des
  4. Desvejk

    Making a Powered Up Extension Cable

    Thanks dr_spock, my thinking is that pin alignment is very critical when using the hub and control functions.
  5. Desvejk

    Making a Powered Up Extension Cable

    Thanks to those who have replied to this topic. After quite a few hours working with the resources and skill I have, I have found this task too difficult. My pinouts and continuity testing seems fine. When I plug a train motor into the hub using the extension cable the motor does not operate. I conclude that the connections are the problem, but I’m unsure of a solution. It’s a pity, especially given that LEGO does not sell an extension cable and the third party product is not cost effective for me to purchase from Europe. Has anyone else had success with producing a PoweredUp extension cable?
  6. Desvejk

    Making a Powered Up Extension Cable

    Hello Thorsten Thanks for good advice. I’ve certainly done this before. Thank you dr_spock, that’s another thing to check.
  7. Desvejk

    Making a Powered Up Extension Cable

    Thanks for your reply. I’ll try a continuity test. The female plug came from an AliExpress seller. the lot was listed as 10Pcs/lot Programming Series Robots Model Building Blocks Education Steam Connector Cabe Parts For WEDO 2.0 Motors Sensor Toys Thanks Des
  8. On the basis of a post I ordered the parts from AliExpress to make a Powered Up Extension Cable. I would like some advice. The photo shows my best efforts. When I plug in the light sensor - it lights up ( but I did not test beyond this) The train motor does not run. Without a crimping tool and rather basic soldering iron I was able to make a cable. I have tried to test the voltage and all seems OK, but I must admit I don’t really know what values I should be getting. I would also seek some advice on how to test the voltage values of the pins. I’ve used computer ribbon cable, is this OK? The extension cable that I made is about 100cm, it this too long? The size of the male plug from AliExpress had to be trimmed and reduced in size to fit into the LEGO HUB. I’m absolutely stumped. Any advice would be gratefully received.